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Balancing a meal plan for low Carbs?

BeLeifIt g Skylor Rausa
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Title says it all. Between chicken, beef, eggs, broccoli, and others, finding sources of protein is so hard! I'm trying to take in 1800 calories a day to lose some weight, and am trying to cut back on carbs as much as possible staying in a nice 50-100 range as per Scott's meal plan video. So I've calculated my fat intake can be upwards of up to 68g daily and my protein can be upwards of 200. My body fat percentage is hanging around 25% give or take because of a margin of error, the method I'm using is measurements and punching the numbers into an equation. Which, as I'm sure many know, is subject to human error and inaccuracy. My body weight is approximately 180lbs so my lean weight should be 135 lbs. And I've calculated my daily caloric intake via Scott's Meal Plan app.


My first question is, is it okay to jack up my protein intake up to 1.5 my lean body weight to get to a 1800 calorie goal, if I'm trying to lean down before trying to build muscle? 68g of fat is 612 calories, 200g protein is 800, and 100 carbs is 400. So that should work out. 


Also, the largest reason for this post, getting THAT much protein daily is absurd! As I mentioned earlier, there are plenty of choices for protein, my problem being amongst the many, broccoli chicken beef dairy products eggs and so on and so forth, getting 200g of protein w/out consuming upwards of 3000mg of sodium is impossible! Chicken, beef, you name it it has sodium. So what do I do? I cant be eating 3000mg of salt a day, it cant be healthy.

voelkern g Nick Voelker
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If you want to get some protien and spare the calories from carbs, check out some of the vegan protein powders. I use Vega Sport, 30g or protien at just 160 calories and low fat. Plus it's high in fiber, and has other good stuff in it, and the price point isn't too bad. I wouldn't stress about the sodium, you probably need more than you think if you're active. Keep an eye on your BP, if stays high over a long period of time, then your should back off the sodium. I also think you need to eat a lot more than you are, but that's just my 2cents. For reference, I weigh 210lbs and eat 4700-5200 calories a day with about 200g of protien. I've dropped about 60lbs of fat in the last 6months. Google or YT skinny-fat, you'll find some good information on dieting for fat loss.

saanvishah g Saanvi Shah
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Healthy Diet During Pregnancy

Eating the right food in the right amount is very crucial in your pregnancy days. A well balanced diet throughout your pregnancy is not only healthy for you but also for your child. The meal should be well proportioned in all the elements like, carbohydrate, protein , fat , minerals and vitamins and water also. And consuming all these components in a healthy amount is the utmost requirement these days. While would-be mothers eat a lot of foods these days because of pregnancy hunger , keep in mind that you should consume a fair amount of fibre rich foods to avoid digestive problems. As you are not only eating for yourself but to meet all the growth and development requirements of your baby. 

In early days of pregnancy some women face loss of appetite and nausea & vomiting immediately after getting up from the bed in the morning which is called morning sickness. So, in those days you should take care of yourself especially in the matter of foods. You should eat foods which are tasty as well as healthy so that your appetite gets fulfilled and you can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy diet has all of the nutrients required for the pregnant mother to keep up with pregnancy and to support the growth of the baby. A pregnant mother should eat all the foods that are rich in all nutrients and in an adequate amount. It is advised to get all the nutrients from food sources while you can take folic acid supplements and vitamins in the form of medicines. 

  1. Healthy meals in the form of carbohydrate - carbohydrates mostly in the form of starch like bread potatoes, cereals, rice, pasta, maize, millets, oats, yams , noodles, and corn meals are high source of energy which is very essential for pregnant women and growth of the baby. 
  2. Veggies and fruits - Eating lots of veggies and fruits are immensely helpful for pregnant women as it consists of lots of fibre that not only helps in digestion but also in bowel movement.  Other than this, fruits have lots of healthy nutrients and beneficial sugars which further helps in improving health of the mother and baby. 
  3. Proteins - you should eat more proteins like meat, fish , eggs, poultry,nuts , pulses,beans and other sources of proteins if you are pregnant as it is very essential component for the growth of your baby.
  4. Dairy products - regular intake of dairy products like milk, cheese, butter, ghee, paneer, dahi and other dairy products are very much helpful for boosting your motherly hormones and and nutrition of the baby.

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