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Unlock Your FULL POTENTIAL With FULL BODY TRAINING! No Shortcuts, Just SCIENCE! Fastest Gains Possible!


More specifically, FULL BODY EVOLUTION was built for the needs of BEGINNER & ADVANCED athletes. Did you know that to continue to progress month after month you do not have to jump from program to program? In fact, the only time you should stop Full Body training is when you stop experiencing LINEAR GAINS. But even then, a few MODIFICATIONS is all you need to continue making progress and keep BUILDING MUSCLE with this program!

Another great thing about FULL BODY training is that if for any reason you miss a workout, all you have to do is perform it the following day. For example, if you cannot train on an upcoming MONDAY, just perform FULL BODY A on TUESDAY and then FULL BODY B on THURSDAY. As long as you are consistent it will not affect your overall results and muscle growth.

Now just like any other program be sure to always perform adequate WARM-UPS before training. This includes DYNAMIC STRETCHING & WARM-UP SETS leading up to your working sets. For example, if you are performing 5 x 5 Deadlifts, your first set begins once you have completed at least 3 warm-up sets with 40%, then 60% and then 80% of your MAX WEIGHT. Remember that warm-up sets are not only useful for warming up your body, but they’re also a great opportunity to work on your MIND-MUSCLE CONNECTION to help better establish proper form before you jump into your actual working sets!

One more thing guys! I also designed this program to be structured as a 3-DAY PROGRAM or a 5-DAY PROGRAM. The deciding factor here is when you prefer training your ABS. Each FULL BODY WORKOUT will take up to 90 minutes to complete and then once finished, you have the OPTION to TRAIN YOUR ABS. However, if you are lacking in energy, you can alternatively train your abs the following day instead of resting. You can also choose to add a bit of HIIT CARDIO to your separate ABS day as well.

Ready to GET STARTED? Just remember that if you need any help with progressing, swapping out exercises or anything else, join us in the FORUMS! That is what they are for and they are free to use! You can also leave a comment on the specific routine to get suggestions for ALTERNATE EXERCISES.

DISCLAIMER: I am in NO WAY responsible for your lack of RESULTS. Your terrible meal plan probably is! But seriously, how fast you see results will ALWAYS be determined by your MEAL PLAN. You cannot out-train a poor meal plan and if you’re not eating enough food, you might not experience results at all! So take advantage of the MS APP (iPhone & Android) and get that meal plan going!


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Hey Scott! I am struggling with the ALT toe touch in ABS A and the rack pull exercise in workout B. Could you perhaps suggest some alternative exercises please?

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@yousefsalah sure! Try doing a reverse floor cunch for ABS and Barbell Shrugs for Rack Pull!


Hello @scott_herman , I will be starting this workout on monday. My question is should i do any type of cardio before the workout?

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@abreun16u can do a 5 - 10 minute light jog warm-up.. but if you  need to use cardio to burn MORE calories.  Do it after the workout!


Hello Scott, been the full body workout for the past couple of weeks, i've always struggled with my knee as i ruptured my ACL, i find this program to be quite leg heavy, is there anything you can advise?

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@slyons have you bought yourself some knee sleeves? That might give you a bit more peace of mind when you're training legs. If you have to take out squats then just increase the sets of lunges! Or maybe go for a box squat instead of going ATG?

slyons  Edit  Delete  Close

@scott_herman i always struggle with the squat even when performing it correctly, its also mental as well as i think it can give way at any moment.

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@slyons are there specific movements that cause more problems for your knees at the moment than others? If there are, it's OK to take those out or substitute them for more sets of the exercises that you can do without them causing you knee problems

Hey Scott Wanting to start FBE on Monday and I just want to be sure on something If I do FBE on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays to then work on my lacking body parts, could I do focused chest day for Tuesday and biceps on Thursdays, as an example?
Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@cronob yes you can do that! Depending on exactly how much chest volume you're going to do on the chest specific day (Tuesday), you might want to simply take away the incline DB press from just one of your FBE-A workouts (when you are doing FBE-A twice per week), just to make sure you're not destroying the chest 3 days in a row

So excited to be here, I'm just coming off the kinobody programs which I have been doing the last 6 years and have built a phenomal,muscular and athletic physique. I'm deciding to try switch to this because , well, after 6 years on plateaued and burnt out on the same workout even when I use exercise rotation. My only question is what kind of strength progression model should I use with these workouts? Am I doing a pyramid and adding weight with each set or do I just do the same weight for all sets and add weight whenever I feel necessary?
Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@kyleoo7 I haven't really looked into any of his programs but I am an advocate for high volume training, for sure! And the fact that you're already noticing it feels good after one workout is a really good sign! Then Cheat & Recover will take everything in terms of strength and size to the next level! Can't wait to see all your gains man!

