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Could use some help and advise

Could use some help and advise

Scott_Herman a Scott Herman
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Posted By: stijn25802

Hi Scott,

I would like to ask you some help and advise. I am 17 years (1,74 and 53kg) and pretty skinny as you can see. I have the feeling my posture is pretty fucked as well. I have been doing your FBE program for about a month now. On the other hand though, I haven't changed anything about my food. Im eating 4 slices of bread as breakfast and lunch right now, mostly 1-2 pieces of fruit and just a regulas meal for breakfast (I don't know how much calories exactly I eat). 

Can you give me some advise on food and if there is anything to do about my posture? 

I guess doing your FBE is good in terms of working out?



@stijn25802 Your posture actually doesn't look too bad. Possibly some slight anterior pelvic tilt, so you can check out the video below if you want to work on that a little bit. But things might change once you add a bit more mass anyway. The other thing is make sure you give your rear delts / traps plenty of love to avoid rounded shoulders.

FBE is definitely a good option, but you do need to be eating enough food to grow. What you're eating at the moment probably isn't enough and if you aren't gaining weight, that's a sure sign that you need to eat more.

As for food options, check this out!

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