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  • Posted On: 11-14-13, 6:47 pm (EST) #51

    If you were a Superhero.....

    November 14, 2013, 6:47 pm

    My superpower- ability to control/summon elements to prevent or cease natural disasters and it's devastating damage. My person would be my nephew, Ben. I'm already his superhero and he is my sidekick!

  • Posted On: 11-14-13, 7:03 pm (EST) #52

    If you were a Superhero.....

    November 14, 2013, 7:03 pm

    I'd be George Clooney with teleportation. That way, I'd never age and could teleport all around the world to show people how darn classy and devileshly handsome I am. I'd protect all the ladies of Hollywood, as I'm pretty sure Clooney's one weakness is a lack of beautiful women...and maybe scotch. 

  • Posted On: 11-14-13, 7:17 pm (EST) #53

    If you were a Superhero.....

    November 14, 2013, 7:17 pm

    My super hero power would be the abiltiy to tell people what to do and they must obey.  I would use this power to tell people how to lift and eat properly and they have no choice but to listen and follow my directions.  I could train anyone with these powers.  My damsel in distress would be anyone wanting to have a fit and health lifestyle.  I would also use this power to tell Scott Herman pick me as a winner and have him send me the supplements.

  • Posted On: 11-14-13, 9:43 pm (EST) #54

    If you were a Superhero.....

    November 14, 2013, 9:43 pm

    My super power would be unlimited wisdom and intelligence. That way I can have all the answers to the worlds problems. I would also know exactly what to say to inspire change and my powers would be invested in the children as they are the next generation so it would be like setting them up for success.  Sort of like King Solomon but on a bigger scale.

  • Posted On: 11-14-13, 11:02 pm (EST) #55

    If you were a Superhero.....

    November 14, 2013, 11:02 pm

     - If I were a SuperHero...... Which power would I choose?...
                  Initializing my thoughts, I came across one topic that was clearer than the rest, when asking myself which super powers I would possess...... the soldiers fighting for us, painted a picture in my mind. Taking that first step onto the battlefield must be the hardest because telling yourself that this could be my last day must haunt each and every soul out there. As I sit here typing this, I review all those abilities that came before, Super Speed, Super Strength, Flight, Invisibility, and so forth. But the power I choose to carry with me for all my life, would be, to be able to protect those soldiers who are fighting for us. A Guardian Angel,  I choose this because I want to be able to see their faces when they are able to not only carry out a successful mission, but to go home happy, to their families. I understand not every one will agree with my choice but ever since I was small, I always told myself that all I wanted to be when I was older and even after death, was a Guardian Angel. Now, when I read, who would I choose to always keep safe, I also went back to my past, because I answered this as well. I always told myself that if at all possible, if I was given the opportunity to be a Guardian Angel, I would want to be a Guardian Angel for every living soul on earth, now I understand that is nearly impossible, but in reality, is everything impossible? or have we not met our true limits? Focusing on the matter, the one person I would undeniably choose to always protect and keep safe, is my Mom. She has always been there for me and has never given up on me. I will protect her, during her beautiful life, and beyond the afterlife. She will always be my mom and I will always love her beyond the universe. This is what I choose and I hope all you Hermanites! enjoyed reading this. :) Till next time. Take care and stay strong!

  • Posted On: 11-15-13, 5:57 am (EST) #56

    If you were a Superhero.....

    November 15, 2013, 5:57 am

    If I could choose any superpower, I would choose to have no limitations. So, as long as I constantly test my limits, and push myself harder than I ever have before, I will overcome anything. To be able to run faster and faster everyday, jump higher and higher, lift heavier and heavier, and maybe even fly :p When it comes to who I would choose to save, it would have to be my mother. Because if it weren't for my mom I would not be where I am today. With my moms constant support and dedication, I am able to find the motivation to become successful, and to one day return all the favours she has done for me. #HTH #SHF

  • Posted On: 11-15-13, 6:02 am (EST) #57

    If you were a Superhero.....

    November 15, 2013, 6:02 am

    I would like to have Wolverine's healing power as my super power. With that I can hit the gym everyday and eat as much as I want. And who I wanted to protect most is of course the one who i love the most, which is my family, my lover. Also I wanted to join military force as I have incredible healing effect, I would not worry about bullet, knife, grenade, all the dangerous things, just wanted to stop the war to carry on.

