Push, Pull, Legs!

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Month 1
Month 2
Month 3
This program was created to not only BUILD MUSCLE, but INCREASE your OVERALL STRENGTH in you BENCH, SQUAT & DEADLIFT!

If you are a BEGINNER, start with MONTH 1. The intensity will increase as you progress and the last thing you want to do is start with MONTH 3's intensity and then not be able to move after a week of training from being ridiculously sore and quit. Remember, it takes time to build muscle and strength and you always want to train safely.

If you are more an ADVANCED LIFTER, I suggest starting with MONTH 2. You won't run the risk of becoming so super sore the first week to the point where you can't move an inch and need another entire week just to recover. Also, as an advanced lifter, your body will be able to handle the high volume of training required for the week.

Once the 12 WEEKS ARE OVER, you are going to continue with the MONTH 3 workout calendar, however you are going to need a DELOAD WEEK. This means that once you finish MONTH 3, you are going to still perform the same workouts in the same order, but you are going to drastically reduce your weights on every lift by 50 - 60%. The point of the deload week is to give your body the recovery it needs to get stronger, but still have the ability to train and keep things moving. As soon as the DELOAD WEEK IS OVER, you can choose to CONTINUE to train with the MONTH 3 SCHEDULE for another FOUR WEEKS before you need to DELOAD AGAIN. Continue this process for as long as you are using this program and seeing continuous gains!

NOTE: The "C" workouts are alternates for the "A" workouts when you finish MONTH 3. This way, you continue with the MONTH 3 schedule after your deload week and you will have different workouts to choose from.

Train hard and remember if you ever have any questions you can always comment on the workouts or post in the FORUMS!

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Hey Scott- Love PPL, but I find that when I don't split shoulders out to its own day I lift significantly less weight. Do you think I should focus on shoulders specifically or am I getting enough from the bench press that I shouldn't worry about it? Historically shoulders have been a challenge for me.

Scott_Herman Edit Delete Close

@mwatkins17 You are still getting sufficient shoulder work, in my opinion, and the only reason you can't lift as much weight is because your shoulders are pre-fatigued from the chest pressing movements. Just means the muscle is easier to breakdown for re-growth. Less weight doesn't always mean less gains remember. BUT, if shoulders are a lagging area for you, it might be worth your time to include the C workouts into the program (or at least the PUSH C routine), so you have one day where the first movement is an overhead press where you can focus on lifting as much weight as possible.


Hey Scott, month 1 of PPL was a big success for me!  Four weeks in, I've lost 10 lbs (232 lbs to 222) while adding 20 lbs onto my PR on the squat and deadlift, and adding 10 lbs onto my PR on bench.  Excited and motivated for month 2!  Thanks for all the stuff!

Scott_Herman Edit Delete Close

@mcarlson110585 That's so awesome to hear Martin! That's great progress my bro! Losing fat but getting stronger, perfect! Keep up the good work, and let me know how things go during MONTH 2!


Hey Scott 

I am a little confused on the deload once I finish with month 3 and hit the deload week I read that it says to reduce  the weight by 50% to 60%  just trying to understand how that works like if I am lifting 165lbs I should reduce it to 135lbs for that week and also once I finish with the 3 months I just start over with the first month and going through the day routine 

Scott_Herman Edit Delete Close

@justinmathews You should reduce the total weight you are lifting by 50% to 60% for your exercises. If you're lifting 165lbs, then for your deload you would only need 80lbs or 90lbs for your working sets. If you think that cutting your weights in half would make the workouts far too light, then just reduce the weight by 20% but do less volume (less sets and reps). Once you finish the deload, you can start again at MONTH 3, or move on to a different program.

Justinmathews Edit Delete Close

@scott_herman okay great thanks so much love the program I think once I finish the 3rd month I will stick to the same program love the work outs thank you for explaining it better to me 



Scott_Herman Edit Delete Close

@muhmmadalsaadifit This is one program bro. Just download the calendar for the full structure of each month (tells you what routines are on which days, and when your rest days are). The calendar is on the right-hand side of this page, next to the routines.


@scott_herman i did downloaded before but its doesn't work with me what program make the calendar work very well thx

Scott_Herman Edit Delete Close

@muhmmadalsaadifit You just need Microsoft Excel or a similar program for it to work bro 😊 How did you download it the first time?


