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Burn Your Stubborn BELLY FAT!

How I Got My Six-Pack In Six Weeks!

Posted by CurtisHigh1 - April 7th, 2014

As a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist the most popular question I'm always asked is.

"How do I get rid of my stubborn belly fat?!"

Whenever summer is approaching everyone wants that six-pack look for the beach and this article is going to explain to you how to get there fast, efficiently and healthily! I too was once in your shoes and the methods discussed below are how I dropped my body fat to reveal my six-pack!

Before qualifying, before discovering Scott Herman and before my abs were on show my goal was the "six-pack" look.  I naturally had an ectomorph body type so I was always quite skinny.  But I still had that layer of unwanted fat blocking my abs from view!

I'd literally eat whatever I want thinking it was ok because I was still skinny. My week consisted of training three to four times in the gym, going for two - three runs a week in the evening and trying to get in at least fifty sit-ups each day.

Sit-ups are what gets you the abs right?!

Well as most of you are now probably realizing, I was very uneducated regarding fitness and after two years of training like this with very little results, I realized I needed to completely change my approach  This was when I started to look for workouts on YouTube and thank god I discovered the man, the legend, SCOTT HERMAN!

The first thing I really noticed about Scott was his abs!  I thought,  

“Wow this guy must know some Secret!”

Scott's enthusiasm towards fitness greatly inspired me and for the next two weeks all I did was watch Scott's YouTube videos taking lots of notes and putting them into practice in the gym!

This was when changes started to happen! I was so impressed with how following Scott’s advice started to have a physical change on my body that I wanted to know more, so started to study the anatomy!

I enrolled myself into a personal training course and to cut a long story short that is how I got my start as a certified Personal Trainer!

After obtaining my certification I watched Scott's videos in a whole new light! I understood his principle and everything Scott was teaching was exactly how I was taught on my course.

Now that I understood exercise and nutrition, it was time to finally put together a diet and exercise plan!

I wrote myself a six week personalized program and was determined to see it through! I decided to also take a before and after photo and if you take a look below, the results speak for themselves!

Image title

Six weeks later my layer of fat gone and I was starting to see some serious muscle definition!

How Did I Do It?

What worked best for me was training abs three times a week after my gym routine but then hitting one session a week really hard on Friday!

Keep in mind that you cannot spot reduce belly fat by performing crunches. But if you want to improve your abdominal muscles you need to train them like you would any other muscle on your body.

Sunday, Tuesday & Wednesday (After My Muscle Split Workout):

  1. Floor Crunch (3 sets : 20 reps)
  2. Leg Raise (3 sets : 15 reps)
  3. Twisting Crunch (3 sets : 20 reps)


  1. Weighted Crunch (3 sets : 15 reps)
  2. Hanging Leg Raise (3 sets : 10 reps)
  3. Oblique Twist (3 sets : 20 reps)
  4. Jack-knife (3 sets : 10 reps)

Now Onto Nutrition!

This is without doubt the most important part. In my opinion, your results will come from 90% diet and 10% exercise!

The first myth you need to extinguish is that you need to drastically cut calories to lose weight. Granted you need to be in a “calorie deficient” to burn fat, however not eating enough will cause your body to store fat. But how do you determine roughly how many calories you need a day?

There are several ways to figure this out. You can use the simple calculation below:

Body weight in LBS x 15 = Daily Calories

Or you can utilize the method found in the video below. This method will show you how to figure out the ratios of protein, carbs, and fat you need daily along with calories.

Each method will give you a great starting point for your daily calorie requirement. It will then be up to you to monitor your progress and make changes if needed.

This number of calories then needs to be divided into your meals throughout the day! For me personally I was eating every three hours and having five meals a day, but meal timing is at your discretion. You can choose to eat one meal a day or seven meals a day, just as long as you consume the required calories, protein, carbs and fat to reach your goal.

I utilized the first method to determine my calories and from there it was time to figure out my macro ratios (protein, carbs and fat).