  • Posted On: 11-15-13, 6:14 am (EST) #58

    If you were a Superhero.....

    November 15, 2013, 6:14 am

    I would be Genetic Man.  I would possess the perfect expression of the human genome.  My super power would be the ability to fix any genetic abberation or flaw causing deformity, illness, or mutation with just the touch of my hand.  I wouldn't be changing that person's genetic make-up which makes them the unique individual they are just "correcting" the flaws in their genome.......kinda corny I know:-P


    I would always want to make sure my friends and family are safe from "genetic harm" but especially my wife as she has help change my life :-)



  • Posted On: 11-15-13, 8:44 am (EST) #59

    If you were a Superhero.....

    November 15, 2013, 8:44 am

    i dont know if this would qualify as a superhero but im gonna say it anyway and if i dont win thats fine and good luck to everyone. i would be my girlfriends protector, she is the one that i would want to make sure was safe no matter what even if that meant putting my life in danger every day because she is worth it to me, without her i have nothing there would be no reason for me to even be here, come to think of it she is really my hero,thanks guys eat clean and train hard always, thanks scott!

  • Posted On: 11-15-13, 9:25 am (EST) #60

    If you were a Superhero.....

    November 15, 2013, 9:25 am

    Hi Scott, if I were a superhero, my super powers would be a superhuman strength and the ability to fly! The one person whom I would always make sure is safe would be this girl I'm in love with for such a long time. She is my damsel in distress because she is my driving force for working out and always will be! I would never wanna lose her so if I had superpowers it would all go towards protecting her :D

  • Posted On: 11-15-13, 11:24 am (EST) #61

    If you were a Superhero.....

    November 15, 2013, 11:24 am

    Firstly Teleportation . need to be where crime is instantly with the key ability to sence any crime anywhere in the world to teleport to , 

    combined with that the ability to freeze someone in time ,as to stop said pervert murderer theif nasty ass in their track till the po-po got there , and just for kicks  , jean's level 5 telepothy , cause . OMG why wouldnt I,


    BUT hte selfish part of me , always and forever has wanted to able to controll metal , not like magneto , like absolutely controll it , if i had a engineering blueprint with tolerances of microns (0.001 mm) to be able to form a piece of metal to the exact specs. 

    sorry im obssessed with enginnering

  • Posted On: 11-15-13, 11:29 am (EST) #62

    If you were a Superhero.....

    November 15, 2013, 11:29 am

    Also forgot to say , the "one" i would protect. 

    besides obviously my wife and son., 

    but with telportation time freeze and metal mutation, hell ill protect the galaxy



  • Posted On: 11-15-13, 2:46 pm (EST) #63

    If you were a Superhero.....

    November 15, 2013, 2:46 pm

    If I were a Superhero, I would choose to be like Captain Marvel (Shazam).   Having the wisdom of Solomon, strength of Hercules, stamina of Atlas, power of Zeus, courage of Achilles and the speed of Mercury, I would be able to protect a very close friend who's in a very unstable relationship right now.

  • Posted On: 11-15-13, 5:44 pm (EST) #64

    If you were a Superhero.....

    November 15, 2013, 5:44 pm

    I would pick the power of regeneration (much like Wolverine or Deadpool). This way I would not only be able to recover from fatal wounds, but I would also be able to recover rapidly from a workout so I can train some more ;). The person I would always keep safe would be my mother because she has spent her whole life keeping me safe.

  • Posted On: 11-15-13, 11:45 pm (EST) #65

    If you were a Superhero.....

    November 15, 2013, 11:45 pm

    If I were a super hero, my power would be to freeze time. If I could freeze time I can use it to workout more.  I would save my girlfriend since shes always being sexually harrassed by people and nearly raped once.


    I wish those dumbbells came along with it! haha. really need some heavier weights at home. Oh well.

  • Posted On: 11-16-13, 6:53 am (EST) #66

    If you were a Superhero.....

    November 16, 2013, 6:53 am

    If I could be a superhero I'd probably be jacked, so I'd come to SHF forums and help people, my superpower would be the ultimate fitness knowledge. One person hwo I'd be always making sure is safe would be my grandma cause she is the best cook and I wouldn't want to lose gains :D

  • Posted On: 11-16-13, 8:57 am (EST) #67

    If you were a Superhero.....

