Daydreaming of having a BIGGER CHEST that resembles a GREEK GOD?

Then look no further because you have just stumbled upon the perfect 4 Week Program to start building a BIGGER CHEST IMMEDIATELY.

This program is designed to not only to develop your chest muscles in terms of OVERALL MASS, but to also place a great deal of emphasis on achieving OVERALL MUSCULAR DETAIL and PROPORTION & SYMMETRY for your entire chest.

The best way to tackle this program is to INCORPORATE these routines into YOUR CURRENT WORKOUT SPLIT so be sure to DOWNLOAD THE WORKOUT CALENDAR above. This way you'll know when to perform each of the FOUR ROUTINES.

For example, each routine in the chest training program needs at least 2 days of recovery between them. That is why they are listed on MONDAY and THURSDAY in the calendar.

An example of what a weekly split would look like is this.

Monday: Chest / Back
Tuesday: Glutes / Quads / Calves
Wednesday: Shoulders / Traps / ABS
Thursday: Chest / Biceps / Triceps
Friday: ABS / Obliques
Saturday: Hamstrings / Calves
Sunday: Rest

Now of course you can divide your split up any which way you would like and if you need help adjusting your program please be sure to leave a comment below and I will get you on track to building a BIGGER CHEST in no time!


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How often should I train my chest for the most ultimate gains? Every 2 days? Every 3 days?...  If I'm looking to put on size the fastest what do you suggest?

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@trigs12 training it three times per week (basically every other day) would be great, so Full Body Evolution would be a good option! Or, if you're relatively advanced with your training, you could try some Nuclei Overload Training!

Can I do this and 4 week bicep program together?

So if I do the 12 week PPL Programm, should I just add Workout 1 for example on Leg Day which would be 72H appart or do I have to do Workout 1 twice a week and exchange the Chest Workout from Push A with Workout 1 and add it on Leg Day or is only adding it once a week fine ?

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@bixpy once you get to MONTH 2 you'll start hitting everything twice per week. That's when you can add the second chest workout. Or alternatively, do it during the rest or Circuit B day, so that you still have a couple of days rest after your first PUSH-A workout as well as a couple of days rest before your next PUSH-A workout. Hope that helps!

BixPy  Edit  Delete  Close


Sorry, I don't get it. How would it look like then?
Push A changed Chest to Chest Workout 1

Rest or Circuit A

Pull A

Rest or Circuit B
Legs A

Where would I insert the second Chest-Workout?

Sorry and thank you in advance.

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@bixpy I would still do it twice per week for more frequency if you want to get the best results!


Hello question. If I am doing a 3 day split how would I incorporate this into my exercise routine?

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@time_is_muscle right on!  and just make sure you give your chest 36 hours before hitting it again minimum!

TimeIsMuscle  Edit  Delete  Close

@nintails123 There is an example of a typical week training split provided in the above text/info section.

Not to sound ignorant, what do you mean by" cheat"?

Thank you for program


Hi Scott, Ive just joined and I am very excited to start! I have been training for 1 Year and 4 months in total and lost a lot of weight and built muscle. I have noticed that my chest is not developing a lot compared to other body parts, possibly due to the lack of activation, proper form or a work out program which I used to follow. I am considering in choosing this Plan "Bigger Chest in 4 Weeks", Is this a full program or do I need to incorporate this into another program? or you recommend me doing another program?

milanconhye  Edit  Delete  Close

Thanks for the reply! Will be Starting the Cheat and Recover Program from Monday. 

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

This program is more or less to help gain some EXTRA training for the chest.  However, you might be better off going with my new CHEAT AND RECOVER program first.  That will definitely spark some hidden growth potential and if you are still having trouble with your chest we can talk about incorporating some of these routines as well!


Hey, im doing the 12 week program, and im on month 2 so im soing push/pull legs B. How can i work this in with the program as well as the bicep program. I love the workouts but im not seeing to much growth in my chest and biceps. I usually do go up in weight about 5 pounds each week. Maybe its because the cheat and biceps get like 2 or three exercises? 

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

yes add the full routine!  keep us posted on your results!

Chrisalta94  Edit  Delete  Close

@scott_herman ok ill give it a try. Thanks for reaponding! And this might be obvious but Just to be sure. When i incorporate the cheat and recoverr for biceps and chest should i add the full routine in? Like say im doing push B, i add all of the chest exercises from cheat and recover or just a few?

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

Honestly, you might be better off just switching to my new CHEAT AND RECOVER program.  That way you can keep the same lifting schedule, but really start overloading for more chest and biceps growth.  Here is the link -


This looks great. How can I combine it with Scott's full programs?


Not sure what weight should I use for this program, as I normally train in the 6-8 rep ranges with 85% of my 1 rep max, should I pick a lighter weight instead since this programm is desgined for the 15 reps+?

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@sandm always go as heavy as you can on every set for the rep rang eof 6 - 8.  Don't rely on %s my bro!