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Goal: Muscle Gain intermediate
Primary Chest
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If you’re looking to build a bigger chest this program is for you! The exercise routine below is ideal for a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Gym-Goer to follow. Workout 1 is going to focus on building muscle / adding mass to the chest.  Be sure to push it to the limit on every exercise and if needed, grab a spotter so you can lift as heavy as possible on every set!

This routine is designed to give anyone a great workout at the GYM.

This Routine Requires:

  1. Bench
  2. Barbell
  3. Machine
  4. Dumbbell

List of Exercises:

             EXERCISE                         Sets            Rep Goal             Rest

Flat Barbell Bench Press               3 - 5                15+                 45 sec.

Incline Barbell Bench Press          3 - 5                15+                 45 sec.

Bodyweight Dip                             3 - 5                15+                 45 sec.

Flat Dumbbell Fly                           3 - 5                15+                 45 sec.

Push-Up                                             1                AMRAP

NOTE: No more than 45 seconds rest between sets (2 minutes MAX REST for beginners)

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I am planning to do this with the bigger bicep program. Hence, I have quite little time to focus on other muscle groups. So can I include tricep exercises in this program?
Im a beginner. I cant do dips 15 reps. Will it be okay if i do it for only 6 to 8 reps.And i also cant do all every exercises for 5 sets.

can i use dumbells instead of barbell

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@mathu28_ sure you can make that switch! Do you not have access to a barbell?


Hey Scott. I've only recently started with your programs. I'm busy with the Fat Loss 12 week. I live far from gym and its pretty remote. Could I incorporate this and the bicep one with the Fat Loss to get things going?

JumpSeater  Edit  Delete  Close

Great! yeah I do. I can also convert them into a barbel which helps as well.


Great workout routine, will start this from today. 

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@gt145 awesome!!! Keep us poted on your results!


Starting this plan 20 weeks before my first Mma fight

Hoping to see some good results!


ok im starting this plan and doing it along the bigger bicep one

TimeIsMuscle  Edit  Delete  Close

Awesome @nitsoul be sure to let me know how you get on with the program!