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Push, Pull, Legs!

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Month 1
Month 2
Month 3
This program was created to not only BUILD MUSCLE, but INCREASE your OVERALL STRENGTH in you BENCH, SQUAT & DEADLIFT!

If you are a BEGINNER, start with MONTH 1. The intensity will increase as you progress and the last thing you want to do is start with MONTH 3's intensity and then not be able to move after a week of training from being ridiculously sore and quit. Remember, it takes time to build muscle and strength and you always want to train safely.

If you are more an ADVANCED LIFTER, I suggest starting with MONTH 2. You won't run the risk of becoming so super sore the first week to the point where you can't move an inch and need another entire week just to recover. Also, as an advanced lifter, your body will be able to handle the high volume of training required for the week.

Once the 12 WEEKS ARE OVER, you are going to continue with the MONTH 3 workout calendar, however you are going to need a DELOAD WEEK. This means that once you finish MONTH 3, you are going to still perform the same workouts in the same order, but you are going to drastically reduce your weights on every lift by 50 - 60%. The point of the deload week is to give your body the recovery it needs to get stronger, but still have the ability to train and keep things moving. As soon as the DELOAD WEEK IS OVER, you can choose to CONTINUE to train with the MONTH 3 SCHEDULE for another FOUR WEEKS before you need to DELOAD AGAIN. Continue this process for as long as you are using this program and seeing continuous gains!

NOTE: The "C" workouts are alternates for the "A" workouts when you finish MONTH 3. This way, you continue with the MONTH 3 schedule after your deload week and you will have different workouts to choose from.

Train hard and remember if you ever have any questions you can always comment on the workouts or post in the FORUMS!

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Hey Scott, This is another high quality stuff from you. Thanks. I am planning to run this PPL programs by hitting every muscle twice a week i.e. 6 days workout. Would you recommend performing the HIIT session and the AMRAP sets included in the program? FYI, I am 33 years old (Height-179 cms, Weight- 165 lbs, Body Fat- 12-13%), have been lifting for an year now and currently planning to lean bulk. Thanks again.


Hey Scott , what about barbell pin press .... the only safety rack i have in my gym is smith machine.So should i do there pin press or should i do normal paused bench press ? What do you think ? :)


Yes exactly it have safety holders but I was wondering is it a big problem that is it on smith machine and it's not like you are showing it -on a free bar-smith machine helps a lot with stabilization. What do you think ?Thanks a lot for response 💪🏻✌🏻


@dobrin12 Well you kind of have to work with what you've got my bro! So if the smith machine is the only way you can do the pin press, that's OK 😊 


no that is totally ok!


i`m very interested in trying out this program! i have been going to the gym steady for about 7 months now and i seem to have hit a plateau i`m hoping this switch will boost my gains back where i want them to be! i`ve been basically maintaining for the past couple months but i was wondering if this 12 week program will always be available for me to use and not be removed after a while because i don`t want to have to write everything down on paper to remember it lol  


@codydark These programs will be here for a long time ;) No worries about that.


@codydark well the program has been here for 2 years already! It's not going anywhere any time soon! But you can always download the PDFs and/or Excel sheets anyway.. it's all there so you don't have to write anything down 😊 Time to get back at it!


Hi, im a complete beginner to lifting and am kinda skinny so want to maximise muscle building and so was wandering if this routine would be good for me?. 

Many thanks in advance. 


Hi @jake41251

This program is designed to increase your overall Bench Press and Deadlift AND Muscles Mass
So yes, this program can be perfect for you. You can either follow a calendar OR, what I would suggest since you are a beginner - Train 3 day a week. Push, Rest, Pull, Rest, Legs, Rest. Something like this. What days do you train is not important. Just see what feels right for you.

Remember - the most important is your form. Especially when Bench Pressing or Deadlifting. Watch Scott's videos how to perform these exercises because, if done incorrectly, you might hurt yourself.

Besides training itself, the diet is very important. Go to Meal Planner and count how many calories do you burn in motion, and add around 500 kcal to it. That's how much you should it to incorporate LEAN BULKING

If you have any questions - ask here or create a forum thread.

