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  • Posted On: 08-22-19, 2:36 pm (EDT) #1

    Question on YouTube Plank Video

    August 22, 2019, 2:36 pm

    Hi everyone.

    Recently I turned to YouTube to look for information on the plank exercise and possible variations. I found the following video:


    Video Title:   Warum du keine LOW PLANKS machen solltest | Unterarmstütz Technik Tutorial mit Variationen


    Date:            15 May 2019

    Uploader:      Coach Stef

    Language:     German


    Since the video is in German, I will quickly summarize the content:

    Coach Stef says that the plank is a bad exercise that shouldn’t be part of your workout routine. The reason why it is found everywhere in workout plans and videos is simply because it’s a fashion exercise.

    The function of the core is to balance out movements, thus stabilizing the body, e.g. if you are doing squats with a barbell on your shoulders, the core muscles support the lower back so you don’t collapse.

    When you’re doing planks, you are simply holding a position. There is only isometric tension but no movement involved that would need correction so the core muscles are not engaged. The exercise thus only affects the shoulders, hips, lower back and thighs.

    In order to activate the core, you need to combine the plank with some destabilizing movement – so the plank shouldn’t be the actual exercise but only the starting position for one – like plank walks or push-up variations.

    Simply holding a position would only be recommendable for beginners. Once you can hold it for more than 40 seconds it becomes completely senseless. When Coach Stef trains people in his gym, the plank is only employed as a warmup or resting position between the actual exercises.


    I would like to know your opinion on this. Is the plank really an exercise that only beginners should do? What would be good alternatives?

    Thanks in advance.


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