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Your Time Is Valuable!

Quit Wasting Time & Making Excuses!

Posted by ColossusFitness - August 18th, 2016

Your time is valuable. You have the power to prevent wasted time. “Wasted time is more costly than wasted money. Spend it wisely”.


Results Or Excuses

How often do you hear people complaining about a lack of time in their day? About too little time to enjoy life? Not enough hours to get a certain task done? Or perhaps worst of all, not enough hours to get a workout in?  In my opinion, “I don’t have time” is the grown-up version of “the dog ate my homework”.

There are 24 hours in a day, 168 hours in a week, and 86,400 seconds per day. How you use them today is all that matters. Everybody has the same amount of hours in a week. It all comes down to how badly you want to achieve a certain task or reach a goal. A one hour workout is only 4% of your day! You don’t need to spend three hours a day in the gym to see results.

Far too many people claim they don't have time for the gym, but will spend hours on Facebook or playing video games. Do yourself a favor – Quit making excuses and feeling sorry for yourself! Your body will thank you later.

Prioritize To Save Time

We fail to set priorities for our life. People often don’t make the effort to establish what is primary and secondary to them. If you don’t do that, you will never end up having time. One of the huge problems is that we’ll often never take a seat and prioritize how we’ll use our given amount of time. It’s so common to waste time doing pointless activities that aren’t helping you at all, then complaining that “there’s never enough time”. Nobody wants to look back on missed opportunities and say, “I wish I did that” or “I wish I had more time to fit it in my schedule”.

Now, I know everyone will have different priorities and schedules. Some have children, unlimited hours spent in the office, houses to look after, and often times all three. I understand things can become super stressful and problems can occur. When it comes to fulfilling a certain task or reaching a goal, it’s not about having time, it’s about making time. If every single person complained about not having time or being too busy, very little would ever get accomplished. Period. When you make something your priority, you’ll do whatever it takes to get yourself to do just that. “Nobody is too busy. It’s all a matter of priorities”.


So I leave you all with this challenge today – take a few minutes of your day to think about what’s really important to you. Sit down and consistently remind yourself of your goals. Think about where you want to be in a week, a month, or a few years from now. Your daily actions should be related to the goals you have set for yourself. Stop complaining about not having enough time. Take responsibility for your actions NOW!

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I totally agree with this article.  Its a lesson I have been applying to my life the past few months and resulted in a big change in my use of time and a big improvement in my results when reflecting at the end of the day.  Everything I do now relates to a goal I have consciously adopted.


I couldn't agree more guys!!  Great article!

i like that



Great article guys @colossusfitness! If it's important to you, it's not always about finding time, it's about making time!!