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What we need to know from you!

The more information you can provide the better!

Scott_Herman a Scott Herman
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In order to best answer your questions we need to know as much information as possible! 


Here is a quick list of some info that will help us better help you!

  1. Age
  2. Height
  3. Weight
  4. Bodyfat %
  5. Goal (Muscle Gain, Weight Loss, Strength Gain, etc)
  6. How long you have been exercising
  7. Daily calories
  8. Daily macros in grams (protein, carbs, fat)
  9. Injuries or restrictions

Keep in mind that this is a community, so your answers will come from me as well as other Hermanites.  I take pride in that everyone in our community is always striving to learn more and better themselves.  So even if your answer does not come from me, know that I am always checking out the posts and bringing in SUPER HERMANITES to help answer questions as well!  TRAIN HARD NATION! #HTH

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