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  • Posted On: 08-20-19, 7:23 am (EDT) #1

    Workout plan advice with chronic back pain? (Scheuermann's disease)

    August 20, 2019, 7:23 am

    New to the forum, first post! (hope this is in the right place) 


    I just wrote out a long and detailed post about my situation, but it took me so long to type that the forum logged me out and I lost it all 😑  


    So here's the (slightly) shorter version - 

    29 years old, Male, UK. 

    70 kg, body fat percentage unknown (skinny fat due to 30kg weight loss) 

    Diet plan + Macros - currently non-existent. I try to eat fairly healthy (girlfriend is vegan so lots of veg), diet plan will be my next post 😅  

    Diagnosed with Scheuermann's disease last year after 6 years of slowly worsening back pain. (wedging of thoracic vertebrae causing mild kyphosis and chronic muscle pain).  Worsened by working a job that required a lot of driving, bending and lifting. Resulting in a hunched back, rolled sholders and forward-head posture.

    Crash diet, lost 30kg (Current weight 70kg).  

    I had never stepped foot in a gym or lifted any weights until 12 months ago. Started slow, one day a week. Now I'm going 3 days a week but I need help with my regime. I'm worried that my lack of knowledge is going to slow my recovery or even do more damage to my back, which is what brings me here. (Via the Scott Herman YouTube channel). I want to get more serious with my diet and exercise regime, but with so much information available online, it's hard to know what would be right for me. 


    I have a million questions but I'll start with the main one. 

    I want to create a custom, tailored weekly exercise regime which will help me build strength and muscle to (hopefully) reduce my daily back pain. From what I've gathered, most people seem to suggest a 'full body workout' regime for people who are fairly new to working out and want to build all-round strength/muscle. 

    However, due to my kyphosis, I struggle with compound exercises such as squats and deadlifts (anything that involves load on my spine, or bending causes pain). So I started researching 'push pull legs' splits, which seems more suited to me as I can avoid any exercises that I know aggravate my condition, and I can stick to exercises that I'm comfortable with (cable machines, dumbbells, body weight etc). However, I've seen many people saying that the 'push pull legs' regimes are not very effective for n00bs like me, as I can only really manage 3 days a week and would therefore only be training each muscle group once per week. I could maybe manage more days per week if I can find a regime which doesn't aggravate my back pain, but currently 3 days a week is my max. 

    I would also be happy to add home workouts to my regime. I know a strong core is paramount with fixing back problems, and it's hard to build a strong core without compound exercises. So maybe a 3-day split at the gym and then one day at home working on core? 

    So a 3/4 day split? Full body 3/4 times a week but avoiding exercises that aggravate my back pain? A mixture? Something totally different? 

    Any help or suggestions would be hugely appreciated!  

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