Push, Pull, Legs!

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Month 1
Month 2
Month 3
This program was created to not only BUILD MUSCLE, but INCREASE your OVERALL STRENGTH in you BENCH, SQUAT & DEADLIFT!

If you are a BEGINNER, start with MONTH 1. The intensity will increase as you progress and the last thing you want to do is start with MONTH 3's intensity and then not be able to move after a week of training from being ridiculously sore and quit. Remember, it takes time to build muscle and strength and you always want to train safely.

If you are more an ADVANCED LIFTER, I suggest starting with MONTH 2. You won't run the risk of becoming so super sore the first week to the point where you can't move an inch and need another entire week just to recover. Also, as an advanced lifter, your body will be able to handle the high volume of training required for the week.

Once the 12 WEEKS ARE OVER, you are going to continue with the MONTH 3 workout calendar, however you are going to need a DELOAD WEEK. This means that once you finish MONTH 3, you are going to still perform the same workouts in the same order, but you are going to drastically reduce your weights on every lift by 50 - 60%. The point of the deload week is to give your body the recovery it needs to get stronger, but still have the ability to train and keep things moving. As soon as the DELOAD WEEK IS OVER, you can choose to CONTINUE to train with the MONTH 3 SCHEDULE for another FOUR WEEKS before you need to DELOAD AGAIN. Continue this process for as long as you are using this program and seeing continuous gains!

NOTE: The "C" workouts are alternates for the "A" workouts when you finish MONTH 3. This way, you continue with the MONTH 3 schedule after your deload week and you will have different workouts to choose from.

Train hard and remember if you ever have any questions you can always comment on the workouts or post in the FORUMS!

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Been wondering for a while why you chose the 7, 7, 6, 4, 3 rep count for the strength sets. Usually I see some powerlifting rep and set count.

Scott_Herman Edit Delete Close

@darmenias I like the reverse pyramid count a bit better to still get a good amount of volume through 5 sets. Not much more, but for example you get 27 reps here instead of 25 with a 5x5. And this way you are overloading as you move through each set, rather than keeping the same weight for every set.


Hey Scott, just was curious about why these programs ave between 40-50 working sets whereas on YouTube recently you've been saying you only should be doing 15-20 working sets per workout?

nikiking Edit Delete Close

@ryanfloom he sayed 15 working set PER muscle group not the whole program.For example in the push workout you have like 10 sets for chest 9 sets for triceps and shoulders its not some retarted chest program where you do 10 incline than 10 decline exercies.Hope this helps

Scott_Herman Edit Delete Close

@ryanfloom As explained above 😊 You're always going to have more sets when you are working multiple body parts in one session. It will be the same for my full body program (more than 15-20 sets), because you're literally targeting everything, so you need lots of sets in one session. But the overall work per body part always stays roughly the same.


Hey Scott,

Just wondering what the reason is for replacing A workouts with C and not B? so for example if i wan't to change it up every 6 or so weeks, why is it that you recommend to always keep the B workouts and only alternate between the other 2? 

Scott_Herman Edit Delete Close

@baggins You can switch between all of them. I just made them as an alternate to the A workouts for people who maybe want a bit more shoulder focus instead of chest. 


Hi scott, Just wondering looking for a new workout to go with lean bulking for my first time, I've been lifting since april this year, Should I stay on the month 1 or go onto the 2nd month? I've been hitting everything mostly 2 times a week (i might hit legs 2 times a week then on the next week only hit them once) 

Scott_Herman Edit Delete Close

@username1 If you've been using this program, and you're used to hitting things twice a week, you can move on to MONTH 2 after completing MONTH 1. If you're literally just starting the program though, maybe just start with MONTH 1 so you can incorporate the circuits too and get used to everything.


Scott do you have a upper/lower routine ? I read higher frequency is better for nattys

Scott_Herman Edit Delete Close

@effen122 Not yet, but I'm in the process of making a full body program! I'll be releasing it soon! And then the next program I have lined up will probably be an upper / lower split!


Finished the Cheat and Recover program about 3 weeks ago (finally making chest gains and creating that mind to muscle connection). Im finding this push pull legs program to be really fun and exciting. Its honestly one of the best programs I have ever done I Look forward to every workout, even burpees (never thought I'd be saying that lol). 

