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Posted by viterenergy - August 16th, 2016

What works faster than eating and drinking? Try sucking!

After a long and intense workout, your body needs to replace the energy and nutrients it used during the workout. Most people replenish these sources by eating and drinking immediately after the workout or some time after.

But that is not the fastest way you can replenish energy. The body’s digestive system is an excellently made set of organs that takes in sources of nourishment and transforms them into fuel and energy we use for our everyday activities. Digestion though, is a long process that takes hours, from the stomach to the intestines to the blood stream. What if there was another way to receive nourishment much faster?

A common alternative is through an IV, or Intravenous therapy, which injects liquids directly into your bloodstream through a needle. IVs are designed to be used for emergencies, when the normal system of eating and drinking doesn't work or it’s too slow.

For example, when we have a severe allergic reaction, the mouth can swell up so much that makes it impossible to go about eating and drinking the normal way, therefore IVs become extremely useful. IVs are great when you need them, but poking yourself with needles isn’t something most of us want to do on a daily basis, and so we reserve that method for emergencies.

There is another way to get nourishment that few people know about. It’s called sublingual administration. Sublingual administration is receiving something into the body through the tissues under the tongue.

Many lifesaving drugs are designed for sublingual administration because the tissues under the tongue are a faster way to reach the bloodstream than eating and drinking. When something comes into contact with the body underneath the tongue, the substance moves through it and comes into contact with many the capillaries (tiny blood vessels) that are present there. The substance moves into the capillaries, and is immediately taken into the blood stream.

Consequently, under the tongue is a more direct way into the body. It bypasses the digestive tract, thus ensuring the substance is minimally degraded.

How does this work on a practical level when it’s not an emergency? Anything that can dissolve in your mouth is easily absorbed through sublingual administration. So what’s a good way to take advantage of sublingual administration to help you through the day? How about the most popular energy substance in the world. Caffeine!

A lot of people usually drink 2 – 3 cups of coffee per day, due to its amazing taste and effects. However, it takes about 20 – 30 minutes to start feeling its effects kicking in, so you might occasionally need to plan on when to have your first cup of coffee like when you are in a meeting or when you realize you need to go to the gym and you need a quick caffeine boost to power you through.

For this reason, caffeine mints come in handy. A caffeine mint delivers caffeine into your body through the sublingual administration method mentioned above. And because it bypasses the degrading effects of the digestive system, a lower amount of caffeine can be used to feel its effects.

Sublingual administration is a powerful tool to take advantage of, when you know how it works. In the vitamin realm, it’s commonly used for taking Vitamin B12, and it can work for all different types of candies and gums that are fortified with nutrients.

Next time you find yourself in need of something quick, instead of grabbing a bite or a drink, think about grabbing something you can suck on! And take it with you on the go while you feel its effects faster!

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I can see this being a good alternative for some but this needs to be taken with some precautionary measures.  If you have any nervous or anxiety issues, I would absolutely stay away from any type of caffeine pills especially taken sublingually.