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First Aid & Fitness

What You Need to Know

Posted by GT_turbo - May 24th, 2020

While fitness programs remain an important part of keeping yourself healthy, there is still the risk of serious injury when you are not being careful while working out.

Sprains, ankle injuries, fractures, concussions, and internal bleeding are just some of the risks you face whether you are doing pilates at home or executing dumbbell bench presses at the gym.

In order to face these scenarios properly, the fitness industry underscores the need for adequate first aid facilities. Indeed, depending on where you are in the world, gyms and fitness coaches may need to be equipped with basic or advanced life-saving skills.

Let's see how important it is to find a personal fitness coach or a gym that's guaranteed to save you from a debilitating injury.

You aren't safe anywhere

Workout injuries are very common, especially among people who have just started their fitness programs. Even if you are doing less strenuous exercises, you will still suffer from a dislocated joint or tendinitis throughout the course of your training.

These may require basic treatment, but for severe cases, it helps if you have a fitness trainer close by who can handle the injury properly. Moreover, a trainer can help you identify warming up activities for injury mitigation and suggest exercises that won't involve too much risk.

Be prepared for fatal cases

Workout injuries are not the only things you should be worried about. There are also other scenarios that can catch you off guard, such as sudden cardiac arrest or SCA. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, more than 220,000 people have experienced SCA, which has a high fatality risk among older people. The worst part is that it can happen anytime and in any place — especially if you are in the middle of a workout session.

Overfatigue and overexertion are also potentially fatal if you are unable to get immediate help. Time is of the essence when it comes to these cases, so waiting for emergency services will not be enough to push you out of harm’s way. That is why it is important to learn basic self-care and home treatment. But in more severe scenarios, having someone around who is a trained first aid responder can increase your survival rate before emergency services arrive.

Continued education is important

It’s easy to look up remedies on the internet, but it makes more sense if you have someone who is professionally trained in important life-saving skills such as CPR, shock treatment, and handling internal bleeding cases to be around when you are working out.

Personal trainers and gym owners are now required to obtain certificates and undergo continuing education on life-saving techniques. They only have to look for schools offering courses on first-aid for businesses and professionals. Newcastle Training, for one, offers a wide-range of programs covering CPR, AED, and other areas in immediate medical response.

Working out is great, but it’s important to consider specific risks to your health. With the right skills and knowledge in first aid, you can enjoy leading a healthier life without putting yourself in danger.

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