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  • Posted On: 12-22-17, 11:00 am (EST) #1

    Stay in shape during the 2017 holiday season, Strong core workout at home !

    December 22, 2017, 11:00 am

    Hello !


    It is that time of year again ! It is the holiday season ! Because of this I have made a workout that does not take to long so that you can train and enjoy the holiday !


    I have decided to create a workout this year that does require a pull up bar and a heavy dumbell. This is a workout that focuses on the entire body and does heavily rely on a strong core. If you do not have this equipment or do not want to do this workout for another reason, I have linked previous years workouts below !



    The 2017 holliday season home workout:


    Dumbell snatches – 8-15 reps for 6 sets – Take 30 – 90 seconds rest in between sets


    Pull ups  – As many reps as possible for 6 sets – Take 60 – 120 seconds rest in between sets


    V-ups with a dumbell in your hands – 20 reps for 6 sets – Take 30 – 90 seconds rest in between sets


    Push ups – 10 reps – Straight into mountian climbers – 10 reps – Then back to push ups and so on. As many as you can do


    Tips for the workout

    • Since we are using a heavy dumbell I suggest using this for the pull ups aswell, put the dumbell in between your feet and do weighted pull ups.
    • If you have weights to use on your feet as well as hands while you are doing v-ups it would make it even better.

    Previous years workouts


    2013: Very short and effective, full body focused. Chose this one if you dont have much time and just want to get a quick workout !


     2014: A bit more advanced and will for most people take a bit more time than the 2013 workout. Chose this one if you like to do an intense routine which challenges your athleticism


     2015: A harder workout which will take more time than the other threads. Chose this one if you want to get a long workout that makes you sweat and leaves you tired !


    2016: Is a little different than the others, because this one focuses more on fat burning, cardio and intensity ! If you would rather do something that focuses on maintaining muscle and getting a good burn / pump, please check out the other threads ! Chose this one if you want an intense workout that focuses on cardio and explosivity.!


    2017 is a workout that focuses on the snatch movement aswell as the pull ups. In addition it has ab exercises, needless to say, this will build a strong core ! Chose this one if you want a strong core workout.



    Merry christmas and happy new years !

     Bilderesultat for merry christmas

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