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12 Week Transformation Challenge

The challenge has ended but a new one will be coming very soon!
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I'm trying to find the calendar for the summer shred challenge. I had the calendar for the first month but can't find it anymore. I know it's not challenge time but I like following the program. 


Hey Scott!  yeah we changed the location of the programs so we could separate them!  @uther9 has the correct link above!





Chest: 46 to 48
Arms: 15 to 15.5
Forearms: 12 to 12.5
Shoulders: 51 to 55.5
Hips: 44 to 46
Neck: 16 to 17

Bodyfat went up by 1%

Until the new work out Contest comes out I am going to focus on the weight loss routine at least once or twice a day....  sometimes back to back.  This last 2 months I did the 5 day shred.  I feel that my body doesn't have issues gaining muscle but losing weight...  So, I am going to try to lose the weight first...  Not to worry (Cause I know all of you reading this will be biting your nails worrying) I will hit the gym a few times a week and eat all my protein so I don't lose what I gained.  I am cutting my calories from the 2600cals that @scott_herman had me on to about 1800 more if I need it.  I'm keeping a 500-1000 cal deficit.  I also bought a Chisel to keep track of my Bodyfat... currently, I'm starting at 27%.

It is my opinion that anyone that is not Skinny Fat and has an Endomorph, mesomorph or a combo of the 2 should focus on losing weight by tracking your body fat. The Chisel will do this as well as track any muscle loss.... If I see significant muscle loss I will be adjusting for this. 

Am I a trainer?  No, but everybody is different and I know my body! Lol.  

@scott_herman hurry up with the winners and getting the new program up.  I signed up for the wait list so I can eat 2600 cals again!  :)       


hey scott i live in sudan .. i really like you i want to use your 12 week shredded porgram but as maybe you know we dont have paypal or visa or anything to give you money ....i feel very emprassed to post this but i just cant be plantinum 


Just following suit and re-posting...

I have been with over 7 trainers attempting to get some results.  I only saw results with my first trainer but just in weight loss and no muscle mass gains.  Every trainer after that was a bust and I say that because I saw better results when I was training myself.  Though, like everyone else, I would hit a wall.  The start of this year I wanted to try again and while researching fitness routines, nutrition cardio etc. I ran across Scott's videos among others.  Scott and one other online trainer were at the top on who I was going to follow as they both have similar challenges.  The difference was Scott's personality was genuine and his challenge wasn't going to cost me $200 bucks.  Scott's was free, a little more for a platinum membership, compared to what I already spent on previous trainers it was a drop in the bucket.  

So I started a month late.  I gave it all I could for 2 months and the pics are below.  (Sorry, lost my starting measurements) but I know the largest increase was chest and shoulders.  Weight increased by 5lbs.  215 - 220.  I don't see the difference unless I'm wearing clothes lol.

After Pics 



My transformation testimonial (re-posting as it got deleted in the website rollback, glad I originally wrote it in a Word doc and had it saved on my comp haha):

Hey guys,

So I’m 6’5” tall and last year around this time I only weighed 170 lbs, pretty light for someone as tall as I am. I’ve gone to the gym on and off over the years, sometimes only one day week, sometimes 3 days a week, but never really made any real gains and I’ve always been unsuccessful at putting on mass. Around the start of May last year I came across Scott’s meal plan video (which was actually the very first video of Scott’s I watched and how I learned about this site)and finally figured out how important calorie surplus is for gaining mass, or should I say I actually made an effort to eat enough for once. From May to December I managed to bulk up from 170 lbs to 186 lbs. This was great and I was happy with my progress but I was definitely putting on more fat than I wanted to so at the start of the year I decided to join the 12 week challenge to try and add a little more definition to my body. My goal has still been to bulk but I have been trying to go for more lean gains and bring that body fat down a little. Over the course of the challenge I managed to go up another 6 lbs and I am currently at 192 lbs. Even with the extra mass I think my body looks much leaner than it did before.

I have really enjoyed the 5-day bodybuilder split routine, the 5 day routine fit very nicely into my weekly schedule. But oh man... those burn sets… I have never had a routine as intense and tiring as this. In fact, I often don’t have a plan at all… this alone contributed to much more productive workouts. But my body has definitely adapted to the routine over the 3 months, I can recover much more quickly, my forearms are no longer on fire the entire time, and even though I had to drop the amount of weight when I started I have been able to bring it back up.

I’m excited to switch things up now that the challenge is done and try a different routine. Hopefully give my muscles a little shock now that they are getting used to this one. I also plan on cutting over the next few months. This is something I have never tried before, mostly because I never felt like I had any weight to spare. But after everything I’ve learnt from Scott and everyone here I believe I can do this efficiently without losing my gains. This challenge has really sparked a new passion for fitness and given me a taste of what hard work, determination, and patience can do. My eating habbits have changed a lot and I’m now an expert at baking chicken and cooking sweet potatoes! I’m very excited to see what comes next!


A Readers Digest version of what I had originally posted........

Doing this 90 Day Challenge has re-energized me more than Scott knows, and his responses have kept me on track.  In January I purchased new pants for a wedding that was on April 1st, and I could not even button the pants when I bought them.  But, I knew that with Scott’s motivation (and this group), I would be able to drop the weight, as I have, and fit into them.  I went to the wedding looking pretty danged good, and of course, ate up all the compliments….hahahaha.  I am back to walking around with my head held high (well, some would refer my walk to be cocky again….LOL) and not ashamed to take my shirt off at the pool.

Hoping now that this challenge has completed, to stay on course, continue my routine and stay in shape as best I can.

Thanks Scott for allowing me into your circle, much appreciated.


My challenge testimonial:

The last 3 months went so fast!

This challenge really help me to break plateus in my fat loss. I trained a lot in the past but I was never able to go under 12% body fat. Since 3 months, I put more attention in my calorie intake and I put everything in MyFitnessPal and I do more cardio session in the evening.

It is not easy all the time to stay on the track and go to trained at 5am but I come everyday on this site to help me to stay motivate.  Read the comments of the other guys with the same goals and Scott was really helpful.

My weight 196 to 186 (now 184) 

My bodyfat 12% to 10%

In same time, my lifts went up:

Bench 265 to 315

Back squat 355 to 405

Rack pull 585 to 815!!

The Cheat n recovery method is a game changer in my training, I gain a lot with that!