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Location: Calgary, Albaerta Gender: Male Neck: N/A Chest: 88 cm Goal: Bodybuilding Forearm: N/A Hip: 86 cm Age: 30 Calve 35 cm Shoulder: N/A Height: 5.5 m Arm: 31 cm Waist: 84.5 cm Weight: 67.7 kg Thigh: 56 cm Body Fat: N/A%
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The reason to going back to the Fitness journey one more time is to improve my energy and the relationship with my food. Im always trying to improve in any way of my life as possible and always trying to help people in any way I can. I will start my bodybuilding journey as well next year and I will try my best to succeed and ask for help if i need it as much as possible. I like this website because it is a great way to motivate people and be connected with some of the fitness people in the world. =)

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