Build Muscle Utilizing Overload & Volume To Get GUARANTEED GAINS!


guaranteed gains

Guaranteed Gains - Upper 1 - CHEST / TRAPS / BICEPS

Ready to push your limits and build muscle!? Guaranteed Gains “Upper 1” was designed to target your Chest, Traps & Biceps and it will require your absolute focus from start to finish! Also, pay close attention to the reps...

guaranteed gains

Guaranteed Gains - Upper 2 - BACK / SHOULDERS / TRICEPS

guaranteed gains

Guaranteed Gains - Lower 1 - LEGS / GLUTES / CALVES / ABS

guaranteed gains

Guaranteed Gains - Lower 2 - LEGS / GLUTES / CALVES / ABS

With This Program You’ll Also Get ...

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  • PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD: The main reason why people fail on most lifting programs is the ABSENCE of the Progressive Overload Principle. In simple terms, to progressively overload means to be able to lift more weight over time. This gradual increase of stress placed upon the muscles can either come from gradually lifting heavier and heavier weights or simply by performing more sets and repetitions with lighter weights. Guaranteed Gains is a well thought-out program that employs the principle of Progressive Overload to help you become stronger and bigger in no time.

  • VOLUME TRAINING: Another fundamental principle of building muscle that’s absent in most weightlifting programs is Volume Training. Training for strength alone is not enough to achieve optimal muscle growth. Instead, the right combination of heavy training AND volume training leads to maximum results. Simply put, Guaranteed Gains includes enough training volume throughout the program to ensure optimal sarcoplasmic and myofibrillar hypertrophy…or in layman’s terms…FASTER GAINS!

  • MULTIPLE GROWTH PERIODS: After training and breaking down a muscle group, your body needs about 24 – 48 hours to re-build and recover. This is when muscle growth occurs and this phase is known as a “Growth Period”. It is ONLY during this Anabolic Window that a muscle group is able to grow bigger and stronger. Now, instead of training each muscle group once a week like most programs out there, Guaranteed Gains takes advantage of Multiple Growth Periods to ensure you are growing all week long. This way, your anabolic window is not just 24 – 48 hours long but slams open throughout the entire week, guaranteeing constant growth and faster recovery.

...and best of all, IT WORKS FOR ALL FITNESS LEVELS!



  • Testimonial
    I'm an avid visitor of your page on facebook, I read what everyone has to say and questions they have every morning and throughout the day. What you're doing, getting everyone interested in fitness is amazing. I attached two photos to this email for you to put in the Hermanite Transformations folder. One is from October 2006 and the other is from September 2009...I think you'll be able to tell which is from when :).

    Thanks alot man and keep it coming!

    ~ Brendon
  • Testimonial
    I had always wanted to be in great shape and be that guy who is just super ripped but because I was never really out of shape I didn't have any motivation to start working out because I was lazy and thought that I looked fine the way I was. After finding Scott Herman's YouTube channel it really got me motivated to start working out and getting in great shape. The workouts are explained in full detail and it doesn't leave me sitting at the gym wondering what to do next, it's like having my own personal trainer without spending hundreds of dollars for every session. Thanks to Scott I'm in the best shape of my life and I love working out!

    ~ Zach
  • Testimonial
    When I first got into working out something clicked which made me want more, for help I was searching around on YouTube like a newbie looking for exercise videos and motivation. Then I got suggest a channel.. This channel was Scott Herman Fitness! I looked through all the videos and applied them to my workouts! My form started to improve, and so did the results! Scott has really been an important role model for me as well as others such as Nick Write and pro bodybuilders. Now i am a serious gym rat constantly improving with nutritional tips and videos from SHF. If you want help on how to improve your physic, then please follow Scott on his epic journey and you will make one of your own like I did!

    ~ Luke