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How To Properly Bench Press

Set Up Right & Bench Heavy Weight!

Posted by NattyGains100 - August 22nd, 2019

When it comes to building a chest, who doesn’t love to bench press!? The bench press might just be the most popular lift of all time. If you’ve been lifting for any amount of time, I’m sure someone you know has asked you how much you bench press. Likewise, if you’re just starting to workout, the bench press is probably one of the first exercises that came to mind. It is an extremely popular exercise no matter what lifting level you are at. Let’s learn how to PROPERLY do it and make all kinds of GAINS!

The Set-Up

Your feet are going to be crucial when bench pressing correctly. I’ve seen it way too many times; the foot dance. People will just start tapping their toes during the middle of their set, and this is the last thing you want to do! Your feet should be at your side and driving into the floor. Your shoulder blades will be back on the bench having your scapula retracted. This is going to minimize the use of your shoulders and keep the focus on your chest. Keep your butt planted (allowing for a slight arch in your back) and your feet driving into the ground, you’re almost ready to bench press!

Bar Path

Each person’s grip is going to be different on the bar due to biomechanics, but I normally tell most to place their pinky around the ring on the bar. This is normally the perfect grip. When going down with the bar you want to bring the bar close to nipple level and back up to your starting point. Your bar path shouldn’t be straight up in down but more going slightly back on the way up!


Now that you have the right stance on the bench press and know how to move the bar, you’re ready to go! Start with a nice light weight that you’re able to focus on your form to get the exercise done correctly. Remember, form is always more important than the weight you’re lifting! It’s not about the weight you move, but how you move the weight!  Be sure to follow Natty Gains on YouTube for more videos and content to help you reach your fitness goals!

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