Goal: Total Body intermediate
Equipment TimerDumbbell
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Upper Body 1 is a full 20-minute dumbbell interval style workout designed to build muscle and shred fat.  The goal here is to perform as many reps as you can for 30 seconds per exercise.  Do your best to keep up with me in REAL TIME and push yourself to the limit!  If you have multiple pairs of dumbbells, keep them handy so you can make the workout even more intense!  Try to keep track of your reps on every exercise so you can keep trying to beat your own score every time you do this workout!

This routine is designed to give anyone a great workout at HOME or at the GYM.

This Routine Requires: 

  1. Timer
  2. Dumbbells

List of Exercises:

  • 30 seconds AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) per exercise
  • Rest 30 seconds between exercises and rounds

Rounds 1 & 3: 

  1. Alternating In & Out Push-Up
  2. Renegade Row
  3. Laying T-Extension
  4. Overhead Tricep Extension
  5. Alternating Shoulder Press

Rounds 2 & 4:

  1. Alternating Curl
  2. Laying Fly
  3. Bent-Over Row (Palms-Up)
  4. Lateral Raise
  5. Upright Row

IMPORTANT: Remember that your MEAL PLAN will determine 100% of your results! Be sure to check out the 8 minute demo for the MS Meal Plan.

Hello everyone!Yesterday was first Day in my 12 week Home program, it was tough but i felt so wonderful after upper body 1 workouts!Hope you enjoy too, join Platinum, you wonnt regret!Sorry for my bad English, best regards From Serbia! 👍❤️💪
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@draganserbia your English is fine my friend! Thanks so much for the support and enjoy the rest of the program! It will be your lower body's turn to feel wonderful tomorrow 😁 


Hey @scott_herman

This may sound stupid but should I feel sore the next day? I did this last night and exhausted myself to the point I could not even finish everything but then today I feel like I did nothing at all. 

This was the only workout I did and I am new to all of this but I'm worried I might not be getting out of it what I need to if the next day I feel like nothing happened. 

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@daneffler Just because you're not sore, it doesn't mean you're not making progress Dan! Check this out!


Hi Scott, greetings from England! 

I've just signed up to your website and am loving it so far - really easy to navigate and I really like your whole approach! I'm a skinny/lean guy, about 5' 9 1/2" and around 150 pounds, looking to gain around a stone in weight over the next few months. I've done all my macro calculations on your meal planner and think I need to be eating around 3000 calories (if my numbers are right!) I also play 6-a-side football (soccer 😉) once or twice per week.           

I can't get to the gym at the moment but can get some dumbbells for home, so would you recommend going for your 12 week home program to achieve the gains I'm looking for?

Cheers, Dave 😊 

daveharry100  Edit  Delete  Close

@scott_herman Brilliant, thanks for your reply man. Will get on it! 

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@daveharry100 Hey Dave! Glad you like the site man! It's going to be even easier to navigate when the app releases soon!!  If you're a beginner and in a surplus, this will definitely help you build a good foundation of muscle! And if you just have dumbbells to workout from home right now before you're able to get to a gym, then it's perfect! I would suggest eventually moving on to a gym though in order to get more progressive overload.


Ok this was day 1 for me. Only with the Laying-T-extension was uncomfortable, had to do them without weights.

Did this first day with 3kg (6.6 pounds) weight in all exercices but for next time ill see i have a second pair little heavier for some of the exercices. 

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@lex7019 Nice! It will be a movement your body adjusts to as well. Keep up the great work!

Lex7019  Edit  Delete  Close

@scott_herman Absolutely. Had my 2nd lower body yesterday evening, maybe because i do the flexibility 2 times a day now the T-extension exercise went more easily without discomfort with light weight-disc.

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@lex7019 Great work! Just work to your own strength, even if you do have to do some movements with bodyweight only to begin with. I like that you are ready to make it more intense with heavier weights for some movements already!

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Hey Scott just started this routine, trying to drop from 20 to 15% body fat. But I’m a little worried. Every time I do these work outs I feel demolished but cause it’s only 20 mins I’m worried I’m not doing enough. Do you think I should add any other work outs on top of it or no?

bigboss  Edit  Delete  Close

Curious but how many Carbs are you getting in your diet?

gregfar  Edit  Delete  Close

@scott_herman thanks Scott I’ll check out the ppl program 


I just got back in the gym this year, and already lost a good bit (40 lbs in 3 months) but the last 10 are sticky so I wanted to switch it up. I liked this routine at 20 mins as a great supplement to my workout. I had a couple of questions. One, I use this in conjunction with some other lifting (basically I do half my normal weight training routine and this which puts me right about the 1 hour was at the gym already). Do you think this is more effective (particularly as a fat burner) to start my workout or to end my work out? Also, I was using the 10 lbs, but after I got the hang of the routine I found it pretty easy to maintain a very quick pace. Should I go up in weight (15 lbs), change the duration like 45 or 60 secs per, or would it make more sense to jump straight into month 2?


Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@djtanner congrats on the weight loss man!! These are great calorie burning routines.

`1. I would use this at the END of your workout, so that you can still focus most of your energy on your weight lifting routine first. You still want to be hitting that as hard as possible so that you can maintain as much muscle as possible while cutting fat.

2. You can increase the weight or duration to make it harder, definitely. Because you're only using these as supplementary routines you could jump straight to MONTH 2.. if you think you can handle it 😉 


Do I do upper body, lower body, and and in the same day or do I alternate 

Skoojah  Edit  Delete  Close

@luccien im having the same issue, did you find a way to resolve it?

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@luccien weird.. so you don't have Excel or anything like it? Once you get the document open it has tabs in the bottom left hand corner with each month.. make sure you try going to the main page and grabbing the calendar from there. https://muscularstrength.com/12-Week-Home-Program But if you can't see it, then MONTH 1 is like this.. Start on Monday with UPPER BODY 1, Tuesday LOWER BODY 1, Wednesday ABS 1, Thursday UPPER BODY 1, Friday LOWER BODY 1, Saturday ABS 1, Sunday REST, repeat.

luccien  Edit  Delete  Close

Yea I downloaded the calendar but I got an error saying "the file format and extension of SHRED_CHALLENGE_HOME_EDITION_CALENDAR don't match. So I could not see it.


Question, when starting out, I feel that (1) I do not have the strength to do some of the exercises, especially given my current weight, and (2) neither do I have the proper endurance. Any tips, especially not yo lose motivation?

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

well maybe it might be time to switch to my cheat and recover program then? 😁 

alexaj  Edit  Delete  Close
Thanks, @scott_herman. I do 3 set of standing calf raises in 2-1-2, followed by 3 sets of seated calf raises. When seated, I also push down on the dumbbells to add extra weight. So, my calves are really not my weakest spot, haha. My friends at the gym joke that I have legs like a donkey. It is my upper body that is quite weak.
Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@alexaj definitely do some variations where you need to. If push-ups are the only exercise you can't do for this routine, just do them on your knees for now and work up to being able to do full push-ups. And if you need to do some exercises without dumbbells (just bodyweight), that's OK to. Work at your own pace and work to your own strengths. You will get stronger as you move through the program 😊 

If you prefer a weight training/muscle building kind of workout, but still want to lose fat, then the PPL would probably be best for you. There's circuits already in there to help you drop some fat, but given how much you are looking to lose, you would probably benefit from doing 1-2 extra days of cardio as well (and having your @mealplan under control too). That would give you the best of both worlds, being able to do more heavy weight training while focusing on fat loss.

If you're not already, do you calf raises slowly - something like a 2 second pause at the top, then a 2 second eccentric. That will make the exercise harder without having to increase the weight. You could also use the seated calf raise with dumbbells as a finisher after another calf movement, so that your calves are pre-fatigued and you therefore won't be able to handle as much weight anyway.


Hye. I just came al the way here from your YouTube channel 


I’ve now been doing this workout every other day for a month-and-a-half, gradually increasing the weight as I get stronger. I’m seeing a definite increase in the size of my shoulders and one of my workmates described my arms as ‘massive compared to six months ago’. Absolutely loving it, but those laying-T extensions and lateral raises are total murder!

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@lokryn always looking at the positives, that's the way to go man. If you're happier now it means you made the right choice, and it must mean there is someone better out there for you! Glad my content could help in some way 😊 Keep up the great work man!

Lokryn  Edit  Delete  Close

Thanks man - it hurt like hell at the time, but ironically it’s looking now like the best thing that could’ve happened. Yeah, I’m single again, but I’m happier than I’ve been in years, life is full of possibilities again and via your YouTube channel I’ve rediscovered my long-lost love of weight training, so it’s all good! Will take a look at Upper Body 2 next week ...

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@lokryn yes, all of the workouts that are in the home program are dumbbell/bodyweight workouts 😊 As long as you have at least one pair of dumbbells (5lbs or 10lbs work well), that's all you need for the ENTIRE program, so this will work well for you until you end up joining a gym. Sorry to hear about your divorce man.