Get those gainz!


ok thats great, thanks for the advice.appreciate it.


Great reply @fenistoteles! @jake41251 This routine is perfect if you're a beginner! Hit those compounds hard, get some good frequency, and let the gains begin 😁 Looks forward to seeing your progress!


Hi Scott

I saw two routines that i like: the first one is this (PPL), and the second one is the "5 days split".

i used to workout in the past, and i want to go back to the gym.

i notice that in the PPL routine it is 3 times a week for the muscles, and the rest is cardio.

the "5 days split" is jsut muscles with no cardio (or less)

is the PPL the one i should choose, and only after these three month i should move to ABC as focus only on two muscles a day?

i kinda confused about this.

is this PPL is effective at gaining muscles as the "5 days split"

in other words, what is the differences between them

thank you.


@aavichai if you look through the calendar, you'll see that frequency does increase so that you are training every TWICE per week with this PPL program. Both programs are good and effective, but if you respond better to more frequency of training, then the PPL is your best bet. The difference is the 5 Day split reduces frequency, but ramps up the volume with a lot of drop sets.

Just remember you will need to be a PLATINUM member to access all of the workouts 😊 


Are the workouts listed anywhere besides the videos? 


The breakdown I mean


@delca In the video and in video's description


@delca if you go into each workout, there is a downloadable PDF and Excell sheet with all of the exercises, as well as sets and reps 😁 


35 days in, BFP -0.6%, SMM +1.2Kg, loving this routine !


@mckenziejr awww yeah!! Perfect results so far! Keep up the great work!


Do you have to have a pc to look at the calenender?


@irishstrength Yeah dropbox isn't working properly, but it should be fixed when the latest version of the app comes out. If you leave me an email address I can email you the excel file 😊 


Hi Scott. I'm 16 and I can't afford a gym membership. My body fat is 17.1%, I'm eating (at least trying to) 2903 kcal, 238g of proteins, 369g of carbs and 53g of fat a day. My goal is to build lean muscle. I only have dumbbells at home, do you know what program I should follow? I thought I'd do the 12 week at home program but it's listed under fat loss programs. What should I do?


@danielepischiutti you should do the home program my friend! All you need for that is dumbbells 😁 As for your macros, I would cut carbs back a bit (even while bulking) and increase the fats. Try to get to at least 80g-90g of fat daily, you need a good amount of fats for healthy testosterone levels. Is 2900 calories enough for you to be gaining? At 16 I'm guessing you have a high metabolism?


Thank you Scott!😍 I don't know man, when I calculated the calories I should be eating I wasn't really sure whether I did a lot of physical activity or just moderate, since I was working out only 30 mins a day. Guess I'll eat around 3200 calories?


its a good start.  Calories is a game of seeing how you feel week to week.  Monitor your progress and adjust when necessary!


I work out on my lunch break cause i have young kids at home. Been doing the five-day split and it has been great but i need to change it up case im hitting a platuoe. Scott, could you tell me which exercise package would be best for a busy father?


@kelgoneimy What is your goal? Muscle Gain or Weight Loss?

I can recommend 12 Week Fat Loss Program. It contains 30s exercises in 20 minute real-time workout with Scott, which is also very motivating because you have a feeling of working out with somebody else.

For Muscle Gain I can recommend PPL (Push Pull Legs) program. You can adjust the schedule to do 3 workouts a week. This kind of workout takes 60-90 minutes to finish, depends on your resting periods. It might be harder to perform at Home but you can replace many of the exercises. Even adjust the whole program to replace Barbell to Dumbbell.
Similar topics were discussed in Forums Section. If you have any question go ahead and ask :)


Well.. how long is your lunch break? If you've been doing the 5-Day split, then moving to this PPL split and increasing your frequency would be a great idea. The workouts only take about 60-75 minutes to complete, but you can condense them more by doing supersets as well if you need to fit your workouts into a shorter time-frame?