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Protein & Kidney Damage

How Much Is Too Much?

Posted by TimeIsMuscle - October 30th, 2015

It's common knowledge that as human beings, if we eat too much protein it forces our bodies to excrete the excessive amount as a result. Why is this? The reason is our body has little capacity to store protein in comparison to glucose and fats. If we stopped eating protein, our body would go into catabolism mode, and start to break down muscle for energy.

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What Foods Have The Most Protein?

Meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, legumes, and nuts are the most commonly known high protein sources.

Can I Eat More Protein Than The Minimum Daily Recommendations?

People on diets that are higher in protein than normal, such as low carb diets, tend to be the people most concerned by this topic. The only known danger from high protein diets is for those individuals who suffer from kidney disease. On the flip side, increased protein could be very helpful in treating obesity and extra protein may also help prevent osteoporosis.

When on a low carb diet, you will often find that the extra protein you consume can be broken down into glucose, a process known as gluconeogenesis. One of the benefits of obtaining glucose from protein is that it is absorbed into the bloodstream very slowly, so it doesn’t cause a dramatic increase in blood sugar. However, in the case of those people who suffer from diabetes, this diet should be used with caution. As a diabetic, you may find that too much protein can cause an excessive rise in your blood sugar levels.

Below is a table that summarises the advised daily amount of protein intake for various activity levels and goals:

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The amount of protein that a human being can consume on a daily basis will vary. This may be down to factors such as a person’s genetic predisposition, ratio of muscle mass, medical conditions, and so on. Believe it or not, “low-carbers” sometimes find that as time goes on, they do better with a moderate protein intake, rather than eating large amounts of protein. The best advice I can give is to experiment yourself, and see what works best for you, but don't be afraid of protein.

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I've been trying to keep to 1-1.5g/kilo (at least till I see my blood work).


Great article man!!


omg i dragged it over and everything to make it large.  sometimes i get annoyed with how posting works on here lol

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You should have posted it in the forums and/or on your profile :)


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awesome article!!


 Protein is your best friend when you are growing muscles. However, too much of anything is not good for you. That includes and not limited to fresh fruits and vegatables, sweet, oils, junk food and so forth. Know what your body needs and how much to consume.  Consume evenly! Great article, got me thinking. Remember it is what you eat, how much and when!


Good article! Everyone is different and needs to figure out what works for them. Thanks for the info!


Always good to read articles that debunk the notion high protein diets correlate with kidney damage.  Good Job!


great artice . just a few question tho .some people only work out on weekends so they change there macros to say strength amount on week day and a muscle building amount on weekends when they work out.  does it matter when you eat it?   say someone works out at 9pm of course there going to eat 100% of there food pretty much during the day.  what about the people that work out at 6am.  are they going to want there macros to be more on the day before to help a little with next day  or eat it all later in the day after there 6 am work out?  

TimeIsMuscle  Edit  Delete  Close

Hi Rob! Thanks for reading my article. Great Question. I workout myself frequently between 5.30-6.30am daily before I head off to work and I have encountered this issue previously. To answer your first question its certainly matters when you are eating. If I am doing a strength based workout the next day I will ensure I eat a meal during the evening the night before with a good balance of protein, carbs and fats. Before I go to bed sometimes I'll have a casein shake (Good slow protein release through the night as you sleep). When I wake up in the morning I have porridge with a scoop of whey and a black coffee. After that I am good to go! In relation to hypertrophy workouts personally I follow the same protocol but I just consume fewer carbs. Hope this information helps you buddy!


Definitely shedding light on a big topic @time_is_muscle great article!