Do not think that you need to stick to a low to zero carb diet to lose weight either. Diets like this are a “quick fix” for weight loss but not healthy long term! You definitely will want to monitor your carb intake, but what works best is to cycle your carbs.

For example, I gave myself a 4 day cycle for my carbs and my macros were calculated accordingly.

  • Day 1: Ultra-Low Carb Day:
    15% Carbs - 50% Proteins - 35% Fats

  • Day 2: Low Carb Day:
    25% Carbs - 50% Proteins - 25% Fats

  • Day 3: Medium Carb Day:
    40% Carbs - 40% Proteins - 20% Fats

  • Day 4: High Carb Day:
    55% Carbs - 35% Proteins - 10% Fats

  • Repeat

If you keep a schedule like this your body will learn how to utilize your stored fats for energy on your low carbs days. Your body will also lean to replenish your muscles / glycogen levels on your medium and high days giving your body an energy boost ready to start again on the low carb days!

Another important factor to keep in mind is that you need to be eating meals consisting of CLEAN foods! You know what I mean by clean, no junk!

I was mainly eating brown rice, oats, brown pasta and sweet potato for my carbs. Red meat, fish, chicken, turkey and shakes for protein and avocado pears, eggs, oils and nuts for my fats!

It is also essential to make sure your water intake is high! I was consuming between three to four litres a day.

Adding Cardio To Your Routine!

The last thing I needed to approach in my workouts was cardio! Whenever we think cardio, we think of running at a fast pace on the treadmill. But what I learned was that running requires too much energy and will cause your body use it's easiest to burn fuel (carbs) for instant energy!

To efficiently lose weight you need to learn how to tap into your fats for fuel.  I personally found the best way to do this for my body was LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) training and I was able to do this in the form of power-walking! It's essential that each cardio session lasts for 30 minutes minimum to give your body at least a 15 minute period of burning fat!  

The ideal zone to be in for fat burning is 60% of your maximum heart rate (MHR). Your maximum heart rate is calculated by 220 MINUS your AGE. To maximize my results, I performed LISS training three to five times a week!

Now you all know my secret to losing weight to have your six-pack ready for summer, use it well Nation!

My Final Note

  1. Carb cycle your diet
  2. Drink plenty of water
  3. Train abs at the gym
  4. Low intensity steady state cardio 3 – 5 times a week

I can’t guarantee that you will have six-pack abs in six weeks like me. I was fortunate enough to already be at a low body fat percentage. However, if you apply these methods to your current workout routine, you will see results and in time you will have the six-pack you always dreamed of!

Consistency is key and I know you can do it!

Be sure to add me as a friend by clicking on my link in the “Author” tab at the top of the article!

If this article helped you and you'd like to learn more ways to maximize your results, SIGN-UP for the Platinum Membership today!

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Thank you for this great article. I look forward to putting it into practice. I have a question I would like to ask on the abs routine. The gym I go to has a machine called "ab coaster," which claims to be a more effective substitute for crunches. Would you confirm that? In other words would it be okay to substitute all the crunches series you suggest with the abcoaster? Many thanks for your help!

danichan  Edit  Delete  Close

Make sense to me! Thank you Scott!

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

I personally believe that every exercise has its place.  I would switch them in and out and see what works best for you!


Thanks guys for the kind comments! :) hope this article is working great for you! i will be hopefully getting a few more up very soon! #HTH


I absolutely love this article! you started where I am now so this really motivated me and made me believe that it can happen for me too. I'm having a really hard time with my belly fat and I have for a few years now so now that i'm getting educated really helps. How often should abs be trained? Because I train mine everyday. I don't go for too long but I like training them for atleast 10-15 min everyday. Is that bad?

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

@curtishigh1 has an ab routine in this article brotha!  Check it out and follow it for a few weeks :)


How are those abs doing Curtis!  Still ripped after marrage?

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

haha nice man!!!  I knee they would be back!

