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Location: Denton, Manchester UK Gender: Male Neck: 17 in Chest: 39 in Goal: Lose Fat Forearm: 8 in Hip: 38 in Age: 34 Calve 17 in Shoulder: 22 in Height: 6'4" Arm: 11 in Waist: 36 in Weight: 16 st Thigh: 24 in Body Fat: 24.9%
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Ok, update time, I rarely come on to this site, but like to check in now and then. current weight 15stone 8pounds - struggling with weight at the mo changed job twice since last here, left crappy garden centre and moved to healthy eating place nearer home, realised it was going under so had to get out (it closed down a few weeks later). now work for Sky TV in Stockport UK, desk job big change from catering. Its awesome, great job and great place to work with loads of perks and people who treat you like a human being. Fitness wise im still going gym, currently looking for new gym bud that goes a lot, I need someone to go with as im finding hard to motivate myself after semi stressful days at work and on days off So call out to anyone in Denton UK area who goes to Sweat Gym. Be great to find new person to go with, M or F. 

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