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Location: TX Gender: Female Neck: N/A Chest: N/A Goal: Gain Muscle Forearm: N/A Hip: N/A Age: 30 Calve N/A Shoulder: N/A Height: 5'4" Arm: N/A Waist: N/A Weight: 124 lbs Thigh: N/A Body Fat: 19.5%
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I have always been an athlete, having played soccer since I was four and various other sports growing up. But it wasn't until I stop playing competitively that I saw the importance of physical fitness. When I started college in 2007, I got my first gym membership and began to go a few times a week. My course load and work schedule made it hectic to go back and forth, so I started the P90X program from home. I used the nutrition plan and began counting calories, the first step to becoming health aware. Once I saw the retails, I became intrigued with how far I could push my body. For a while I struggled balancing my healthy lifestyle and my social needs. After moving four years ago to a new city that is highly revolved around being active, I kicked back into great. This time, I started learning about counting macros and the benefit of resistance training. I had to admit to myself that I did want that "fitness model" look, but I wanted to achieve that look in my own safe way. As of current, I'm doing what I can to transition into a fitness career, also focusing on dietetics, to help others live a healthy life.

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