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  • Posted On: 08-22-19, 7:52 pm (EDT) #1

    Don't see as much muscle gainz

    August 22, 2019, 7:52 pm


    Ive been going to the gym consistently for a year now (I was badly "cutting" for about four months") but dont see as much muscle gains. I recently modified my routine because I think I was doing too much in the gym. I have a 4-day upper/lower routine. Please let me know if this routine is fine. Thank you.

    1. Age  - 33
    2. Height - 6ft
    3. Weight -  175lbs
    4. Bodyfat % -  dont know,prob 10-15%
    5. Goal (Muscle Gain, Weight Loss, Strength Gain, etc) - muscle gain
    6. How long you have been exercising - this month I turn one year in the gym. (four of those months I was "cutting") 
    7. Daily calories  - 2700
    8. Daily macros in grams (protein - 175g, carbs - 350g, fat - 75g) 



    upper body 

    Bench press 4x12

    Incline bench press 2x12

    Wide grip pull-up 3x8-10

    Barbell row 3x12

    Barbell curl 2x12

    Rope tricep extension 3x12

    Side lateral raise 3x12

    Dumbbell shrugs 3x12


    Lower body

    Squats 4x10

    Leg press 3x10

    Leg extension 2x10

    Standing calf raise 3x10

    Stiff leg Deadlifts 3x10

    Dumbbell side bend 3x10

    Leg curl 3x10




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