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My story is nothing special.  I'm 48 years old and decided it's time to get shredded!  This is my second shot.  One my first attempt a couple of years ago I started working out and didn't see the instantaneous gains I was lead to believe would happen.  I got sucked into the "dark side" by listening to so called trainers spout their BS that they didn't even follow themselves.  After 6 months I gave up and decided the problem was me.  Then one day I stumbled across your site.  After watching your videos and listening to you explain how to build a meal plan I found the pieces I'd been missing.  I knew you where the real deal who tells it like it is.

I travel the US a lot.  I'm on the road 50% of the time so it can be a challenge keep my macros perfect.  I do the best I can.  I end up doing a lot of lifting in the hotel fitness centers and cardio in my hotel rooms.  I only stay where they have free weights and once in a while I can find a local gym close by.  When I'm home at my gym, I crush it and can't get enough.  I promote the challenge all over the US. I would love to have a Skulpt with me on the road!  I have a long way to go, but thanks to you the commitment is STRONG!

Thanks for all you do Scott! CRUSH it !


.Let me first start with saying that I'm proud to each and every one of you who post your progress here and try to make a change for a better life. Keep at it and one day, reach your goals! For myself, I actually dont quite know where to begin, but I guess i'll start with november 2014

I went out every weekends, drank alot of alcohol, smoked and used a thing called "snus", which is a little bag with tobaco that you put under your top lips. I didnt have any motivation whatsoever for lifting weights or nutrition. I just enjoyed sitting comfortably in a sofa with my pizza, smoke and snus. My new years resolution for 2015 was to change my life.

It started slowly using the typical program provided to you by any gym. At the time I trained 3 times a week. But after seeing results I longed for more. I wanted to see just how far I could manage to push myself. So I upped it to 5 times a week and lost so much weight and built muscles. But I wanted even more than that. I needed someone to show me the way. At first, I asked my dad but he was going too easy on me. So I started going to Youtube in search of someone I could use as a coach, though he wouldnt be able to actually be there at the gym with me. Thats when I stumbled across this little guy with a Boston accent. At first I was like "what is this guy even saying?", and thought to myself that were was no way in hell he could help me. But I gave it a shot, and the very first routine I used was from a video title named 

"Biceps & Triceps - NO EXCUSES - Muscle Building Workout!"

I went to the day and tried it out and the pump was just so very, very good. So I subscribed and followed him all the way to today. I lost much more weight, gained alot more muscles and the things he was saying actually made sense when I did some background check on my own. I had almost lost all faith in fitness-channels because everything I stumbled across was big guys with arms so big that they walked like a goddamn doll. So I put hard work in to each and every time I spent in the gym and the result followed shortly after.

I sincerely want to thank you for all the hard work you do for us, Scott. Everything from a small tip for more gains, to a full routine to this 12-week tranformation challenge. There is no way to thank you enough for everything you do for this community. I am not at my goal yet, but I am much closer now than I was back then. I'm at a loss of words. Thank you! Keep up the good work you do for us!

To the right: January 2015 (130kg or 288lbs)
To the left: February 2016 (105kg or 231lbs)

Current goal: 93kg or 203lbs

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Amazing results man, you are very inspiring!


@scott_herman how do we read/see the other posts?  I've reloaded the page a couple times and viewed in 2 different browsers ... 

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Nope - it was fixed about 3 week ago after y'all did some code changes to the way the pages load.  Working good now.

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Are you still having a hard time seeing the other posts @gmdgeek?


Oh man, where do I start?  

Well, I was always one of the fat kids growing up.  At least until high school where I got to play football, then all of a sudden my size came in handy.  I started high school at 270 pounds as freshman, and went up 20 pounds every year from there.  Except for senior year, I believe I only went up by 10 pounds that year.  

So, yea, life started out pretty crappy before I could play football, but through high school and college things got pretty sweet in regards to my size.  When you have college coaches drooling over you and people saying how you're gonna play in the NFL some day, it's hard not to feel good about yourself.  

Great story so far, surely I eventually played in the NFL, made lots of money, and lived happily ever after, right?  

Not quite, in fact, not like that at all.  By the time I got into my second year of college I became really comfortable about my life.  If you've read the book Mindset The New Psychology of Success, you could say that I had what the author called a "fixed mindset." If you haven't read it I HIGHLY recommend it.  It's easily one of the best books I've ever read on the topic of learning and personal development.

