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The Death Of Logical Thinking

Black & White Statements Are A Great Marketing Tool, But Not So Great For Your Progress

Posted by BrandonFertig - June 14th, 2015

Believing is Easy

Absolute statements, black and white statements, blanket statements – they are all synonymous terms used to explain one side of an argument without providing the other. Human psychology says that we accept statements as truth until we are provided with a conflicting argument. This is most evident in young children. A child’s naivety will allow us to convince them of the existence of Santa Clause, until someone poses a logical argument to disprove this. Even then, it is still easier for us to accept our preconception of the truth than it is to doubt it. We would like to think of ourselves as logical beings who use logical thought processes, but to assume that is the truth would not be logical.

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Question Everything

If we truly want to live up to our preconceived notions of our wisdom as a species, we must question everything. The biggest downfall of our human race is the fact that we are far too gullible. If we hear something that pleases us, it automatically becomes a part of us as we accept it as truth. These truths that we build up are what define our character and also our outward perception of the world as we know it.

For example, if we are told that certain foods are ‘bad’, we may begin to completely avoid those foods, meanwhile this is not necessary. Stop and ask, “What makes this food bad?”. When you are presented with all of the evidence which proves the negative effects of that food, then question those specific pieces of ‘evidence’ too! Does this seem over-exaggerated and too in-depth? Don’t worry, it should. It’s just the beginning, keep on reading and you will understand.

The Lies of the Industry

The fitness industry is FULL of scams. Bullshit is sold left and right in the form of training plans, coaches, diet plans, supplements, and everything in between. You must be able to weed out the bad information.

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How? Well, it’s definitely tough, even for some of us who study in the field. The first step is to question everything you hear. Do not simply accept everything you are told to be true. Even when you are given a reason, ask WHY that reason supports the ‘truth’. All too often there are misinformed trainers with misinformed claims and misinformed facts to support those claims.

Examples of Misinformation

If your coach asks you to start cutting out carbohydrates from your diet, ask WHY. If your coach tells you to completely cut carbohydrates out of the diet, I would suggest getting a new coach immediately. First of all, he made an absolute, all-or-nothing suggestion. Second of all, he is throwing simple science right out the window.

Carbohydrates are your body’s preferred energy source, and eliminating them will cause many reactions. One of which will be gluconeogenesis, or the conversion of protein into glucose for energy (which is not the proper function of protein). It is never wise to eliminate any nutrient from your diet, especially a MACRONUTRIENT (of which there are only three: carbohydrates, protein, and fat).

Anytime a trainer or coach uses the words “always, never, don’t” and everything in between, be very weary. Those ‘all-or-nothing’ statements are likely to lead you down the wrong path, eventually. If you are told you MUST do ANYTHING, what you really MUST do is ask WHY. Unfortunately, I can go on forever here. But this isn’t a myth-busting article, this is an article with a purpose of encouraging you to THINK.

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What’s the Real Point?

If you are going to be successful in any facet of life, you must keep an open mind. You must allow both sides of an argument to be presented in order to come to a logical conclusion. Therefore, the next time someone at your gym tells you never to do a certain exercise, or your trainer tells you to always eat a certain food before a workout, make sure you question their intended result.

If you don’t feel comfortable with questioning someone because you may be shy, then take what they say and thank them, but do some research on your own to make your own decision. It’s very simple to do some basic research in this day and age, and there should be no reason why people are still believing that food is automatically stored as fat after 8pm. Whether it is ill-conceived information or it is a matter of hidden politics, there is a ton of bad information out there.

So before you decide to commit to a certain diet, you commit to a certain training style, or you buy a new car, make sure you understand the reason behind the action that you are taking. Most importantly, an ‘all or nothing’ approach to just about anything is generally a bad idea.

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Be on the lookout for an article I write up in the future about the most common fitness myths. Until then, keep your eyes open and stay on your toes, as there are a bunch of people willing to ‘help’ you by giving you terrible advice. In addition, feel free to email me with a question you may have regarding a piece of information you may feel is questionable and I will answer to the best of my ability.

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Questioning everything is key, people need to not be so easily sold on these marketing scams. I love this.

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

I agree.  Most people are too quick to believe everything they hear.  Not a good quality to have


People are just very prone to be "lead", luckily i was raised to be questioning everything and to gather information on my own. Even if i go to a doctor i have already read into the subject and i will ask questions over questions, and if something they say makes no sense or sounds like bullshit to just get their most paid treatment in, or to get rid of you, i will find another one. Just because someone carries a doctor title doesn't mean you need to believe everything they say.. they are "humans" too.. thus prone to error and also corruption. Same goes for industry, brands and everything else in life. Be informed, don't have only others tell you what to do. Be open to info but also have an own opinion. That way you don't go blindly through your life.

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

That is why there are more follower's than leaders in the world.  But I must say, this community seems to have a lot more leaders.  The good ones that can put their heads together to do something great!


Question everything!! That way you will always be as infrmed as possible!


This is really a great article @brandonfertig, i love to research a bunch of things, whether im comparing cars or comparing foods, its always to to ask why , and what, like whats the difference between the two, why is one better than the other?, You have some really good info here!

JoeHurricane  Edit  Delete  Close

Nice one @fox84, no point eating something if you don't know half of the ingredients in it! Food companies put all kinds of weird and wonderful things in there.


Oustanding article Brandon.  The AMA, AHA, FDA, and the U.S. Pharmaceutical and processed food industries have been doing this for decades.  They have propagated some of the biggest nutrition scams in the history of mankind.  The FDA, AHA, and AMA are well intentioned but easily blinded by monetary and personal agendas pushed by Big Pharma and Big Food.  Our whole understanding of nutrition via the food pyramid is so ass-backwards and based on flawed science it's borderline criminal.  However, this agenda is perfect for creating the proper environment to push consumers into eating the types of foods that create big profits and also push the need for drugs to sustain life - pushing big profits for drug manufacturers - all while be "supported" by the AMA, FDA, and AHA.

These industries rely on people being gullible and mis-informed and totally reliant on "the powers that be" for guidance.  Your health is your responsibility and the Internet has put all the available information at your fingertips.  It is everyone's responsibility not to take "expert opinions" as fact but rather research and verify for yourself.  Doctor's and health practitioners work for you not the other way around.  If you have one who pushes pills or doesn't share your view of nutrition and health, fire them and find someone that does.  These corporate agendas care only about profits not your health - only you truly care the most about your own health.

BrandonFertig  Edit  Delete  Close

@jmboiardi You are absolutely right. Money can get the best of some people. Some will choose to value money over morals, and even human life.


Reminds me of one of my favorite sayings "Common sense isn't so common". Great article @brandonfertig!


Woah woah woah...are you telling me Santa Claus isn't real?!? Haha 

Seriously though, another great article @brandonfertig, it's a good lesson to learn to really think about what you see and/or hear.

jmboiardi  Edit  Delete  Close

Santa Claus is now the Protein Fairy :-P