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How To Develop That Explosive Muscle Power

Build Strength & Power!

Posted by GT_turbo - November 26th, 2019

But, Why?

Now, the question you’re probably asking is why you might even want to consider developing explosive power. The reason is simple. If you’re planning on putting a heavy emphasis on strength, then you need to build the proper foundations. If it’s strength you want, it’s explosive power you need. This is how you train your body to generate the maximum amount of force in the shortest amount of time. And, even when you’re not planning on becoming a powerlifter, and you simply want to build muscle, a good reason to train for explosiveness is so that you’re able to avoid stagnation.

There are two components that you need to develop to improve your explosive strength. These are:

Speed Strength

Speed strength is defined as the body’s ability to produce the greatest possible impulse in the shortest length of time. This is evident in high-intensity workouts and sports. Consider an athlete at full sprint and you might already have an idea of how the legs propel the athlete forward. It’s not with simply power, but the rapidity of how the muscles fire up to produce more impulse.

Absolute Strength

Also better referred to as “power”, this is the maximum power that is generated regardless of muscle or body size. As it follows, individuals who have bigger muscles have greater absolute strength. Power is characterized by an individual’s single rep maximum load.

So, what are the exercises that you should consider doing in order to develop explosive strength?

Kettlebell Workouts

Kettlebell workouts are ballistic exercises that require you to use your whole body to perform these exercises. They require a lot of power, control, and mobility. Some kettlebell workouts are technical and they can easily burn a lot of calories. Kettlebell exercises are the workout of choice for many MMA fighters and other athletes involved in sports that require a lot of explosive strength.


The value in plyometrics lies in how athletes are able to improve both strength and speed in these exercises. The core concept of plyometric training is to combine an extension movement just after completing a bending movement. This helps train the muscles to react faster and to create more impulse. This increase in strain improves the muscle fiber recruitment, meaning that there are more muscles that fire up during the execution of a particular movement.

But, A Word Of Caution

Both in kettlebell workouts and plyometrics, it’s of supreme importance that you’re able to execute these movements properly. When you’re dealing with a lot of impulse and when you’re exerting so much power in such a short amount of time, a wrong movement could cause injuries.

And while you could have these injuries treated, usually through a chiropractic adjustment, you could be putting yourself at risk unnecessarily with a bad treatment. And even when there are lawyers like the ones at who are experts in handling medical malpractice cases, injuries that are worsened by negligent medical professionals tend to be career-ending.

As with any exercise, if you plan to focus on explosive workouts, it’s important to do these exercises properly, not just so that you’re able to avoid injury but also so that you also get the maximum benefits of the workout.

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