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Top 3 Shoulder Exercises

Turn Your Shoulder Into Boulders!

Posted by ohawkey - June 27th, 2015

There’s nothing more impressive than a set of big, round shoulders. Having big shoulders helps widen and create the V-Taper (broad shoulders, wide back, and a narrow waist.) A lot of people think doing shoulder presses alone will be enough, or they neglect certain heads of the deltoid creating imbalances. Here are 3 exercises you should add to your next shoulder workout!

The Anterior Deltoid: Overhead Press

The Overhead Press is a great compound exercise to help increase your pushing strength. Although the anterior deltoid and triceps are the main muscle worked in the OHP, your traps, core, medial, and posterior deltoids will be used to help stabilize. This makes the OHP a good exercise to build overall mass and strength in the upper body.

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The Medial Deltoid: Kneeling Side Lateral
 The side lateral is an isolation exercise for the medial deltoid to really help widen your shoulders. Doing kneeling side laterals will prevent you from using momentum to cheat. Why not do them seated? Simple. The dumbbells won’t bounce off the bench if you’re using a wide bench or a really big dumbbell.  Make sure you put a pad on the floor to protect your knees.

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The Posterior Deltoid: Unilateral Bent-Over Cable Rear Delt Raise
If friends don’t let friends skip leg day, then friends don’t let friends skip rear delts. A lot of people who love bench pressing all day will end up with their shoulders rounding forward. Working the posterior deltoids will keep your posture, shoulders healthy. I prefer this exercise over the traditional rear delt raise done with dumbbells because it has a bigger range of motion, it allows me to focus on one side at a time, and the cables keep constant tension on the muscle.

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Make sure you do every exercise with proper form to prevent injuries.  If you feel any pain while doing these exercises you should always stop and go see a doctor.  Try these exercises and let me know what you think!

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Cool article kneeling lateral raises as so many other states never tried I haven´t either I am always standing while doing mine. The cable cross rear delt looks sweet much give a longer ROM tension I suppose rather then barbell version. 


i laughed my ass off at the standing momentum cheats lol. Loved it *bounce bounce*. i'll have to try the kneeling because for the life of me i can't do sitting side lateral raises, i normally stand a bit bend over instead. Didn't think of kneeling yet. And i looove shoulder workouts- always need to be careful not to ocerdo it XD

crood  Edit  Delete  Close

Yeah, no idea it makes me bend in all directions but not really focus on the reardelts, and when i lay the upper body on the incline bench (belly down) that doesn't feel right either lol. And i am not such a big fan of complete isolation exercises anyways, if i can i do almost everything standing, as it works the stabilizers too.

ohawkey  Edit  Delete  Close

Yeah... I don't really like the seated version either. @crood


this is an aweosme article bro! never tried the lateral raises kneeling before but i'll have to give them a shot! 


Awesome article @ohawkey!  I especially liked the video too!  When you were leaning back saying "don't do this!"  Also, I feel like a lot of people do skip rear delts so friends definitely don't left friends skip rear delts! haha


Awesome article and terrific vidoe Robert! gonna try the kneeling side lateral too

Fox84  Edit  Delete  Close

hey i tried the kneeling side laterals, and man they work, i didnt think it would be hard , but wow, great tip there Robert, take care bro


I've never thought to do them on my knees! Will have to give that a try!


Nice article and vid man, Loved the humour in the "how not to" parts... Can twait to see more bro!


Great article @ohawkey! And awesome video too! Some great information and a bit of humour too - Nice! Looks like these shoulder exercises have been working for you man! I also love Arnold Presses - tough but so good for all of your deltoid heads.

Keep providing this great content!

ohawkey  Edit  Delete  Close

Thanks Jordan, will do! Arnold press is a great exercise too


Great video brotha!!


Looking good Robert.   What gym is that?  Is that Gold's in San Francisco?

jmboiardi  Edit  Delete  Close

Wow.......that looks like a good sized gym and well laid out

ohawkey  Edit  Delete  Close

Nope, its a 24hr fitness at embarcadero.