CurtisHigh1  Edit  Delete  Close

hahah i think i lost them after bodypower!! so defo need to check the lost property when there again in may! howeve training hard again! back on the carb cycle and can see them starting to show but at about 12 at mo! lets wait till im below 8 again! :) love the new site!!


Curtis, On the topic of cardio. I found what you had to say interesting. 

I'm a fan of HIIT trainging because typical steady state seems to produce awful results in most of the people I see, but with that said I typically tell people who aren't fittness buffs but just want to begin to loose weight that the best exercise they can do is walk. So I think you're spot on with your LISS (Never saw that expresion before... patent?) 

With that said, I do know that while walking is great for utilizing fat energy, HIIT is excellent for mobilizing (realeasing) energy reserves/fat stores. What do you think of a routine that uses a small bout of HIIT cardio to begin the fat realease followed immediately by your LISS style to utilize that fat? I usually will do wingates on a bike for around 5 minutes or 8 minutes of a cycled sprints (30 sec on 30 sec off).

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

well think about it this way.. who REALLY knows what 90% of your max is when running.. it's all BS to me.. just run as fast as yo can comfortably.  IT will change depending on how you feel.

SittingPress  Edit  Delete  Close

What intensity would you say you sprint at? I hear all types of conflicting opinions on the level of HIIT intensity that is required to get maximum results. Dr. Jacob Willson seems to suggest that 90+% intensity all out for 30 seconds is the key to maximum fat loss and muscle preservation. I have used his wingate system to good sucess but it is a killer.

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

In my experience I have been looking much leaner doing 15 - 20 minutes of HIIT. 1 minute jog, 2 minute run, repeat.


Interesting article, good video (although sad it had to be made). Curtis, with abs like those you're going to get hate man, just face it. I think Scott is jealous of that 8-pack, damn they look like they came off of an action figure or drawn in a comic book. 

I found your carb cycles interesting. I think that too many people try and stick to a day in day out routine with macros and only focus on the idea of keeping them in certain ranges, this method really seems like the body would have a hard time assimilating to the method and therefore not become too efficient at digestion which should produce the best results for fat loss. I think when I try and slim down for this coming summer I'll take some of that into consideration. Thanks

CurtisHigh1  Edit  Delete  Close

Hahahah!! Awesome! Well firstly thanks guys for the great comments! Really nice to hear :) but although yes I am 6ft 2 I won't ever live up to scotts abs!! A student can never excel his master ;) 

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

I agree and I met @curtishigh1 in the UK, not only does he have great abs.. but he is like 6'2.. haha bastard 


I am also trying to cut my body fat, but I want to keep my strength and my conditioning intact. I tried to do some low carb days, but I found when I did, I didn't have the energy to complete my workouts, and that's a problem when you powerlift competitively. I have had some success with carb backloading.

SittingPress  Edit  Delete  Close

When I first began an ultra low carb approach, I was having mixxed results on energy at the gym. Some days were better than others and it took a bit to get the feel. Then when my body adjusted and I had unlimited energy. I never seemed to want to leave and didn't fatigue physically. I was not hungry and making good strides but I wanted to add on some calories and try and "bulk" So, I started with carb backloading and that was good and then I tried adding carbs earlier in the day and that actually worsened my workouts. I was tired and weak halfway through a normal workout and this shocked me because I figured I'd have even more energy. Now I actually wait until I'm halfway through my workout to introduce carbs. I start off the morning and afternoon high protein and mod to high fat. Then when I hit the gym I have a mod protein low carb drink, nothing extreme just around 10-15 grams of carbs and the same for protein. This approach has given me similar results to my low carb approach and I've been able to get better muscle pumps.

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

Whenever you drop carbs you will feel fatigue.  I am going through the same thing now as I am trying to lean out while lifting heavier on my deadlifts and squats.  Maybe try making the days you train more intensely the days you carb load the most?

Also, try to eat the majority of your macros before the gym.  This has helped me as well


Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

hey what video did you try to add?  for some reason it isnt working @curtishigh1