Bodyweight Beginner Workout Program!

Get ready to lose weight, build lean muscle and increase your flexibility all from home!


Ready to jumpstart your FITNESS LIFESTYLE? Well, if you've been out of the game for a while the best thing to do is not take on more than your body can handle! First you need to make sure your muscles and joints are healthy and prepared for action so you can avoid overtraining, injuries and loss of motivation due to being TOO SORE!

If you haven't done any training for a long time or if this is your first time exercising on a weekly basis be sure to start with MONTH 1. Month 1 was designed to get your body moving, increase your overall mobility and build a foundation of strength that you will need as you progress with the workouts.

However, if you live an active lifestyle and are no stranger to fitness you should start with MONTH 2! Month 2 will push your limits with a week full of workouts and added cardio to ensure you are burning fat and building lean muscle! Then, once you complete MONTH 2 you can either continue repeating this weekly schedule of training as long as you are seeing results, or you can jump right into the 12 Week Home Bodybuilding Program!

Remember that the MuscularStrength community will be here for you throughout your ENTIRE JOURNEY so if you need help be sure to comment below or comment on the routines themselves! But before you get started, log into the MEAL PLAN because you can't outtrain bad nutrition! Now let's see your incredible transformation!

Train hard and remember if you ever have any questions you can always comment on the workouts or post in the FORUMS!


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Hi Scott!

I was following your full body evolution program and I love it! But I live in the Netherlands and there is a lockdown here for 3 weeks because of the Coronavirus. Shops, restaurants, schools, gyms etc will  be closed. Ofcourse a good but sad decision.

Now my question, is the bodyweight beginner program a good alternative?

Btw I do have a band and a pair of dumbells of 8kg..

So maybe u suggest another program?

Thanks again!

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@smikebake yeah man it's happening here in the US too - scary stuff! This is one good alternative, but if you do have that pair of dumbbells, you'll probably be better off doing my home program instead! Check it out! https://muscularstrength.com/12-Week-Home-Program 

Hey Scott. Liked your form videos on YouTube initially. I have always been athletic and played sports my entire life but never went past lifting with bad form for strength and would like to put on muscle mass as I am 6’4 and 180lbs (after putting on about 5lbs of lean muscle recently.). So being newer to lifting seriously, and with correct form, which workouts do you think I would benefit most from? I have a pretty solid diet and have upped my calories, started taking all my aminos and creatine and have been using protein regularly now. I have a very fast metabolism and have always been skinny. Seeing some results for the first time ever. What’s the best way to put on lean mass for me? I currently just started doing push, pull, legs, rest with 2 alternating workouts for each day. If you have any advice for my personal situation it would be gladly appreciated and strictly followed ofcourse! I also just started legs in my routine because I realize they won’t get the size I want with only being active...your videos really have transformed my workouts! I never even knew I was doing scull crushers and lat side raises wrong until watching your correct form on them. Please let me know where you think I should focus my energy in the gym! Thanks! Joe
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@jtiderin hey Joe! I responded to this same post that you made on the PPL program!

Is this app stil active nu the owner ?
Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@fury yes the app is still active my friend, you can get it on the App Store and Google Play store! Got some big updates coming soon!

How much money is it?
Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@tylercorbeil93 right on!  but the price is $10 USD a month :-D

I am new in this app,how much this program cost a month and also the meal plan.thx
I do not see this program on my android device but it does show on my Apple device. I can only see 2 programs total from the Apple device.
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@thecrimsonraven You have to witch the goal at the top from FAT LOSS to MUSCLE GAIN

Anyone know how to access Month 2?
Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@apcruzm86 as explained above 😁 Did you check out the calendar? And click on the MONTH 2 tab?

Sinistakillakoi  Edit  Delete  Close
@apcruzm86 it is the same workouts on a different schedule. Download the 12 week calendar and it will explain👍
Looking for recommendations of this program. I’m very overweight, low energy, depressed, have been on the yo-yo Effect for two decades and currently am no lover of diets or workouts. However it was recently told to me that in the beginning you either love it or hate it but stick to it
Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@newbod2012 well this would be a good place to start my friend, it's very basic and will get you into the groove of exercising. If you can knock out this entire program you'll find it easier and easier to stick to a routine, because it will almost be habit by then. And you don't need a 'diet' per say. You just need to be eating good food and be in a deficit. You got this!!


 Are the videos oddly truncated for anybody else? All three of the videos seem to be shorted to approximately 4 minutes 18 seconds. Not sure if this is a my end problem or site end problem. Other routines' videos seem to be fine though.

7/7/18 edit: They're all full length now.

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@colbert3 this was fixed a while back. Let me know if you are still having trouble!
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@colbert3 Sorry for the late reply! Yes the videos did have issues a while back where they were shorter than what they were supposed to be.. but they are back to normal now as you saw haha. Thanks for letting me know about it! Have you given the program a shot?!


Great Work.