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The Compound Effect Of Fitness

How To Reach Your Goals With Consistency

Posted by ColossusFitness - April 12th, 2015

Recently I had the joy of reading a really good book “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy where he communicates his message of the power of compounding.

The dictionary defines the word compound as:

“make (something bad) worse; intensify the negative aspects of something”

However although he writes on the merits of compounding he always notes about compounding faults and applicability to all aspects of life. For instance in terms of finance every dollar now is fundamentally worth five dollars twenty years from now (assuming a 8% return compounded annually). The point of this article isn’t to get you to stop buying Starbucks drinks that are essentially $25 (although we’ll save that for later!!!) but for you to see the power of compounding in fitness.

Essentially a seemingly insignificant task such as doing that extra set or running that extra mile can seem trivial in the big picture. However if you can push yourself out of your comfort zone even if you’re not a runner and run that extra kilometer each day, within a week you will have run an extra seven kilometers.

That’s the equivalent to a third of a half marathon!

On the contrary if you decided to do a little bit less and not run your usual amount and perhaps even go so far as to run one kilometer less than usual you will be losing 14 kilometers of progress within just a week.

That’s the equivalent to 2/3 of a half marathon!

Therefore negative compounding can be a big reason why you’re not hitting your goals. Think about the little things, the extra rep, the extra set or doing abs. Things such as these if done consistently and efficiently are what will cause you to really succeed in the big picture.

Start taking back power in your life and consistently win the small battles to be on your way to achieving whatever you desire in your life.

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- Josh Wilkinson

Colossus Fitness “Don’t Compete. Dominate.”

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This is a geat video and artcile @colossusfitness!  I really enjoyed it..  Reminded me to get my act together on a few things too


The Devil is in the details! Nice!