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Can Skateboarding Help You Lose Weight?

Get Ready To Shred In More Ways Than One!

By Craig Newsome Published 

As you walk through the streets, a couple of skaters could be found gliding. These skaters would readily avoid walkers even before they think of dodging. These skaters’ ability to twist and turn is a manifestation of the athletic lifestyle they are in. With their impressive agility and fit-looking figure, one can infer that making skateboarding part of your daily routine can contribute to weight loss.


Calorie-Burning Facts With Skateboarding

Experts calculate that a person weighing 125 pounds can burn up to 300 calories after skateboarding for 60 minutes, while 444 calories are burned in a 185-pound person in the same time frame. If you weigh 125 pounds and plan to skate every day, you are expected to burn 2100 calories in a week and 3108 calories if you happen to weigh 185 pounds.


A pound of fat is made up of 3500 calories in a form of stored energy. Depending on your metabolism and level of activities, you could lose between half a pound and one pound every week. Reducing your daily calorie intake by 250 to 500 calories can help you lose and an additional half a pound to 1 pound per week.


Benefits You Get From Skateboarding

According to, apart from burning calories, skateboarding is an activity that encourages high mobility as you use your legs to push the board, crouch to make a turn or do your tricks and jump while maintaining your balance as you move down the street or on a ramp. Whether you use it as a transportation vehicle, a recreational activity, a hobby or as a sport with the dedication to discover and execute new tricks, skateboarding is a holistic, calorie-burning and figure-enhancing activity. You may find people in their 50s and 60s who still enjoy skateboarding since it is considered to be a timeless activity.


Safety First Before Skateboarding

It is a must that you put on a helmet before setting out to skate. A head injury, unlike broken arms and legs that could heal, could possibly lead to a perpetual disability and even to an untimely death. Statistics show vehicular accidents including skateboard crashes have caused traumatic brain injuries that further led to death. Gears intended for knees and elbows, gloves and proper shoes are also a must-have as additional protection from common skateboarding mistakes and unintended falls. These pieces of equipment don’t just enhance your skateboarding prowess but also provides you protection from injuries.



It is true that skateboarding is a way to achieve your ideal figure, but it should be integrated with weight training as well. Weight training through various workouts and exercises strengthen your muscles enabling you to perform better on your board. It likewise prevents the occurrence of a muscle imbalance caused by carrying out the same exercise over and over. Skateboarders should see flexibility as an essential aspect of preventing injury. Signing up for yoga classes could be of great help when it comes to skateboarding too!

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