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Location: San Diego, CA Gender: Male Neck: 15 in Chest: 36 in Goal: Gain Muscle Forearm: N/A Hip: N/A Age: 35 Calve 18 in Shoulder: 42 in Height: 5.9'0" Arm: 14 in Waist: 32 in Weight: 170 lbs Thigh: 20 in Body Fat: 10%
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I’m sure you can probably relate to the in-shape/out-of-shape cycle we all through. I would make a little progress, then after a few weeks, for some reason I would stop going to the gym. I would start eating whatever I wanted. Then back pedal and retract back to where I was when I started. Then I would get a rush of inspiration, maybe after watching the movie 300. Maybe from seeing some ripped dude at the beach with a hot chick. Whatever the reason, I would get super motivated and exited to workout again. I would find myself back at the gym trying to get back in shape. A few weeks later, I would start to slack. And this cycle would repeat itself over and over. I think part of the reason I would stop was because I wasn’t seeing results fast enough. I mean, I would definitely see some sort of change, but not the kind of change that’s like woah! That guy is shredded! The kind of shape where people start asking you how you did it?! What’s your secret?! Plus, most of the time I was doing it alone. Occasionally I would find a workout partner, but usually I was more motivated than them, and they would drop off and leave me hanging. So without the light at the end of the tunnel in sight, the journey was much more difficult. I found myself, doubting the process and giving up, before putting in enough time to actually see real results. I realized that in order to really transform my body, I would need to make failure impossible. So I decided to put systems in place to solve these underlying issues. 1. You need to see results early on in the process in order to stay motivated. 2. You need accountability - someone or something outside of yourself that is depending on you or joining you on the journey. 3. You need long-term motivation – true transformation takes time, you need to be in it for the long haul. 1. Short Term Milestones - Rapid results I had already tried many different methods to get that ideal body: p90x, Geek to Freak, workouts in Men’s Health. Instead of going through a bunch more trial and error, I decided to seek out the experts. I was fortunate enough to meet Drew Canole, the worlds top transformation specialist and CEO of He saw my passion and shared his knowledge and expertise. He taught me about juicing and how it helps you obtain incredible and rapid results. He taught me about the most effective training methods for fast results. I used the main principles to develop a system that would get me my ideal body. I had the keys to the kingdom, now I just had to make sure I followed through, which leads me to the next system. 2. Accountability Social pressure is the most powerful force in today’s world for making you do something (when survival is pretty certain). If you want to quit smoking, make a public declaration or dedication about what you’re going to do. Then you will be forced to succeed because everyone around you is watching. So I decided to start publicly posting about my transformation journey on Facebook and Instagram. This would guarantee that I had to either succeed or risk failure in front of everyone. I’d choose success any day. At first, I was afraid that people would resist. Sometimes, you might end up letting other people’s doubt prevent you from reaching your goals. But you have to push through anyway. Surprisingly, everyone was really supportive! All my friends started wishing me good luck and encouraging me along the way. I also dedicated my transformation to my mom and dad. They taught me that I should be doing what I’m passionate about and living a life of purpose. They instilled these values in me as a child and raised me to aim high, achieve greatness and help others do the same. Additionally, I also tied this into a greater purpose. I created a 45 day muscle building challenge to raise money for the non profit organization Jeans 4 Justice. Over the next 45 days, 12 guys transformed with me while raising $5,000 to help create safe zones against sexual violence. Now we had a community of guys, all working on improving their selves as well as helping others. We had a brotherhood. So now, not only did I have my skin in the game through social pressure, but I also had a group of guys that were on the journey with me. I can’t tell you how much of a difference this made. 3. Long Term Motivation It started out as a 45 day challenge and evolved into a lifestyle. I wanted to continue for another 45 days. I knew that true transformation would take time and I had to make sure that failure was not an option. So I decided to make it my mission to inspire others to take action and show them that it is possible, it is very achievable, and it is pretty simple once you are on the right track. I wanted to share the keys to the kingdom. What were the results? 90 days later I was a new man. I went from 13% body fat down to 9% body fat, all while putting on 12lbs of lean muscle. For the first time in my life I was able to clearly see a defined set of six-pack abs. I had broader shoulders and a proud chest. I felt great. I am closer to my goal, but I am still on a journey of transformation. I will not stop, even when I reach my goal, because this has become a lifestyle and who I am. After my transformation, people were asking me questions nonstop. I realized I wasn’t the only one that wanted to transform. There were so many other guys out there, that wanted more in their life. It was now my duty, to inspire others and give them the keys to the kingdom. And so, Weak Bod to Greek God was created. Our mission, is to help those struggling to get in shape. Guys who are tired of going to their desk job everyday going through the motions and slowly deteriorating. We created Weak Bod to Greek God to enable men all over the world, to become their best self and create their legacy. We are made to move, made to survive, made to hunt and made to protect our loved ones. We have evolved as a species to become intellectual and use our minds to generate. A mentor once told me that the fastest way to improve cognitive function is to increase your heart rate. Our minds and our bodies are connected.

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