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Use Your Brain To Grow Your Body

Mind Muscle Connection (MMC)

Posted by ColossusFitness - April 15th, 2015

What is “mind muscle connection”? When I first heard this term I thought of a bunch of hippies running around doing curls at Wakefest. This is the “other” side of bodybuilding that isn’t often touched upon, the psychological side. Although one should begin to understand the importance of Mind Muscle Connection because of the obvious fact that the mind is what controls the movements of the body.

Normally a bro or bro-ette wouldn’t think of the importance of using your brain to train their muscles, however mind muscle connection has been one of the largest and most effective tools I have utilized to achieve the physique I have today. The philosophy rooted from bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger. The old school bodybuilders cared about muscle symmetry and beauty over sheer size.

Calum Von Moger put it best when he said, “If you can picture yourself going out on the soccer field and scoring a goal, you will be able to”. I had experience with the same philosophy back in my skateboarding days. Until I could envision myself doing the trick and taking the correct steps and foot movement to successfully preform it, it would never work out.

Now here are some ways to adopt this to your training:


  • DO your reps fully and properly, stretch the muscle and feel it contract
  • DO NOT simply jerk through the movements

Think Of Your Goal

  • DO think of the physique you want to achieve with this movement
  • DO NOT do the exercise just to get it done

Work The Right Muscle

  • DO work the right muscles that are supposed to be worked - isolate them with fluent controlled reps and good negatives
  • DO NOT work the wrong muscles (Ex. Doing bench press with your elbows so far tucked in that its essentially a Close Grip Bench Press) You cannot expect to get a huge chest if you do not know how to work your chest!)

So next time someone tells you to work on more than your body say you’re training your mind, body and patience as well.

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- Josh Wilkinson

Colossus Fitness “Don’t Compete. Dominate.”

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