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Location: Preston, England, UK Gender: Male Neck: 39 cm Chest: 105 cm Goal: Lose Fat Forearm: 30 cm Hip: 116 cm Age: 29 Calve 45 cm Shoulder: 135 cm Height: 6'3" Arm: 38 cm Waist: 99 cm Weight: 116 kg Thigh: 75 cm Body Fat: 25%
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My name is Jacob. I'm 27 years old and I'm a fan of Muscular Strength. I have a bit of experience in the gym as I have worked out on and off for many years but I have lacked consistency. I am quite competitive but I don't make the time to play sports as much as I would want. My goal is to lose body fat because I want to be able to fit into all my clothes. I have a naturally muscular build but most of my fat is in my thighs, glutes and belly. I am a bodybuilding fan but personally I would simply like to be able to wear 36inch trousers again and just look athletic and feel good about myself when I look in mirror.

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