Kyleoo7  Edit  Delete  Close
@scott_herman btw the pump is unreal with this program thus far which is a huge plus since I have built up so much strength with kinobody. I'm looking forward to gaining just as much strength on this program, in a different way that I built with kinobody
Kyleoo7  Edit  Delete  Close
@scott_herman yeah I gotcha, I did my first workout, workout A this morning and I really think my physique is going to fill out nicely! I've been through every kinobody program in the last 6 years of my lifting career and this is literally 3 times more volume than I'm used too. I'm not sure how much you know about kinobody, but I'm excited for this program just to see how my body handles the volume. I'm hoping I fill out a bit more and add a little more thickness to my body. After 8 to 12 weeks of this I plan on doing your cheat and recover, so I have a lot to look forward! Thanks in advance scott, I love your content

hey scott can 70 kg or 158.73 lbs me can get six packs? or should I try fat burning workout provided by you please tell.

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@azso hey man! It all depends on your body fat percentage. Generally you need to be around 15% bodyfat to see a bit of ab definition. If you can't see abs yet, that probably means you need to cut - unless you are skinny fat. Could you maybe post a photo in the PLATINUM+ forums with some more information about yourself please, then I can help you get those abs! But this program can help you get a six pack as well - if you're skinny fat I would go with this FBE program, but if you simply need to lose a bit of weight, then go with PPL so you can add some muscle AND lose some fat!

Hey Scott just started this workout and it’s super intense I love it. I’m only in my first week and half way though my workout for the first time ever I nearly blew chunks. But it’s a fantastic workout.
Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@scottpeattie yeah man it's intense but so good!! Hopefully you won't be needing a bucket! Haha


Hey Scott, 

on the first day it asks to do upright row which I am told could be potentially disastrous overtime. Is there an alternate exercise for this and what is your opinion on this particular exercise when it comes to hypertrophy and risk/reward? 

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@nijeezy nothing wrong with upright rows my bro, you just have to perform them properly 😊 Proper form means you should have a grip just outside of shoulder width. Don't grip too close, because that's where problems like impingement can occur. I have a few videos on YouTube where I demonstrate proper form!


Hi Scott

​Ive posted this message in the PPL section of the site also so feel free to delete from there.

Basically I'm looking to start your FBE programme on Monday after finishing up another full body programme I was on (Jeremy Ethier)

I’ve a few questions about your routine;

​I've been advised by my chiropractor to avoid doing any BB back squats and to do BB front squats instead, as this would put less stress on my spine. Also recommended not to do any standing military presses also. Don't get me wrong I am not in any pain or discomfort when I've done these in the past it was just recommended that I incorporate these changes going forward.


One other question I have is should a deload week be incorporated into the FBE programme at say the end of an 8 week cycle or is this not required?

I will probably be leaving the ab work to do on the alternate days due to time restraints (go to gym before work) in the past on my “off” days I would normally do a hiit session as you recommend, do you still advise to do this if your trying to gain muscle?



Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@kevinrobb hey Kevin! If you've been given those recommendations by your chiropractor then we'll absolutely keep them out of the routine for you. So you can do front squats instead of back squats and maybe a seated dumbbell or barbell press instead of a military press? Would that be OK? Might be something you need to check with your chiropractor about.

Yes you should definitely deload after 8 - 12 weeks. And yes you can still do HIIT on your off days to make sure you're really making those lean gains, just be sure that you still stay in a small surplus if muscle gain is your goal!

Hey scott. 2nd week on this program. I have a question. I have been substituting leg press for squat because whenever I squat my delts feel like they are tearing. I cant get my arms straight under the bar and so they are at angle forcing me to bend over more when I add weight to the bar. My wingspan is also like 6'4" so that doesn't help either lol. Any help would be appreciated
Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@lxtruthxl what kind of shoulder mobility are you doing at the moment? How wide do you have your arms on the bar when squatting? With such a large wing span you might need to have your arms further out along the bar than they are now - if you sign up as a PLATINUM+ member then you can post a video of your form in there too and I can help you out from there!