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Hi, I am Anna, a master student in physiotherapy from Amsterdam. When I was little I used to play soccer, but when I was 12 I wasnt allowed to play in the boys team anymore, so I switched to running. I did 5 half marathons, then I seriosly injured my ankle. That set me back a little, but when I met my boyfriend 4 years ago all changed. He got me exited for fitness and learned me some exercises, although the Arnold Press is to hard for beginners :) 

My favorite exercises are the leg press and the bench press. It gives me some satisfaction if I can press more then the boys. After a serious accident in the summer I now try to come back to that point.

Oh and I do have another hobby next to fitness and that is gaming. I play a lot of hearthstone and recently I joined my boyfriend clan Messy Casts. You can watch us on 

Lets make gains!

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