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Goal: Muscle Gain intermediate
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Get ready to blast your CHEST, TRICEPS & ABS! This is the first workout in your 8 WEEK SUMMER SHRED and it is geared toward BUILDING MUSCLE! This workout combines high volume with my own personal creation BURN SETS! Burn sets will help you rip and tear more muscle fibers per set than ever before to ensure you are always taking your training to the next level! They also help “pre-exhaust” whatever muscle group you are targeting making the following exercises more intense as well. So make sure you give every set everything you’ve got!


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This routine is designed to give anyone a great workout at the GYM.

This Routine Requires:

  1. Bench
  2. Cables
  3. Barbell
  4. Dumbbells

List of Exercises:

                  EXERCISE                         Sets      Burns     Rep Goal           Rest


Dumbbell Bench Press                         3            3            8 to 10            60 sec.

Reverse-Grip Barbell Bench Press      3             3            8 to 10            60 sec.

Low-To-High Cable Fly                         3             3            8 to 10            60 sec.


Skullcrusher                                          3             2            8 to 10            60 sec.

Tricep Push-Down                                3             2            8 to 10            30 sec.

Tricep Pull-Down                                   3            2            8 to 10             30 sec.


Ab Pulldown                                         4             2            12 to 15            60 sec.

Alternating Toe-Touch                          4            0         20 per side        60 sec.

IMPORTANT: Remember that your MEAL PLAN will determine 100% of your results! Be sure to check out the 8 minute demo for the MS Meal Plan.

*BURN SET: The number of “BURNS” determines how many times you complete the desired rep range within 1 set.  For example, Dumbbell Chest Press (3 Burns).  Complete 10 reps with as much weight as you can, lower the weight, complete 10 reps with as much weight as you can, lower the weight, complete 10 reps with as much weight as you can THEN rest 60 seconds.  There is no rest between burns.

I was wondering what the B stands for after the sets and what that would mean? Thanks!
Hi scott,James from the uk here. Im now been in remission for a good year and finally going to get back in the gym but just wanted to say im going to follow this plan and if i feel confident enough ill post some before and after.Good work tho fella you keep it up love your stuff and motivation

Hey Scott I’m 5’7 186 just started this program, your macro calculator told me to eat 3300 calories but Im trying to lose weight atm. Do you think this is a good strat? I workout in some way 7x a week, lift 3-4x a week. Cardio almost everyday 

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@hobe1222 if that's what the calculator gave you for weight loss, yes start there. But if you're not losing weight, just reduce calories a bit (maybe back to 3000 - 3100) or until you're consistently losing weight. But if you're working out in some way every day then 3300 calories is probably about right!


Hi Scott, my gym only has one cable not a cable crossover machine, is it possible to do the low to high fly with one arm, doing the burn sets with that arm then switching to the other? Basically alternating or should I do something like incline fly instead. This burn stuff looks awesome by the way, can't wait to give it a go! :D

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@markt87 dumbbells do work too, yes! If all else fails you can stick to a regular incline bench press. It won't be quite as good as the reverse grip bench press in terms of upper chest activation, but it will still hit your upper chest pretty hard. The ab machine would be a great alternative if you have access to one!

MarkT87  Edit  Delete  Close

@scott_herman Actually for the reverse grip, would dumbbells work instead? 

MarkT87  Edit  Delete  Close

@scott_herman  Hi Scott- The one arm method you mentioned really worked, got an insane pump from it and it was intense all the way through since I pretty much switched side instead of resting. I am however having some issues with two of the exercises due to my Dyspraxia.  I find it really hard to do the reverse grip chest press, it's really hard to get the bar into position and I feel it really hard on my shoulders. I tried it with just the bar and I just find it really hard to hold the bar like that, most likely due to my Dyspraxia. Is there any alternative I could do instead of that? Another that is really hard for me to do is the ab pulldown. My Dyspraxia is making me think I'm going to topple forward every time and I can't stretch out or get the proper form with it. I've had this trouble with back extensions as well in the's something to do with looking straight down at the floor or hanging there. Can you suggest an alternative? Would weighted crunches work or ab machine? The rest of the routine was awesome, the burns were incredible and I felt like I did a lot more volume in a smaller space of time. Thanks for your help :)

I’ve seen one of your older videos saying that dropets are killing your gains. So why is this whole program based around utilizing dropsets?
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@dylanr20 did you watch that video and listen to how I explain dropsets are killing peoples gains, e.g., if they are doing dropsets WRONG 😊 

Hey Mr Herman, just downloaded the app today. Will I pay for using the app?
Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@sabelo you're a GOLD member, so no. If you upgrade to PLATINUM, that is the paid version of the app 😊



Hi Scott, so basically I do normal 3 set of 8 reps of dumbbell bench press then start my 3 burning set?
Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@jasonwinsmith no. You do 3 burns per set. So for your first set of dumbbell bench press, you would start with say 100lbs and do 8 reps. Then drop to say 75lbs and do 8 reps. Then drop to 50lbs and do 8 reps. That completes 1 SET. You then do that twice more. So it ends up being more like 9 sets total. Make sense?


Hi Scott, recently started your 5 day split program, its nice, very challenging. Could you suggest more advanced version for Alternating Toe-Touch, seems to easy without any weights ? 

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@telezypher the obvious answer is often the right answer 😅 My pleasure!

telezypher  Edit  Delete  Close

@scott_herman  Kinda obvious 😂 , will try, thanks man! 

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@telezypher that's easy man, just add some weights to make it harder then, if you have access to them which I'm guessing you do 😁


What's a good alternative to the Alternating Toe-Touch?

whoaitssyed  Edit  Delete  Close

@scott_herman I completely forgot I asked this question! It's alright I figured it out. I couldn't do them at first because my back got injured in a car accident in September. I've been following the program for 4 weeks now and the results have been amazing so far. I've made gains and my back feels so much better and stronger. Thank you!!!!!!! 

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@whoaitssyed could you just do a regular v-up instead? I'm guessing you want an alternative because you can't do the Alternating Toe-Touch yet?