Push, Pull, Legs!

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Month 1
Month 2
Month 3
This program was created to not only BUILD MUSCLE, but INCREASE your OVERALL STRENGTH in you BENCH, SQUAT & DEADLIFT!

If you are a BEGINNER, start with MONTH 1. The intensity will increase as you progress and the last thing you want to do is start with MONTH 3's intensity and then not be able to move after a week of training from being ridiculously sore and quit. Remember, it takes time to build muscle and strength and you always want to train safely.

If you are more an ADVANCED LIFTER, I suggest starting with MONTH 2. You won't run the risk of becoming so super sore the first week to the point where you can't move an inch and need another entire week just to recover. Also, as an advanced lifter, your body will be able to handle the high volume of training required for the week.

Once the 12 WEEKS ARE OVER, you are going to continue with the MONTH 3 workout calendar, however you are going to need a DELOAD WEEK. This means that once you finish MONTH 3, you are going to still perform the same workouts in the same order, but you are going to drastically reduce your weights on every lift by 50 - 60%. The point of the deload week is to give your body the recovery it needs to get stronger, but still have the ability to train and keep things moving. As soon as the DELOAD WEEK IS OVER, you can choose to CONTINUE to train with the MONTH 3 SCHEDULE for another FOUR WEEKS before you need to DELOAD AGAIN. Continue this process for as long as you are using this program and seeing continuous gains!

NOTE: The "C" workouts are alternates for the "A" workouts when you finish MONTH 3. This way, you continue with the MONTH 3 schedule after your deload week and you will have different workouts to choose from.

Train hard and remember if you ever have any questions you can always comment on the workouts or post in the FORUMS!

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Hey Scott, 

I'm 19 with a few years of lifting experience. I would say I am an intermediate lifter, but just getting back into lifting after a year long hiatus. Since I am lean and have a very active job roughly 7 days a week, I am looking to purely build muscle. My plan is to do push, pull, legs in consecutive order for about 6 days in a row with a day or so of rest. Basically no circuit workouts as burning calories does not seem to be necessary for me right now. Not a horrible idea, right?


Hey Scott, I'm new to lifting and all and new to dieting, and I think your youtube videos are probably the best online. I'm now very convinced to try push pull legs for the summer to transform! But about that push pull legs program, I don't get something. Am I supposed to workout 3 days with rest between each, or 6 days a week? For example (let's use the first month of the program);

Sunday: Push A,

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: Pull A

Wednesday: Rest Day

Thursday: Legs A

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: Circuit A

OR should it be:

Sunday: Push A

Monday: Pull A

Tuesday: Legs A

Wednesday: REPEAT Push A

Thursday: REPEAT Pull A

Friday: REPEAT Legs A

Saturday: Circuit


OR what do you think is the best way to use the push pull legs program within a typical week?


I am 15 (turning 16 on end of August), I'm a whopping 6'4, I'm skinny as heck, I still can't dunk a basketball due to my weak lanky legs. AND I'm new to lifting (only tried it for like a few days just to see how it feels like.) Would this program be a good start? and would it help to build a good basketball body?

Ahmad GAD


@jhblueorion13 my pleasure!!


@scott_herman gains guaranteed, I have never pushed myself as much as I do on this program, it feels great and very well balanced, I love it.

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

@zevarik that's what I like to hear man! A little bit of everything.. just what you need to make amazing gains!


Hey Scott, Im a 17 year old athlete looking to gain muscle mass and strength. Im 5'9, 145 lbs and have been working out casually and following your videos for a while now. Im in good shape, but im looking to up my game and really make some gains. I currently have conditioning for soccer twice a week and I'm already fairly thin so i feel that I wouldn't need to cut much fat during my weight training workouts. Which program would you recommend that I start? 

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

@s_ammy are you still a relative newbie to working out if you've only been doing it casually? In that case I would suggest this PPL program, but if you have soccer training for conditioning twice a week, then you probably don't need to do the circuits. Getting some good frequency with a PPL split will be really helpful for you as a beginner, and it's important to build a foundation of strength when you're starting too, so you'll have all your bases covered!


