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What Is The Best Beginner Strength Routine?

Get Big, Get Strong!

Posted by brayalbertini - May 31st, 2015

There are plenty of beginner routines that claim fast results but let’s get real, if results were that fast… there would be no point in hard work. I’ll get down to the basics of proven routines for beginners!

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Winner: Strong Lifts 5×5, and here is why…

  1. Progressive Overload
    First of all… If there's one term you need to know during you strength gain journey, it's Progressive Overload which is steadily increasing the stress put on your body, whether it be in weight, speed, amount of reps, or intensity. Most commonly strength plans require you to up the weight every session while keeping a high set, low rep layout. This is the case for Strong Lifts, where you slowly increase your weight by five pounds each session.

  2. Compound Lifts
    The second biggest reason Strong Lifts are amazing is because they utilize strictly Compound Lifts, which are exercises that require the use of several muscles or muscle groups. On top of that, it utilizes what is known as perhaps the greatest compound for muscle growth in every single workout…THE SQUAT.

  3. Convenience
    Convenience can really make or break a routine for beginners. What’s easier than looking down at your smart phone and tapping a bubble to track a workout? That's right guys, it keeps track of and notifies you of what weight you should be lifting for each exercise as well as keeps a history of your entire workout.

  4. Simplicity
    I could go on all day about how great this program is, but I think I’m going to wrap it up here. The fourth reason it's awesome is because it's Relatively Easy! It’s no walk in the park, but it’s pretty easy for how well it works. It requires you to do 3 exercises per day, 5 sets, 5 reps (a.k.a 5×5).

    My Strong Lifts success story… I started out like any beginner, thinking I would get ripped with those “body sculpting” routines you read about all the time. Thankfully, YouTuber/Entrepreneur Scott Herman saved me with his videos. I finally decided to sit down and do the research… I decided to do Strong Lifts (SL) 5×5, and I’m still doing it to this day.

    Pre-SL Squat: 95 pounds 5×5 at 137 pounds bodyweight (below parallel)
    Current-SL Squat: 185 pounds 5×5 at 150 pounds bodyweight.

    Pre-SL Bench:85 pounds 5×5 at 137 pounds bodyweight.
    Current-SL Bench: 135 pounds 5×5 at 150 pounds bodyweight.

    Pre-SL Dead Lift: 135 pounds 1×5 at 137 pounds bodyweight.
    Current-SL Dead Lift: 230 pounds 1×5 at 150 pounds bodyweight.

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Only one month? I though you could go from Dad-Bod to Arnold in one day!!


Love this @brayalbertini, straight to the point.  Exactly what beginners need!


Compound lifts!! Those should be a staple in any routine, whether your strength or muscle building.

Great article @brayalbertini!


Full range of motion, no partial reps, strict form and never go to failure on evry set! thats my beginer tips lol! great read!