I am using this when cutting and feel as though I'm loosing weight (hopefully more fat xD) gradually per week - weirdly getting stronger at the same time since i'm increasing the weight more or less every week. I seriously cant wait for your full body program that your planning on releasing, should I jump into that program after i finish with this program? I plan on bulking after this and really want to focus on increasing my strength while still looking like a Body Builder. or should I move to the Power Building Program? (i checked it out and it looks a bit complicated to follow, not sure if its just me).

2nd Question, now that I've finally created that mind to muscle connection on my chest and really do feel it, need some tips on activating those lats, not able to hit the lower back muscles as all other muscle groups, any tips?

Btw will be posting some transformation pictures soon to show off some results. Will be tagging you on my Instagram to recommend your programs :D. 

Scott_Herman Edit Delete Close

@milanconhye Glad you're enjoying this program, and saw great results with Cheat & Recover!! You can definitely move onto the full body program after this if you want to try something different. The powerbuilding program is good too, and not too complicated, you just have to work with percentages for your compound lifts.

Have you seen this video for back activation? That should help your mind-muscle connection with your lats! 

milanconhye Edit Delete Close

@scott_herman Thank you so much! 

Also can i clarify something with you? Month 1 and Month 2 are 4 weeks each right, so why did you say that once the 12 weeks are over move to month 3? . Also do you take the de-load week after Month 1 and Month 2 have finished or after Month 3 has finished?

Scott_Herman Edit Delete Close

@milanconhye I said once you are done with the 12 weeks, you're going to continue with MONTH 3. MONTH 3 is still part of the first 12 weeks, just that once you are finished all three months, instead of restarting at MONTH 1, you can go back into MONTH 3 after taking a deload. Make sense?


Hey Scott so I'm kind of a fiend and workout 7 days a week push pull legs push pull legs without a rest day I've been working out since I was 15 and I take creatine and other supplements to help with healing so I'm never overly sore to the point I feel like I cant get a lift in however I noticed that if I continue this cycle for 3  weeks straight that full/strong feeling in the muscles that usually comes a day or 2 later is absent and is instead a feeling of weakness and a deflated feeling. I'm on a high protein diet I do fasted workouts on the weekends and I cannot for the life of me figure out why this is happening any insight would be much appreciated 

Scott_Herman Edit Delete Close

@effen122 It's actually pretty easy man.. you simply aren't recovering enough. As a natural lifter, you need more time to recover. You need to be having an off day in there man. Even if on the 7th day you just do some cardio and abs or something like that, that would be fine. But you shouldn't be doing a full, hardcore gym routine every single day of every single week. Because as you've already experienced, you will very quickly burn out. You grow when you are resting and recovering remember, not in the gym!

Effen122 Edit Delete Close

@scott_herman even if I'm not sore I thought rest days where for when your too sore to do anything haha 

Scott_Herman Edit Delete Close

@effen122 Just because you aren't sore doesn't mean you don't need a rest day haha. If you work yourself to the point where you're literally too sore to do anything.. you probably actually went a bit too far, OR that would happen because you never too off days and didn't recover enough. I know sometimes it sucks, but you need those rest days. You can still do light stuff like I mentioned though (abs & cardio)!


if i wanted to hit each muscle group a week, do you recommend i do 

Mon-push A

tues-Pull A


thursday-Push B

fri-Pull B


Sun- Rest

Train abs 4-5x a week

My goal is to have a good set of muscle and also low bf (10)%

Scott_Herman Edit Delete Close

@benmir Well.. with that split you are hitting each muscle group twice a week.. just following MONTH 2 of the program haha. So that's a great way to set up your week if you are trying to hit everything twice per week! Having a low bf% comes down to your @mealplan!


this program for 6 days 3 days and day off and then repeat it 3 days like this i finish the first week like that right ?

or just 3 days a week

Scott_Herman Edit Delete Close

@muhmmadalsaadifit You didn't look at the calendar my bro? It's at the top of this page, on the right hand side opposite the routines 😊 


@justinmathews Glad you are loving it man! And happy to help, keep the gains coming!

Justinmathews Edit Delete Close

@scott_herman definitely I am strarting to see a lot of progress love your work out