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Arm Assistance! Biceps & Triceps Muscle Gain Workout!

Intensity, it is what will make or break your workout. They do not need to be 3 hours long to be effective. When trying to grow muscle you need to focus on high volume, proper form, and staying in control during your negatives. If your goal is muscle gain, stick to a shorter rest period. If you want to work on strength, rest as long as you need between sets. Be sure to progressively overload each week!

This routine is designed to give anyone a great workout AT HOME or at the GYM.

This Routine Requires:

  1. E-Z Bar Cur

List of Exercises:

  • Reps & sets will vary per exercise

  1. E-Z Curl Bar- Outside Grip (5 sets: 10 reps)

  2. Standing Overhead Tricep Extension- Inside Grip (6 sets: 10 reps)

NOTE: Timestamps are available for each exercise in the info section of the video when watching on YouTube.

  • 30 – 90 second rest between each set

  • You can change the order of the exercises

Remember, when doing this routine, workout at your OWN intensity.

  • This means if you cannot perform as many sets and reps as I do in the video, do as many as you can.

There are a couple different ways you can do this routine.

  • You can perform each exercise for the required amount of sets before moving to the next exercise and the workout is finished once you perform the last exercise.

  • You can choose to superset the exercises (A superset is when you do two exercises at the same time, one right after the other until you complete 5 - 6 sets)

  • This routine can be done 1 – 2 times a week.

IMPORTANT: Remember that your MEAL PLAN will determine 100% of your results! Be sure to check out the 8 minute demo for the SHF Meal Plan.