5 Day Bodybuilding Split

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Pure muscle gain workouts - introducing burn sets!

Building MUSCLE comes down to discipline, eating right and training HARD and over the next 12 weeks you are going to transform your body with high volume bodybuilding splits that were created with my own special twist to push you further in your training than you ever thought possible!

If you are a BEGINNER you need to understand that the BURN SETS are going to fatigue your muscles VERY quickly. You might find yourself having to drop the weight quite a bit, even during your sets, in order to complete your rep ranges. That is ok. Remember, when building muscle it doesn't matter how much weight you lift, what matters is that you lift as much as you can for each rep range.

Once the 12 WEEKS ARE OVER, make sure you have a DELOAD WEEK. During this week, you will follow the workout schedule for MONTH 1, but you are going to drastically reduce your weights on every lift by 50 - 60%. A deload week is used to give your body a rest so that it can recover, but you do not completely skip out on training. As soon as the DELOAD WEEK IS OVER, you can choose to CONTINUE to train with the MONTH 3 SCHEDULE for another FOUR - FIVE WEEKS before you need to DELOAD AGAIN. Continue this process for as long as you are using this program and seeing continuous gains! (This means once you complete MONTH 3, you continue to repeat MONTH 3 deloading every sixth week until you decide to change your program.)

Train hard and remember if you ever have any questions you can always comment on the workouts or post in the FORUMS!

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