Anyway, once I felt that I was set on my path to my ultimate goal, AND people told me I had the talent to make it, I stopped putting in the effort it took to get me there.  All of a sudden my success became a result of my "talent" and not my hard work.  In high school we didn't even have weight training as part of our football training.  All the weight training I did was mainly part of my weight training class.  A class where I was one of the few people that used the time seriously.  I remember QB sleeping on one of the benches most days in class.  Yet, somehow in college I only did as the coaches instructed and I began to despise practice and weight training because it took away from my gaming sessions.

So, after playing football at 2 colleges, and becoming ineligible to play, not having the passion for the game, I dropped out.  I was only really interested in the actually education part of college.  

Uh oh, I guess it's back to just being a fat guy again.  

After seeing what some of my coaches turned into I knew that I didn't want to go down the same path.  It wasn't just coaches either.  You see many linemen in college, and probably in high school, eat however they want.  So, you take them away from the game, and they're likely to sit most of the time and still eat what they ate when they played.  Obviously this is a bad combination.  I was at least forward thinking enough to know that eventually I would need to figure out a way to drop the weight.

I dropped out of college in 2007, and since then I tried most things in the book.  I didn't try everything, I didn't try Weight Watchers for one.  I did gain some success in weight loss going vegan and doing some cleanses and fasting.  That weight all ended up coming back though.  

At the end of 2009 I moved from Maryland to Massachusetts to live with my girlfriend.  Between then and 2014 I became more and more detached from any sort of healthy eating.  What ended up really making me want to change things around was when I went to Vietnam on vacation.  i didn't even want to go at first, but it was the greatest vacation of my life.

The downside was I really took time to look at just how out of shape I was.  I was huge again.  Only now I didn't have much muscle under the flab.  Something had to change.

Fast forward to the beginning of 2014, and I was ready to go.  I started's transformation challenge.  "Surely winning 50k will motivate me to drop the weight."  Nope.  My bad habits were still going strong.  I missed days in the gym very easily, and I was going to get fast food at almost every meal.  

The following year things got a little better.  I was at least good about hitting the gym regularly.

This year, though, this year it happens.  I can just feel it.  I got everything down, the abs are coming.  I can't say exactly when they finally show, but I have to say I'm surprised by the progress I'm making so far.

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I actually didn't get in most of the goods I wanted to put in here.  For some reason I kept wanting to put in a lot of early life details, but really it's been the past few years that have had the biggest impact.  It just got close to midnight so I ended up rushing the last parts.  It's all good though, I'll eventually put my whole story down on paper.

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I am very proud of you James and your outlook on life is inspiring.  One thing I liked best about training with you is that you are up for anything.  You push yourself to the max and hold nothing back.

You are looking like a Monster bro... please don't stop.. I may need a bodyguard one day :-D

See you soon bro!


My name is Zycco Worrell but i known as Mr Blueprint due to Figure Blueprint my personal training company. Where do I start, i started this journey 5 years ago, when i was depressed had allot going on in my life at the time at the time trying to adjust to university life as well as being a father to a new born. 

My girlfriend was also going through something called baby blues which is a case when you don't want your baby. So as you could imagine there was a allot of pressure trying to be the best man i could in three difficult situations. I was only 18 so i felt like i was not even a man yet still felt like this was the age to have fun. 

For the next 2 years i felt like the whole world was on my shoulders, i found God and started praying and going to church and i heard all these brave people telling their confessions and my heart open i saw light. Then my girlfriend Dad said your looking a bit thin son, then in that moment i decided to start researching and looking at figures that appealed to me. The bigger physique, i started doing my research and found out to get bigger you need to eat. I loved food so i'm blessed that part came easy. When i started i was 65kg. 

5 years later and now allot more calmer and not depressed anymore, i have created the person i visualised, a much calmer soul with positive attitude with the motivation to one day inspire as many people with my story by becoming a motivational speaker about health and wellness finding a better you spiritually, mentally, physically and nutritionally.

I started this challenge because I kept saying i was going to create a program and kept procrastinating then after watching your videos i jumped at this opportunity because i wanted start the new year with a bang and push my body using someone's else's structure. 

So thank you Scott for bringing this opportunity as i believe this could be the continuation of my beautiful journey called life.



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Thank you so much Scott i really appreciate you taking the time to read my story, and for the lovely word of encouragement can't wait for the call i will email you now. :)

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Wow Zycco, I never knew you were a Dad.  That just blew my mind and at such a young age.  If you can accomplish all this and be a Dad, you are destined for great things.

I would really like to get more from you on the site to help you grow your business.  Email me so we can set-up a phone call.