    November 16, 2013, 8:57 am

    I would like to be like a Spider-Man but my powers would be to shoot spiders out from my hands ( everyone is scared by them xD) , and i would protect anyone that needs my help , because i am spider maaaaan xD

  • Posted On: 11-16-13, 9:24 am (EST) #68

    If you were a Superhero.....

    November 16, 2013, 9:24 am

    If I were a superhero, my power would be to change the outlook a lot of people have on life. I'd help people by using that as my powers, while it be training, every day life and even children that doesn't know any better.


    The person I'll protect most by always being supportive, understanding and being there, is my girlfriend.

  • Posted On: 11-16-13, 12:43 pm (EST) #69

    If you were a Superhero.....

    November 16, 2013, 12:43 pm

    If I were a super hero, I would have the power to create new powers! Such as being able to shrink or grow to unimaginable sizes, to alter reality and bend space, the power to have all powers! My power would have endless possibilities! And my damsel of course would be my girlfriend which I love dearly and would do anything to ensure her safety and well being.

  • Posted On: 11-17-13, 2:25 am (EST) #70

    If you were a Superhero.....

    November 17, 2013, 2:25 am

    If I could be a superhero, I'd choose to be like Captain America. His strength is natural, but his super power that not a lot of people know of is his courage and committment. His committment to his country, loved ones, and freedom is what makes him a super awesome hero. I want to be like him. I'd make sure my mother is always safe. Family first, me later.

  • Posted On: 11-17-13, 8:13 pm (EST) #71

    If you were a Superhero.....

    November 17, 2013, 8:13 pm
    Posted by: Scott_Herman

    What's going on Nation!  Here is your chance to win a BSN Supplements PRIZE PACK!


    Two lucky winners will recieve:







    If you could be a SUPERHERO, what would your super powers be and who would be that one person you are ALWAYS making sure is safe.



    Leave a comment below detailing what your powers would be and why you picked your "damsel in distress".




    I will pick two winners, male and female, and announce them on this week’s Sunday Update!



    Be creative and have fun with this one Nation! #HTH #SHFAthlete


    DISCLAIMER: *Dumbbells Not Included*

    With the recent events in my life my super power would be called "The Antibody". With this power I would be the antibody to all illnesses that do not have a cure. With my touch I could cure all the diseases people die from. My damsel in distress would of course be those dying from an incurable disease. For every person I save the universe will shift and slowly start illuminating these diseases all together.

  • Posted On: 11-18-13, 2:54 pm (EST) #72

    If you were a Superhero.....

    November 18, 2013, 2:54 pm

    Well, it was VERY hard, but I read through ALL of the entries and picked my winners!!


    For the MALE winner I chose berryw1993:


    "With great power, comes great responsiblity" says the famous Ben Parket. With that said, a superhero could not be all fun in games. This is an important quote to keep in mind, whether you  are a super hero, top CEO, or even a father. To be a super hero, I belive one would have to have more super powers than just one. For instance, the ability to move really fast is usless without strength. strenght is usless without the ability to move fast. With that said, I believe the perfect combination of super powers would be the ability to fly at extroidinary speeds, have uncanny strength, and finally the power of persuasion.


    The ability to fly is an important super power. After all, it is man's dream to be able to fly. When I say fly, I do not mean casually cruisng around. I mean the ability to soar as goku would, at lightening fast speeds. 


    As said earlier, what is great about being able to move fast without strength? Strength would be imperitive to stop the world from all naturaly disasters such as a metorior strick, a nuclear bomb, or any other source of extreme force.


    For the FEMALE winner I chose M_Levesque:


    Alright Scott. If I were a super hero, my powers would be the combination of courage and integrity. I feel there is a lack of these two qualities in even the best people out there. Many are out for themselves and say they would do the right thing if no one was looking, but very few act upon it. The courage, well, the way I see it is courage is not the absence of fear, but the willingness to pursue in the presence of it. Not much of that going on either. And as for my damsel in distress....well that is my husband. He saved me a few years back and since then I've vowed to do the same for the remainder of our lives, so that's an easy one :)


    I will be reaching out to each of you.


    So happy to see so many entries!  I guess I will have to do MORE contest and giveaways!!!! #HTH

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