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The TRUTH About Testosterone Boosters!

Will They Really Boost Your Muscle Gains?

Posted by Erica_Stibich - November 4th, 2014

What’s going on Hermanites! Today we are going to talk about test boosters!

We have already discussed the basics of Testosterone on a previous video so if you want to learn more about how T is produced in your body, how it helps with muscle gain and how to naturally optimize your T levels, make sure to check it out HERE.

In this article we are going to talk about natural Test Boosters and if they really work!

First of all, let me say that this article is for those of you who have normal testosterone levels and are looking for testosterone boosters as a way to maximize your gains.

If you have or suspect you have low T levels due to aging or other medical conditions, I recommend you consult with your doctor to get into a professionally monitored hormone therapy.

Now test boosters are wildly marketed these days as key supplements to help with your gains, fat loss, sex drive and anyone can find all of these amazing stories about their incredible results, but are they true or is it all hype?

Don’t worry, Scott and I have done all of the homework for you!

We’ve read articles and testimonies, but mostly importantly, we took the time to read many scientific studies to get the most accurate information to pass on to you guys!

Now we know that it would be impossible for us to evaluate every test booster out there so we looked up the most commonly used main active ingredients and did our research on those. This way, you can pretty much evaluate any product out there by looking at the ingredients on the label.

Tribulus Terrestris

The first ingredient we are going to talk about is found in most T boosters and is called Tribulus Terrestris.

Tribulus is derived from a plant and this supplement can be found as a stand-alone supplement or as one of the ingredients of the formula. Tribulus is massively marketed as a miracle test booster and is even suggested as an aid to help people coming off of steroid cycles to help bring their T levels back to normal.

Bottom line on this one: INCONCLUSIVE!

There are NO CONCLUSIVE studies showing that Tribulus does anything for T levels.

There is one test done on male rats that showed an increase in bodyweight and sexual activity. But we also read studies performed on humans that showed no difference in testosterone levels or strength on any of the subjects tested.

DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone)

DHEA is a natural steroid that is secreted by the adrenal glands and can be converted into testosterone and less desirable estrogen (remember this is the female hormone!).

There are claims that say that DHEA increases T levels and slows signs of aging which includes slowing down muscle loss. To us, the most significant piece of information we found was a 2-year study following 87 men and 57 women that showed that DHEA levels did increase but not testosterone, muscle strength or body composition.

But the real danger here is that it can increase estrogen levels with side effects such as man boobs. So the bottom line: don’t do it!

ZMA or Zinc Magnesium Aspartate

Next one on the list: ZMA or Zinc Magnesium Aspartate which is a mix of Zinc, Magnesium and vitamin B6

ZMA is believed to increase testosterone levels and strength. But we read studies that examined the anabolic effects of supplementing with ZMA and they showed no difference in body composition, strength levels or serum testosterone levels.

However, one of the studies did show higher serum zinc levels in blood and urine content but NO difference in T whatsoever!

I think the confusion here is that zinc plays an important part in regulating serum testosterone levels so you DO want to have an adequate amount of zinc in your system. But unless you’re depleted in zinc, it will not really make a difference in your T levels.


Fenugreek is a herb believed to boost libido and raise T levels. First off, there are hardly any studies out there on Fenugreek. But we did read one amazing study reporting all these incredible results with lean muscle gains and T level increases in just 8 weeks!

But then we found a MAJOR read flag! The study was financed by the company that sells the test booster!

You should know that study parameters can be manipulated to obtain certain results so we typically do not consider studies unless they are conducted by an unbiased source.

We found another study conducted in 60 men that reported increased libido but found no difference in T levels at all.

Bottom line is that there are no reputable studies showing that Fenugreek works at all!

D-Aspartic Acid

D-aspartic acid or D-AA is an amino acid that regulates testosterone synthesis. D-AA is hyped up to be a testosterone booster but studies have found that it does nothing for your T levels.

Some studies have seen a temporary increase in T levels, but they last only a week to a week and a half. Also, the small benefits identified have been only in males that have T levels below the normal range so it will not do much in terms of gains especially if your T is within normal levels.

Now let’s talk about Vitamins!

Vitamins B6 and vitamin D are marketed as T boosters but you need to understand this very important detail! In general, vitamins are critical for many functions in your body and testosterone production is no different.

Studies have shown that diets with lack of vitamin B6 or vitamin D can lead to low T levels.

So the trick here is understanding that vitamin deficiency can lead to low T levels but if you are within the normal range of T, taking extra vitamins will NOT increase testosterone!

Final Thoughts

Now, we spent all this time talking about raising T levels, but do you know what the normal range of testosterone is for a male?

According to Harvard Health publications, the normal T range for males is 270 to 1070 nanograms per deciliter. If you want to start seeing noticeable muscle growth, your T levels need to go up at least 20 – 30% above the TOP of the normal range so above 1070 nanograms per deciliter!

Do you really think that herbs or other supplements are capable of increasing your T level that much?

Just as an example, steroid users take on the low end 500 – 1000mg of testosterone, per week, during a cycle to see significant muscle gain. These anabolic steroids take your T levels from a normal range which is 270 – 1070 to 3000 – 5000 nanograms per deciliter!

Do the math!

Independent of the ingredients in the test booster, I highly doubt you will be able to go that much above the normal range unless you’re taking steroids!

So my opinion on the whole test booster thing is: Make sure you don’t fall below the normal T range to begin with by leading a lifestyle that naturally optimizes your T levels through diet, sleep, nutrition and also get a good multivitamin!

Once again, this video will show you how to optimize your T-levels naturally.

Instead of spending your money on a test booster, invest in supplements that are already proven to make a difference on your gains such as protein powder, creatine or a good pre-workout!

At the end of the day guys, there are no shortcuts or magic pills, aside from steroids, that are going to maximize your gains.

It comes down to hard work and nutrition and I know that each and every one of you is capable of amazing results if you put the time into your training! #HTH #SHFAthlete

If this article helped you and you'd like to learn more ways to maximize your results, SIGN-UP for the Platinum Membership today!

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The only thing that has been scientifically proven to boost testosterone levels is...testosterone. If you're a guy and you think you have the symptoms of low T - go to a doctor and get tested. If you just want it because you think it'll give you "gainz"- don't do it. You're risking way more than your "natty" status.


thank you erica and scott for the research you guys did on T boosters. it really helps to know these things, im new to the fitness world and alot of products seem to good to be true, but it seems a little extra sleep and good nutrition and good old fashion hard work is what we really need :) thanks again and take care guys 

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

Of course man!  It is our goal to always make sure that our community is well informed.. especially when it comes to spending your money on supplements! #HTH


Great job with the article babe!  We make a great team @erica_stibich!!!!


Awesome truth-telling and accurate article Erica!