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Location: Queanbeyan NSW Australia Gender: Male Neck: 48 cm Chest: 122 cm Goal: Lose Fat Forearm: 34 cm Hip: 125 cm Age: 40 Calve 41.5 cm Shoulder: 45 cm Height: 1.92 m Arm: 40 cm Waist: 136 cm Weight: 149 kg Thigh: 62 cm Body Fat: 57%
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I used to be 185-188kg for most of my adult life. In 2009 I had a major spinal cord injury (cauda equina syndrome). I lost 5kg during a month in hospital, and when I learned how to walk again, I hired a personal trainer 3x a week and got down to about 150kg in about 3 months. I overdid it, had a meltdown, and was back up at 185kg within three years. In 2014 I decided to have weight loss surgery (gastric sleeve). I went from 185kg pre-diet to a surgery weight of 170kg, and the following year I bottomed out at 120kg. I maintained that fat loss for a few months, but there was also a lot of unsustainable muscle loss, and I've been in the high 140kgs somewhere since 2016. Now I'm working on weights to build muscle and get the furnace going. I train legs 2-3x a week to lower my centre of gravity. Since the spinal cord injury my balance is tenuous anyway, so leg days are entirely upside for me! My current routine is daily weights: Push-Legs-Pull-Legs-Push-Pull-Legs.

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