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  • 12-07-17, 11:37 am (EST)

    Decided to do the 12 week at home challenge :)

    December 7, 2017, 11:37 am

    Hi everyone, here is my official declaration of accepting the challenge.  (Even though it's officially over)


    30 years old, currently weigh 232 lb's and it's really embarassing for me!  

    In High School I was extremely athletic, was able to dunk tennis balls on 10 foot basketball rims, and I held the record for most pull ups in my high school as a freshman (17 was my record) - of course this was all 15 years ago!  

    Since then I haven't really stayed in shape and did manage to lose 35 lb's on my first diet attempt - but since then I've been a lazy fucker and gained back more than I lost before and it's time to get back into shape.  I want to take up boxing at some point in the future and just get all around fit - maybe even shredded?  

    Currently I haven't exercised in the past 2 years, work at home as poker player and piano teacher - So even just buying groceries and walking from my car to my apartment door multiple times puts strain on my body!  

    Pictures below of my current sluglike state for all the internetz to see.  

    So 0 out of 10 in terms of how confident I feel in my body...probably 5...I'm not a total fat ass and my last girlfriend didn't seem to mind my bearish figure but I mind it!  

    So 0 out of 10 in terms of how "fit" I believe I am...probably 3...I would die if I ran a mile, can barely do 10 pushups, etc!

    Front relaxed pic

    Front tightened body pic

    Sideways relaxed pic (wow!)

    Sideways tightened body pic

    Well hopefully I can keep a daily log of how I feel, how the challenge is going and then post some nice "after" pics at the end of the 3 months!  

    Target weight loss will be 1.5lb's a week (fairly aggressive) so 12 weeks * 1.5 = 18 lb's, target weight will be around 210 and then I'll decide on a new plan after that or maybe even just increase the dumbbell weights and do a 4th/5th month to lose another 12 lb's to get to around 200 lb's even.  

    Really excited, Scott Herman your videos are really inviting, exciting and motivational.  

    If I fail, it will only be my fault, and nobody else's.  I have been given the keys to success, I only have to open the door and walk through it.  

  • 12-07-17, 12:11 pm (EST)

    Decided to do the 12 week at home challenge :)

    December 7, 2017, 12:11 pm



    First day of Upper Body work out.


    Well, I couldn't get 10 lb barbells so I started with 2 bars that held 5 lb's each , guessing it is about 12 maybe 13 lb's total.


    I didn't get too far with them on the 3rd exercise and picked up my baby 2.2 lb free weights just to "hold" something.


    It's only 20 minutes they said...

    It's gonna be fun they said...

    It's only 10 lb's they said...


    I already know which exercise I hate the most. The one where you lay on your stomach, arch your chest up and extend arms TF does this exercise hurt so much LOL, I was only doing arms, not even holding the baby weights.


    Definitely feeling it through out my upper body.


    Day 1 complete. 90-1 = 89 days remaining.

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention I had to start doing knee pushups and even those seemed like a struggle, no joke!

    Maybe in terms of "fit" I am less than 3!


    Only thing from here is UP UP UP, hard to go down from this point on the "mountain" ๐Ÿ˜… 

  • 12-07-17, 3:58 pm (EST)

    Decided to do the 12 week at home challenge :)

    December 7, 2017, 3:58 pm

    Good Luck with your weight loss goals.

  • 12-11-17, 2:28 pm (EST)

    Decided to do the 12 week at home challenge :)

    December 11, 2017, 2:28 pm
    Posted by: joeygym65

    Good Luck with your weight loss goals.

    Thanks :)


    Update. Day 2 of 26. Was sick the last 4 days, still not fully recovered but I decided to exercise today.


    2nd day of upper body, I could feel it was slightly easier, the burn felt familiar but I didn't have to drop the weights as fast and the knee pushups were not as difficult.


    I feel like I'll improve quite dramatically pretty quickly considering I haven't exercised in over 2 years.


    My body is def more exhausted than before, I think first time I was just learningg the exercises and didn't really push myself , but this time I did.


    I actually have beads of sweat dripping from my hair down my neck, and all the way onto my chest.


    Yep, definitely a serious work out and only 2nd day in...

  • 12-11-17, 3:55 pm (EST)

    Decided to do the 12 week at home challenge :)

    December 11, 2017, 3:55 pm

    I went from 237(31%BF) to 185(18.5%BF) over the course of April '17 to Oct '17. The intensity of the Fat Loss 12-Week Home Workout really showed results, but watching my nutrition was the biggest thing. Hold yourself accountable with those macros and KEEP TRACK! Just to give you an idea, I made an Excel spreadsheet with each meal of the day broken down into Protein/Fat/Carb columns and made sure I was properly portioning quality food to ensure I hit my numbers each day.


    Something that kept me motivated: One day at a time. I didn't put on all of those pounds in one month, so I shouldn't expect to lose them all that quickly.


    You got this, Dustin!

  • 12-11-17, 8:16 pm (EST)

    Decided to do the 12 week at home challenge :)

    December 11, 2017, 8:16 pm

    Awesome to hear Xcruiser - Always nice to hear real people give their story.


    I got a word document with calories listed on recipes I have created myself using the cheapest foods (basmati rice, beans, eggs, milk, discounted meats) - and I have ball parked the macros - of course I drink water all day, cut out the soda/alcohol/butter/mayo , etc



    And I'll be eating more protein than would be normal for weight loss programs only bc I need it to recover from the workouts which have high muscle targetting exercises and not just "to burn calories"


    But just a quick google search shows extremely large variance in recommended fat macro's for weight loss as an example so I probably won't do excel spreadsheets just yet :)


    5 minutes of searching gives 10% to 35% as a "range" for fat macro's in weight loss programs. So I usually take these articles and average it out and will ball park it to let's say 25%. Then I figure 40% protein and 35% carbs would be a decent remaining balance.


    The little research I have done makes me a believer that noobies can lose weight AND gain muscle simultaneously so after my noobie gains are gone, I'll have to figure out new diet and exercise plans.


  • 12-12-17, 11:33 am (EST)

    Decided to do the 12 week at home challenge :)

    December 12, 2017, 11:33 am

    First attempt at day 1 of legs, I came out strong in the beginning and half way through I was DONE. I couldn't feel my, almost felt like I was going to just collapse so I figured I should stop and finish the 2nd half at the end of the day. Gonna take the 2nd half slooowwwwllly.


    I haven't felt this exhausted in probably over 3 years.


    Painfully exhausted. Jeez.


    Lesson. Don't try to match Scotts speed when it's your first time LOL.



  • 12-14-17, 6:02 pm (EST)

    Decided to do the 12 week at home challenge :)

    December 14, 2017, 6:02 pm

    Russian Twist pls die a slow death. Thanks. First abs day was brutal, definitely sweating


    Legs still hurt from 2 days ago, can barely sit on the toilet I pretty sure I overworked them the first exercise , it's not injury pain just extremely tight and sore, wayyy more than I feel is normal. Hopefully I'll be able to do a slow paced leg workout tomorrow or if not I'll just skip a day I guess.


    3rd day of upper body I did today mixed with ab day, bc yesterday I had a massive migraine and couldn't think to do anything but sleep.


    Each day has that one exercise that just makes you hate life lol. And the easiest ones that feel like they aren't doing anything, well on that 3rd and 4th round, they start to kill lol





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