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Location: Vancouver, WA Gender: Male Neck: 15.25 in Chest: 46.25 in Goal: Lose Fat Forearm: 12.5 in Hip: 45 in Age: 38 Calve 17 in Shoulder: 50 in Height: 5'9.5" Arm: 14.75 in Waist: 42 in Weight: 219 lbs Thigh: 24 in Body Fat: 30.65%
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I was extremely active in my youth, being involved in track and field, and cross country. That extended into the next several years when I was in the army, and I probably left that in the best shape of my life so far. I eventually fell into the trap of work/school/life and had trouble maintaining a decent workout regimen. I had a few months, maybe a year, here and there where I was doing better, but schedules (especially when I was in school) always managed to derail me. Now I am fairly settled career wise, married with a daughter, and another kid on the way. I knew I was in pretty bad shape, but throwing my back out this December was a wake-up call. I not only miss being in shape, but my health was starting to be an issue because of my present lifestyle. I found Scott's youtube videos and was impressed with how much sense he made, and wasn't shy about calling out fitness bullshit. I'm hoping that joining this community can help me stay on track, and get me back where I know I can be.

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