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Equipment Questions

Wondering what equipment would work best for you or what brand is best? Ask Us!

ToddHFE g Todd Burgess
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To start of the thread I will take you through one of the questions that we get asked all the time: 'What home gym system is best for me?'. 


In most cases the person asking the question has been on our site looking at gyms and is overwhelmed because they aren't focused on what they need and don't even know the right questions to ask.  So we start them off with some basic questions:


1) What are the dimensions of the space you want to use

2) What kinds of exercises do you like to do? (cable, freeweights, circuit training, etc)

3) Will you need someone to assemble it for you?

4) What is your budget?


Once we get these questions answered we can start to present options and some times an actual home gym system isn't the answer.  If you are in the market, figure out the answers to the above questions and let us know.


Also, if you are interested in other types of equipment or brands of equipment, let us know your questions and we will answer them for you.

Workout Equipment Expert from - If I don't know the answer to your question, I will find it for you!
GmitMayogym g Gearoid Shannon
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Hey Scott you said to hit you up on the forums about a student and I setting up a gym in GMIT Mayo college in Ireland. Basicly the college have told us the have no money to invest in a gym so we have went about getting the funding ourselfs true sponcers, private investors, collections and grants. What we would like you to do is make a video saying that you heard we were setting up a gym in our college and that you think its a great idea and would benifet the college etc. In return we will promote your channel and advertise it in the gym. We already have irelands biggest youtube fitness channel Bluntforce bodybuilding behind us but the more youtubers we get the more of an impact we will have. Thanks a million bellow is a link to the comment you left me

muscular strength
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