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  • Posted On: 02-20-14, 6:14 pm (EST) #1

    Medicine Ball Chest Throw

    February 20, 2014, 6:14 pm


    In a few years when I leave university, I want to become a police officer. Here is a short video of test I will have to pass.

    At about 1:20 you have to be able to throw a 3kg medicine ball 4,5 meters while you sit against a board. My objective is to throw it a least 7 meters, which should be possible with a lot of training. At the moment, my maximum score is at about 5,5 meters but I want to improve it to get the first in the test.

    Perhaps you can help me and tell me which exercices I could do to improve it.


    Many Thanks.

  • Posted On: 02-21-14, 10:35 am (EST) #2

    Medicine Ball Chest Throw

    February 21, 2014, 10:35 am

    Hey man!


    Since you know very well what is your goal it's easier to find specific exercises to improve your score.


    At first, this exercise is typical case which demands power. Power in sport is defined as ability of a muscle to quickly generate force over a short period of time. And because body work within physics laws, power = (force x distance) / time. Since distance is constant (your body - arms movement) you can manipulate force (high as possible) and time (short as possible).


    Force is improved by strength training. In your case should be specific as much as possible. I would suggest you to doing push ups with hand positions like it is when you push the ball away from you. Start on knees, progress to normal pushup leg position -> elevate legs -> put weight plate on your back.

    For decreasing time you have to speed up contraction of a muscle. This is done by adapting nervous system with plyometrics. Here I would suggest you two exercises. First would be plyometric push up. Since it have to be specific for your needs, hand position must be same as when you do push ups (for strength). Because of your specific position, full droping would be too big stress, start with wall push up. One step from wall, fall to the wall and in last time catch yourself and explosively push you away. Progress with being further to the wall, later get in position for normal push up and start again from knees. Drop yourself down, catch in last moment and explosively push up.

    Because of very specific position be very well warmed up, streched and caution during working out this plyometric exercise!!

    Second exercise would be next: get in position like you have to be on test, sit against wall and take light ball, which will have similar size than medicine ball on test; perfect would be basketball or valleyball ball, because bounce good. Make fast repetitive throws. Here your train just pure speed and reaction.


    case for plyometric wall push up


    That's it. Good luck on tests!

    If anything unclear, ask ;)


    BR, Gregor

  • Posted On: 02-23-14, 6:52 am (EST) #3

    Medicine Ball Chest Throw

    February 23, 2014, 6:52 am

    Thank you very much! I have already exercised for about half a year in the gym but now, that I know what I want to work after university I'm looking for specific exercises to get the the first in the test.

    I found this on youtube which should also be great to improve explosiveness?

    Do you think that the bench press using this specific hand position? (hands are closer together)

    Could you suggest me any exercises to warm up?


    Many Thanks,



  • Posted On: 02-23-14, 2:21 pm (EST) #4

    Medicine Ball Chest Throw

    February 23, 2014, 2:21 pm

    Hi Marc,


    since you know exactly what is your goal, you should train for it specific as much as you can. Other exercises can help, but you want to simulate as much as possible your medicineball throwing exercise.

    In practice this means that this push ups represent one exercise such as biceps curl and you integrate it in your regular workout and you do plyometric workout twice per week, when needed muscles are really well rested. Don't perform plyometry when you are not well rested as you are not able to perform explosive movements and therefore you can't learn your nervous system in right way. Also plyometry is big stress so chances for injuries are bigger if you do them tired.


    Of course, keep it up with your regular training, you can do also this what you found, you can also do some similar stuff for jump (see another thread here on forum, Scott gave link to 3 youtubes for workouts).


    I think simulating position with benchpress wouldn't be good idea. Push ups will be enough ;) Put your hand just like when you hold the ball before you throw it. Elbows and hands in height of shoulders, elbows are pointed outwards, hand is parallel to your chest, thumb is pointed downwards and other fingers are pointed one in another. God, I will make picture tommorow! :D


    Exercises for warm up would be regular push ups, jumping jacks etc, and dynamic stretching of upper body, shoulders, elbows and wrists.


    BR, Gregor

  • Posted On: 02-23-14, 3:27 pm (EST) #5

    Medicine Ball Chest Throw

    February 23, 2014, 3:27 pm

    I think I know what you mean! The position of the hands should look like a triangle when doing pushups, right?

    I already did this kind of pushups, they're a bit harder but should be great to simulate the throwing position! Thanks:)

  • Posted On: 02-24-14, 2:19 pm (EST) #6

    Medicine Ball Chest Throw

    February 24, 2014, 2:19 pm

    I think this position of hands is most similar to situation when you throw ball from chest position. With that grip you will also hard to make bench press :)

    Hands in triangle position is great to concentrate triceps work, but this one is more specific to your needs.

    And as you see, this is quite unnatural movement pattern even just for pushups, so you have to be well warmed up. And as it is so unnatural movement and since plyometry is stress big enough just by itself, I warmly recommend you to start with wall, when you'll start with plyometry with this hand position. I tried it myself with one step from wall and it's fine. Just progress slowly and gradually.


    If I understand right, you'll go to this test after few years. If so, don't bother with this hand position, just do plyometry with all "normal" kinds of pushups. Anyway you will have benefit also from that and stress on your body, skeleton, muscles, joint, ligaments will be smaller. If that won't be enough, go for this position, since it is most similar to actual situation and therefore most specific.


    Another great exercise you can do it, is to grab medicine ball like you would throw it and do push ups on it. At first you'll have some balance problems, but it would be great for your needs.


    BR, Gregor

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