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Get ready to blast your CHEST, TRICEPS & ABS! This is the first workout in your 8 WEEK SUMMER SHRED and it is geared toward BUILDING MUSCLE! This workout combines high volume with my own personal creation BURN SETS! Burn sets will help you rip and tear more muscle fibers per set than ever before to ensure you are always taking your training to the next level! They also help “pre-exhaust” whatever muscle group you are targeting making the following exercises more intense as well. So make sure you give every set everything you’ve got!


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This routine is designed to give anyone a great workout at the GYM.

This Routine Requires:

  1. Bench

  2. Cables

  3. Barbell

  4. Dumbbells

List of Exercises:

                  EXERCISE                         Sets      Burns     Rep Goal           Rest


Dumbbell Bench Press                         3            3            8 to 10            60 sec.

Reverse-Grip Barbell Bench Press      3             3            8 to 10            60 sec.

Low-To-High Cable Fly                         3             3            8 to 10            60 sec.


Skullcrusher                                          3             2            8 to 10            60 sec.

Tricep Push-Down                                3             2            8 to 10            30 sec.

Tricep Pull-Down                                   3            2            8 to 10             30 sec.


Ab Pulldown                                         4             2            12 to 15            60 sec.

Alternating Toe-Touch                          4            0         20 per side        60 sec.

IMPORTANT: Remember that your MEAL PLAN will determine 100% of your results! Be sure to check out the 8 minute demo for the MS Meal Plan.

*BURN SET: The number of “BURNS” determines how many times you complete the desired rep range within 1 set.  For example, Dumbbell Chest Press (3 Burns).  Complete 10 reps with as much weight as you can, lower the weight, complete 10 reps with as much weight as you can, lower the weight, complete 10 reps with as much weight as you can THEN rest 60 seconds.  There is no rest between burns.


Do you complete 3 sets and then complete 3 burn sets?  DB bench press, for example: Do your three sets with 60 sec rest periods between sets, then complete the burn sets as described?


you do 3 burns PER SET, Watch the video, I give an example and explain how to do everything 😁 


What would be a good alternative to the reverse-grip BB bench press?  I have a shoulder injury that prevents me from doing this without pain.


well... if you use proper form you shouldnt really feel this at all in your shoulder due to the external shoulder rotation... but you CAN use the incline press instead (dumbbells or barbells).  What happened to your shoulders?


Hi, I am quite skinny e.g. wrist size is 5.5 inches. (though have belly fat)... will so many sets help me or should i lift heavier and do less sets


just follow the program as designed dude.  Also, what are your meal plan macros?  you using my custom @mealplan app?


Hey Scott, the workout schedule link seems to be broken. I'd like to know what should I do on weekends for this program. HIIT/Cardio active rest? Thanks!


oh damn, you are right.  I updated it on the other page.. but not the workouts.. fixing now!  should be good by the time you read this! :-D


Thanks Scott! It's working now :)


Awesome, thanks for letting me know @kagedtom!


Hi Scott, when following this program should I do all the same exercises shown in the videos for all 8 weeks or switch some exercises up, for example switch standing Bicep curl with a Preacher curl, but still stick to same amount of burns, sets, rest etc.? Thanks!


Follow the exact program.... but nothing wrong with switching things up from time to time.  Make it your own :-D


Thanks for the help Scott! :-)


I only have ~60 minutes to get my routines in each day, but I really want to to try this workout. Is there an effective way to cut it down? Perhaps one less burn on each movement or push the abs off to another day? Thanks!


Try doing 1 burn per set and do it on the FIRSt set of each exercise.


Hey Scott, is it ok if I do the monday workout on thursdays instead? 


sure, adjust it to work for your schedule @mascencio!


Hey Scott, I did the first chest day and it is painful!!! But i love the burn. I want to know that how long would it be perfect to complete this workout? like under 90 minutes? Also, before Im able to do 60-50-50-50 for the dumbbell bench press, now i do like you burn set so it become: 1st: 50x10, 40x10, 30x10, 2nd: 50x8, 40x10, 30x10, 2nd: 45x10, 40x10, 30x10. Would this make my chest got smaller even though it burn every time i workout with your program? (Since the weight is lower)


yes about 90 minutes my friend! and about the weight.. not at all..  the reason why the weight is lower is bacause you are doing exactly what you set out to do which is destroy the chest muscles to grow bigger.  If anything.. get a spotter to help you wth forced reps if you want to stick with the same weight.  They can help you on the push and you control the negative :-D


I'm sorry to ask again but i just want to make sure. 3 burns mean 3 burns per set or 3 burns per exercise? If it is 3 burns per set the if i do the dumbbell press does that mean i have 9 burns in total?


it is 3 burns per set on every set :-D


Hey Scott, my wrist have problem when i do the reverse grip barbell bench press, would i get the same result if i just do the normal grip?


Normal grip doesn't train upper chest.  Have you tried useing wrist wraps to take pressure off?  You could switch it for incline press :-D