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Location: pretoria Gender: Male Neck: 42 cm Chest: 112 cm Goal: Gain Muscle Forearm: 32 cm Hip: 96 cm Age: 41 Calve 42 cm Shoulder: 123 cm Height: 1.74 m Arm: 39 in Waist: 105 in Weight: 91 kg Thigh: 64 cm Body Fat: N/A%
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I had 2 osteotomies done on both my tibia and had 6 arthroscopies, due to a life fulled with too much rugby, squash, tennis etc, but especially the contact sports and road running. Have to strenthen my muscles otherwise i'm goona get knee transplants one day. hopefully not soon. If I can get to the gym. life as a gp makes time for gym very limited

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