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Location: Michigan Gender: Female Neck: 12.25 in Chest: 36 in Goal: Gain Muscle Forearm: 9 in Hip: 37.5 in Age: 36 Calve 14.5 in Shoulder: 41 in Height: 6'0" Arm: 10 in Waist: 29 in Weight: 143.6 lbs Thigh: 20.5 in Body Fat: N/A%
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When I was a kid I participated in gymnastics, ballet and figure skating. I liked jump rope, floor hockey and hiking. Then I got sick, I was chronically ill with various things from the age of 18-29. As you can imagine that wrecked my body leaving it extremely weak and fatigued. My energy was so low I felt in danger of developing chronic fatigue. I read somewhere that if you force yourself to exercise it raises up your energy. So I decided to force myself to exercise more or less every day. I discovered 2 things, I LOVE TO EXERCISE and that advice was absolutely right, Because I got ill so young I have never known what it feels like to have a strong, healthy, body as an adult. All those years I couldn't exercise, I was training perseverance, courage, optimism, pain-tolerance and determination, I was training my willpower. I am absolutely unstoppable on my journey to the strongest version of myself. These days I'm at university slamming 16 credit semesters, I'm only on my Bachelor's Degree but I'm on my way to the highest national certification possible in the field of human nutrition. I'm going to personally save the world and look awesome doing it!

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