This is January 17th on the left, andtoday, February 6, 2016. Loving the gains! Shoulders are coming in, arms are growing, chest growing! I am loving the Shred Challenge!! Thanks Scott, you're awesome!


For most of my life, all the way up to 2010, I weighed 250 pounds. At 6'2", I was nearing a 44" waistline. Part of what got me this way was many difficulties in my life, a lot of stress, and it just kept getting worse. In 2007, I was diagnosed with 2 herniated discsin my lower back, causing excruciating pain and causing me to struggle to walk upright after sitting for just short periods. 


In 2010, I had some major changes in my life, leading me to extreme financial and emotional difficulty. One result ofthis was extreme weight loss, which most people would be happy about. I, however happy about the loss of weight, was not so happy with the fact that it happened to me because of the amount of food I had gone down to. Being single with my 3 children, I had to make ends meet and put my kids needs before mine. I would eat the same portion of food as my kids so they would have enough to eat, and sometimes I would go without. It was a very rough patch. So needless to say, the weight loss was not healthy. I lost 75lbs in around 6 months, was down to 175lbs.


In 2012, I made another huge change in my life, a totally new career path that would allow me to spend more time withmy children. This job would also be more sedentary that any previous jobs because it was an office job. I knew I needed to join a gym because I didn't want to go back to the weight I was at before. Because my financial situation improved with my new job, I could afford to join a gym, more food for me and my kids, and then the passion began. Not only did I start a new job, and a gym, but also started college! 


My back began to feel much better, and the pain eventually went away as my strength increased. In 2014, I competed in my first online fitness competition, the Rock Hard Challenge 2014. I placed inthe top 30 of all of the challengers! I was hooked from there!


I have been going to the gym for 5, 6 or 7 days a week for the last few years. I then met several great people at the gym I go to and one was a trainer. She encouraged me to enter the Tahoe Show, a bodybuilding competition. She helped me understand what was needed to be successful. I did my first show, the Tahoe Show, in August 2015 with the help of the trainer, a new posing coach I met shortly before the show, as well as local business sponsors. I also had the support of my friends and family. It was an amazing experience, which I am training to do over again in 2016! This year, I am participating in the NPC Nevada Championships and the Tahoe Show! All of Scott's workouts, including the Shred Challenge, the Lean Muscle System, as well as the YouTube videos, were critical to my success so far.


I continued to pursue fitness because Iwanted to show my kids that, no matter what challenges you are faced with, if you work hard, and with a lot of passion, you can accomplish anything. As a single father, full time HR professional, full time student, and now a gym nut, I had a lot going on and still do. In 2015, I joined the board of my kids local football league. This was a lot of work, added to a full schedule, but I still managed to go to my kids field trips, all football practices and games, and anywhere else we could all go together, including vacation to Canada for their first time!


During the Shred Challenge so far, I have seen awesome gains and the workouts are amazing! I am really loving the gains I have seen. Loving the gains in my chest, back, shoulders and arms! I met Scott at Mr. Olympia 2015 and he was such a great person! Took a couple of minutes to talk to me, even though the BSN booth was so busy, but Scott was very genuine, this helped inspire my fitness journey more than ever! 


More challenges ahead, and I look forward to them!

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Single Dad with 3 kids?  Going to college? Sacrificing food to make ends meet.  Sounds more like Father of the year!  It was an honor to meet you at the Olympia my friend and I am so grateful that you put so much trust in me and my programs/site.

You are making amazing progress and reguardless of this content, if you ever need any help with your show prep please don't be hesitant to ask.

Keep up the great work!


My name is Brilliant ad I'm in first year university studying kinesiology, so granted this is my field.
I started this challenge because I want to learn and experience various fitness and health philosophies such as bodybuilding, power-lifting, calisthenic, etc. I'm doing the bodybuilding phase at the moment and this challenge accommodates it very well. I believe that the body is an amazing creation and I'm not taking it for granted.

I also started doing this challenge because of my best friend. I know that exercise physiologically promotes mental health wellness so I would invite him whenever I worked out. He has been struggling with depression to the point where he has recently excluded the closest people in his life including me. I would use the proceeds to aid him any way I can.

I am grateful for life; I know what my body is capable of doing. I know that at the end of this challenge I would be happy and would have greatly benefited from it but I want someone to share it with me.

Thank you for taking your time!

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Hey Brilliant, you are looking great my friend!  Depression is a serious issue and I am glad you are doing your best to bring your buddy to the gym.  The gym will help him set goals and work out some stress and be around people, which is what he needs right now.