Hey Scott,

So the only gym that is near me that doesn't cost an arm and a leg is Planet Fitness. For the most part it satisfies all of my needs, but the only problem is that they don't have any free-weight bench/squat racks. They only have Smith (assisted) machines. Trying to bench on these kind-of gets the job done, but it's just not the same and it's also a bit awkward because the machines are at a weird angle. My question is: would I be able to replace the barbell bench exercise with dumbells, and if so would I have to tweak the workout at all since it would be a bit different using dumbells. 

Scott_Herman Edit Delete Close

@holdenstraub You can definitely use dumbbells instead of the barbell, that's totally fine. You can still do the heavy sets with the reverse pyramid rep scheme, but obviously you won't lift as much as with a barbell. As long as you're still lifting heavy enough for each rep range and increasing the weights though, that's perfect. If you're not worried about strength at all, just turn it into 5 sets of 8-10 reps of dumbbell press instead.


Hi Scott,

Could I do a combination of P/P/L (first part of week) and then when hitting the muscle groups for a second time in the week, can I use the 5 day split?  So for example use the chest program for P/P/L on Sunday then on Wednesday use the chest program from the 5 day split? 

I like the burn sets in the 5 day split and the progressive overload sets in the P/P/L.  Or I'll just use the month 3 calendar in P/P/L with the goal of gaining muscle and becoming more lean but I just wanted your thoughts.  Or am I just being overly complicated, hahaha.  Just trying to figure out ways to mix things up with different components of the programs you offer.


Scott_Herman Edit Delete Close

@bobbyjames I saw you posted this on the 5 Day Bodybuilding Split program page as well, so I responded there bro!


@nikunj1981 Nice!


@nikunj1981 how are the results coming along man?



I am struggling with some rotator cuff pain in my right shoulder after completing your 3 month PPL routine. ( I think I'm not warming up/ cooling down enough). I have started over from month 1 again but have edited the routine to try and avoid strain on that area. If you or anyone in the know can ok my changes I would appreciate it as I don't want to cause more pain/damage. The routine is as follows (PULL):

Barbell Curl

Barbell Bent over Row

Barbell Reverse Curl

Dumbell Shoulder Shrug

Cable Face Pull

Cable Wood Chops

Cable Oblique Crunch

Reps and rest times as normal. Do you think this is ok, Is there too many/few exercises or am I working certain areas too much? Thanks for any help.

Scott_Herman Edit Delete Close

@fatnfit1980 Good idea! Here's the video in case you didn't find it.

FatnFit1980 Edit Delete Close

@scott_herman thanks for the video but I'm really doubting myself at the moment. I started doing the warm up and edited PPL workout but my arm isn't getting better and I have either pulled a muscle or a hernia in my abs doing wood chops which I'm worried about. Not sure what to do. Rest for 2 weeks and go docs or carry on with lighter weights and hope it goes away. To top it off I have twisted my ankle too. Falling apart and struggling to lose weight. Fed up.😔 

Scott_Herman Edit Delete Close

@fatnfit1980 If it's that bad, don't train through it, not even with light weight. You don't want to mess around with hernias, if that's what you have. Rest and recovery is the most important thing right now. See a doctor, get it checked out. Same with your arm, the doctor can probably check that at the same time, but also maybe see a physical therapist if it's really bad. If you think it's just a pulled muscle, then rest and recovery again, while also doing the mobility exercises, but nothing strenuous. You have to listen to your body and not make things worse.


Hello Scott! I am looking for a solid routine to build some muscle, PPL seems good for starters, i am currently building my meal plan with 1.5 grams of protein and 0.55 of fat, but i feel like i'm really underweight and am a little scared of the calories consumption in the CIRCUIT days. 

What would you recommend me? 

Could you take a look at my profile?

I uploaded some photos of myself and got all the measurements info as well.. 

Thanks a lot in advance! peace!

Scott_Herman Edit Delete Close

@crawlingmonk I just responded on your profile a little earlier 😊 Just go with the same calories on your circuit days so that you are staying in a surplus! And you need to eat to grow bro - just build your calories up slowly into a surplus to stay lean!

CrawlingMonk Edit Delete Close

@scott_herman  I'll say it again, you're awesome bro, this page is helping me a lot, i'm heavily focusing on building up my calories and i'll get my platinum account and start my PPL training next week.

Thanks for your time, wish me success :P

Scott_Herman Edit Delete Close

@crawlingmonk So glad you're getting the help you need man! That's what the site is for 😊 Definitely get that @mealplan on point, and train hard! Good luck and train hard!!