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Location: N/A Gender: Female Neck: N/A Chest: N/A Goal: Lose Fat Forearm: N/A Hip: N/A Age: 28 Calve N/A Shoulder: N/A Height: 5'5" Arm: N/A Waist: N/A Weight: 124.6 lbs Thigh: N/A Body Fat: 19%
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For the past three years I have found a love for fitness. However, I always go strong for about three-four months and then hit a wall for about a month or two. I have been back at it again now for 8 weeks. I am very excited to see where this 12 week challenge gets me. I hope to learn a lot and make a change that will encourage me to not give up again or feel like I have hit a wall. My dream during this challenge is that I can encourage other women to want to do better and make a great change while improving myself.

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