You are a good friend, most people wouldn't bother.

If you are studying kinesiology and looking to learn more.. you should send me an e-mail.  We are always looking for educated content providers for our site and what better way to improve your knowledge base than doing research and writing articles? :-D

I would like to help you any way I can.  Here is my email


Jan 3, 2016 - 192.7lbs

Feb 6, 2016 181.9 lbs

I'm not so sure my story is as inspirational as some of the others on this page, but here it goes!


I graduated college in 2012 and landed a job as a Software Engineer.  The desk job did a number on my health... By November 2014, I weighed in at a whopping 307lbs with a 52in pant size.  Impressive, right?  My girth has explored new vistas and I had never felt worse in my life.

It was November 1, 2014 that some of my family members were diagnosed with Diabetes.  I was already experiencing some of the same symptoms they had.  I knew I was headed down the same path and I needed to do something before it was too late.

I joined a Crossfit gym owned by several fellow Engineers and took my first steps into the world of fitness.  At first I began eating with a Paleo/Zone mentality since that's what the trainers at the Crossfit gym advocated.  By New Years of that year(Jan 1, 2015), I was down to about 280lbs and could do a single kipping pullup and several pushups.

I started watching Scott Herman's Youtube channel along with several other fitness gurus and wanted to learn everything I could about fitness and dieting from people who knew what they were talking about.  I steered away from the Paleo/Zone mentality and began experimenting with more modern dieting techniques that I found on Youtube... Intermittent Fasting, Calorie Tracking(BMR and TDEE), and Carb cycling.  By tracking everything, I found that I could lose about 2lbs a weeks consistently.

Scott Herman's Contest

By Jan 2016, I was down to from 307lbs(52in pant size) to 192.7lbs(36in pant size).  I came across the Shred Challenge on Scott's Youtube channel and decided it was the perfect thing to kick up the intensity and REALLY get into shape.  I began incorporating Scott's workouts alongside my diet and started getting amazing results.

I'm currently 181.9lbs with a 34in pant size and have gained a great deal of strength from Scott Herman's workout programming.  For the first time in my life, I can do weighted pullups, weighted dips, and weighted planks!

We're only 4 weeks into the Shred Challenge and I can't wait to see how everyone looks by April!

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Wow @cursed180, I had no idea you were already doing weighted pull-ups and dips!  That is impressive!

Also, don't put yourself down bro!  An inspirational story doesn't have to have tragedy or be a tear jerker.  I am sure there are millions of people who found themselves in the same position as you and to see that you could make a change would inspire them to try.

Keep up the great work!  Keep those gains coming!

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@doctor7 I haven't even thought about it... I figure I'll keep cutting til this contest is over, then see how things are.  I'd like to get a dexa someday.

How about you?  You seem to be making great progress and track everything so in depth.  What are your goals?

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Awesome man! What's the goal weight? Where do you want to level off? 


To talk about how this challenge has helped me, I must take you back to that breaking point where I need to make a change.  For most of my adult life, I have struggled with weight issues and low self esteem because of it. My weight has been as high as 260lbs and I was taking blood pressure medicine at the age of 38.  In 2014, I decided to start cardio kickboxing at the studio that my daughter attends so that I could improve my health.  At first, I was really struggling to keep up and I could not breath during these exercises.  The instructor would have the class perform 10-20 burpies and it felt like climbing a mountain.  I was happy just to do 10 and call it a good class.  However, I kept working and started to enjoy the class.  The other class participants were very encouraging and so this kept me going.  Over the next year, I was happy, sore, had some minor injuries at times however not really seeing gains nor the progress that I though I would. 

During this time in 2015, I was really stressed out at work.  Our Human resource manger was fired, my boss was fired and I was working 14-18hrs per day to help with all the transitions.  The stress was overwhelming and I had the feeling that I was the next one to be released.  Keep in mind, I have had wage increases and high reviews for the last 6 years, however I did not feel that my position was secure which added to my stress.  I forgot to mention, I am a stress eater and during this time my eating habits were Sonic, McDonalds, Fried chicken from the gas station or sometimes nothing at all.    

On July 15th, I was fired from my Job.  I have been in manufacturing for over 20 years and have never been fired nor terminated.  I take pride in my work and knowing that I try to make a difference everyday.  During my termination meeting, I stated that they were doing me a favor, that I was not going to quit nor give up but it was affecting my health.  Not eating correctly nor sleeping and the overwhelming stress was taking a toll on my health.  I look back and feel that God had a different purpose for me and that being in this environment was not my path. 