Hey Scott,

New member here. I love your YouTube videos. I would consider myself "skinny-fat" as I am 6'1" and 200 lb. I look skinny and I always was growing up, but having a desk job and not exercising at all has made me gain fat around my gut and legs. My goal is to loose fat and gain muscle. I'd love to get the "Captain America" look but I know that will take years of disciplined diet and weightlifting. I'd consider that my long term goal. My short term goal is to loose my belly fat, get stronger, and start growing muscle to have a good muscle base and look better in the mirror. My wife and I just got a gym membership after a year of not working out and I wanted to find a good routine to follow to maximize the time I am investing in the gym. After some research, this program looked appealing to me. I plan on following the Push, Pull, Legs 12 week program and see what happens. I've worked out on and off for years so I know what I'm doing in the gym and how to use the equipment. I've just never stayed consistent. 

Any advice for a beginner?

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

@dschweikhard hey Dan. This program would be good to kick-start your fitness journey again. If you have been working out on and off for a while, you might still have a few newbie gains left.. or even muscle memory if it has been a year between now and the last time you were working out.

So being skinny fat and 200lbs at 6'1, I'm guessing your bf% isn't too high? In which case a slight surplus would be good so that you can start adding some muscle mass to your frame which could actually help you look leaner. This program is definitely a good option too because while you're focusing on building muscle with it and a surplus, you can still have the circuits there to make sure they are lean gains (plus because they're high intensity, they're great for fat burning).

So my advice would be to just hit this program as hard as you can, but also make sure you get your @mealplan under control, because if your @mealplan is junk, then it kind of defeats the purpose of working out.


Hi scott,

I started today with push-A

My question is shoud I do circuit A and B every week or I can stick with only one ?

My main goal is to build muscle..

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

@badori16 hey Badr. The circuits are there to help you stay lean and make lean gains, or lose fat for those who are using it to cut. If you're looking to use it purely for muscle gain, and consider yourself a 'hardgainer', then once a week might be OK. If you notice you are gaining a little too much fat, you can always add the second circuit in later!


Hi Scott,

I was wondering since I've been lifting for about 2 years where 1 I've been losing weight and the other improving my physique, does that make me a advanced lifter? My 1RM for deadlift is 315, squat 225 and bench 180. Besides if this makes me a advanced lifter, does that mean i'll do the first 2 months following month 2 then after these 2 months go to program month 3 or stick to month 2 for 1 month and then go for month 3?

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

@zevarik I would say transitioning to intermediate after 2 years. I guess it comes down to how you feel personally. If you are used to training 6 days a week, you can go straight to MONTH 2. If you're not used to that much training, just start with MONTH 1 and work through the entire program. Just make sure you train hard no matter what! ๐Ÿ˜ 

zevarik Edit Delete

Alright thanks, I really like how fast your response was. Besides I've dont Push-B yesterday and it felt soo good. I did less than I usually do but higher intensity and I feel completely destroyed, feelsgoodman.

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

@zevarik you're welcome! Yeah when you first try this, if you're not used to high volume, it really kicks your butt haha. Keep it up though, and the gains will keep coming!


I canโ€™t download the 12 week calendar for  push , pull , legs :(

Jhblueorion13 Edit Delete

Thanks , finally can get started !

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

@jhblueorion13 glad you got it working! Let the gains begin!


Hi scott,

Currently been lifting for 1 month and a half, just wanted a new program would you say this should be good? I am currently on a long cut I've lost 80lb (300lb to 220lb) i still have about 40lb to lose, Would the program be fine on a cut? would i still make some newbie gains on something like this? Can you substitute the ab workouts for other ab workouts? 


Scott_Herman Edit Delete

@username1 congratulations on the weight loss man! This program can be used for a cut, yes. The circuits will actually help with that, and then you'll just need to be in a calorie deficit. As a newbie you will see gains even in the deficit, though they won't be as good as they could be if you were in a surplus. But if you need to drop some fat first that's OK, focus on that and like I say, you'll make gains. Sure you can try other ab workouts if you like, there are plenty of them to choose from on the site ๐Ÿ˜