July 30th 2015

After my release, I went through several stages of grief.  I mean I worked with so good people and with in a matter of minutes, I lost my work family.  I went from anger, (getting rid of any company products) to depressed that what could I have done better.  Second-guessing my actions, my work, and my relationships with other managers….  It was a hard time, I felt ashamed and depressed.  Extend family was asking why was I home, or how was work and I just stated that I am no longer working for company X.  I felt like I had a scarlet letter on that some how I was being treated differently because of my work status.  I may not have been however that was my feeling and I was getting depressed.   I did not want to sink into a deep depression and started a new focus.  I figured that If I was going to get a new position, I need to change my position.  My new focus was on my health.  I figured that I could set goals, and try to improve my current health maybe stop taking blood pressure medicine.

Along on my journey was the support of my classmates at the cardio kickboxing class.  I stated to talk to one of the instructors and told him what happen and that I want to take my time off and work on me. I will call him Mr. X.  Mr. X created a workout plan and diet for me to follow.  The workout plan was intended for me to use dumbbells that I had in my house and he also gave me some extra abs work.  I was seeing improvements however I was starting to max out on my weights.  Mr. X was also improving and landed a new job as a trainer for at our local Gym.  His time was starting to get full and he did not have time to help me with a workout plan.  He was starting a new year, getting several new clients, and could not spend as much time on new workout plans for myself.  I decided to join a local gym and started using some of the workouts found on the Internet. In December, Mr. X recommended that I enter the shred fitness challenge.   That this guy, Scott Herman, was a beast and that there were really cool prizes.  I was really looking for a better workout routine and did some research on youtube  Scott Herman.   After that, I joined the Hermanation and I am glad that I did. 

I really started to dive into the website and the community.  I have learned so much from the Hermanation and others who I see at the Gym.  I even wrote a story on the website about using a way to remove other weights for the deadlifting bar.  I have also learned that it is best to secure the bars on squat rack if you are doing to perform barbell pin press.  (yes the bars came out of the squat rack and so went my weight)  Opps.  

I still struggle with Macros and making sure I eat correctly.  I have made improvements however, I know I can do better and I learn so much from the other participants.  My weight has not changed drastically since the start of the challenge, starting weight 235lbs and now about 228lbs.  However, the changes in my physical appearance has been rewarding.  I now went from 40 pants to 36 size.  The 21 pants that I could not wear because I was too fat are now becoming the pants that are way to big.  That is a nice reversal.  I get compliments from people that have not seen me in awhile and ask what am I doing. 

Along with my appearance changing my abilities have gone up.  At the start of the challenge, I was deadlifting 155lbs now I am up to 315lbs.  My bench was 155 for 8 reps, now 205 for three reps. Squat was 215lbs up now to 275lbs.  I really can see a difference at my cardio kickboxing class, where in one class we performed 125 burpies during the 45min class.  I am really pushing it in class and feel that I can be a positive role model for others the class.  One of the instructors told me that, I am a great example of what hard work inside and outside of the class.   

Lastly, I think my attitude and personal outlook has changed as well.  In the gym, I can push my limit, even fail at a weight however I know I am making progress.  I don’t listen to nor engage in negative talk or attitude.  I feel that the depression and feels of losing my job are now long gone and it must have shown.  I just started a new job on Monday and feel great about the organization I am with.  A new start on life, new attitude and just turning a real negative time in mylife to the most rewarding and learning.  Soon to be 42, and I am in the best physical and mental shape of my life.


At this point, I am wining.  I drive to be better than who I was yesterday.  If I continue, I will win for years to come.  



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that is all it is! Insulation! :-D  You will get there my friend!

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Thanks @scott_herman for the words of encouragement.  Last night, at my kick boxing class we were streching standing against a wall while raising a straight leg towards the ceiling.  The instructor made a comment about how my hamstrings were just bulging out of my legs.  I felt great. My legs never have looked so great.  Next pictures, I will have to show them off. 

 Can't wait to get rid of my pony keg for that sixpack.  :)  I know it is in there, it is just covered with a think layer of insulation.  

Thanks again.  

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Wow @umrdemp, the top photo compared to the bottom photo look like two different people!  You look so much younger now!

First off, please tell your trainer friend thank you for bringing you to me.  I am honored he said such nice things about me.

In life, things happen.. crazy things we don't expect... but one thing I have learned is that even if it is something we consider "bad" it is happening for a reason to push us down the right path.

Looks like you were able to change your whole life because you were let go from your job.  It was a blessing in disguise.

Don't be discouraged by the slow weight loss.  It looks like to me, with the amount of weight you are lifting, that you are gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time.  So the number on the scale isn't the most accurate if you lose 20lbs of fat and gained 15lbs of muscle.

Keep up the amazing work and I can't wait to see those shredded abs!!!


January 1, 2016February 5, 2016

Scott and the natty nation,


I first off all want to start off by commemorating howgreat of a process you all have done who have posted here for this challenge;you are all truly inspiring not just me but others in the community as well.


But anyhow, I also joined the 12-week transformationalchallenge. I was, not more than 3 years ago, a teenager who smoked, eatunhealthy on a daily basis and couldn't possible run longer than a mile withoutcollapsing. I was 190 lbs. and chubby but not really fat. I one day forcedmyself to change that. I stopped smoking, and started taking 6 mile powerwalksevery single day while fasting myself, i.e., my calorie intake was dangerouslylow. Nonetheless, I lost 40 pounds in a few months, and I was extremely skinnyat 150 lbs. and 6.2 feet. Can you imagine?


I decided, however, to get a gym membership because Iwanted to stay lean while building muscle because obviously muscle mass wasalso lost in my weight loss. Side note, new scientific studies have shown thatis possible to loose body fat while maintaining and even growing muscle duringweight loss. I started of not knowing how to do anything, I didn'treally have anyone I could turn to for help either. But in our technologicaldays, there's the internet that can do much if not everything for us. Istumbled upon Scotthermanfitness on YouTube, and I like to think that from the3 years I have followed Scott and been on the grind myself, 75% of my knowledgeshould be credited to him. But, fitness is all about trial and error: whatworks best for Scott may or may not be the best for me, and so I have try somany things and I keep on trying new things because that is what makes it allexciting. I gained weight, nonetheless, with my training, hitting the gym 5-6days a week and some cardio in addition to that. I began to run 6 milers like apiece of cake, straight of bed without carbohydrates in the system. And sincemy turning point, I have never looked backed nor felt better.


I am an open-minded guy, and so when I heard aboutScott releasing this program in January, I made sure to be one of the first tosign up. I worked on strength in December and gained a few pounds while on alean bulk. However, I felt a little bit uncomfortable in my body after theholidays and so when the challenge started, I decided to cut for a few weeks,and then jump on a clean and lean bulk for the 10-8 weeks that was left of thechallenge. It was successful to say the least, my diet has been very good, butthe program itself deserves some significant credit. I love circuits, but Irarely if ever did them before the program, but now mixing it up with my highvolume/strength training, I feel like I can stay shredded while gaining muscleand weight. I am 179 now, and plan to hit 195 or so by the end of the program.Progressively adding calories per day, adjusting protein, fat and carbs to myworkout as well as how my body response to the nutrients.


 I live in New York City and go to college here,and on breaks, I occasionally go back to Sweden which is home to see friendsand family. I am so determined to succeed with my gains, not just for a greatphysique but because it is a better version of myself, someone who is cleaninside out and who takes care of himself. I am so tired of the philosophy ofjustifying feeding kids or whoever crappy food and to remain inactive, and thenacting as if it is a surprise when they later on suffer from a cardio vasculardisease or some other life threatening disease because of a reckless lifestyle.We should all indulge ourselves occasionally, I am not saying otherwise, butpreventing a long list of illnesses and diseases while feeling the best you canever feel about your body; you cannot put a price on that. However, what youcan put a price on is the hundredths of thousands of dollars in hospital feeslater on from neglecting a healthy lifestyle. I hope everyone in this communitylook at themselves and say that: I have done a good job, I will keep on doingso, and if I get the chance I will try to inspire someone out there who wasjust as me 3 years ago, an unhealthy smoking teenager who knows what could havegone as far as killed me. I saved myself, but the most important thing is toencourage everyone to do the same. Each and every one in here has in some waybeen saved, don't fall out, and if you can, save someone else too.




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Thanks Scott!!! I missed out so many things in this post, but I will keep being active in this community to share my story and knowledge.

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Wow Gustav!  6'2" at 150lbs!  I had no idea!!!

But I must say your progress is great!  You are on track and really filling out well.  I am proud of you my friend and I agree with you about kids.  Something changed and for whatever reason kids are given whatever they want (candy and fast food) and we are letting them destroy their bodies.  But I know with the rise of fitness and the information from the internet we can help end this.

Keep up the great work!!!