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Oxidative Stress & Cell Membrane Damage

How To Repair It With A Clinically Proven Product

Posted by NutritionMax - February 13th, 2016

Background On Oxidative Stress
 Oxidative stress is a naturally occurring constituent of human physiology and biochemistry that entails reactive oxygen species inducing damage to human cells and DNA. It happens daily, just from the action of producing energy within the cell’s mitochondria (oxidative pathways, ETC, xanthine oxidase, NADPH oxidase, monoamine oxidase, COX and LOX enzymes, etc), and from exercising. Some free radical production is desirable, because they initiate cell proliferation, modulate gene expression and destroy foreign invaders and antigens.

However, an excess amount of free radicals beyond the body’s ability to neutralize these molecules with antioxidants and enzymes, spells trouble for the body. Reactive oxygen species (free radicals) like anion radicals, hydroxyl radicals, hydrogen peroxide, reactive nitrogen species and peroxynitrate anion induce cellular damage at the sites of DNA, proteins and lipid membranes.

The mitochondria is an organelle within the cell with several duties, including modulation of cell death, immune signaling, and perhaps most importantly, energy production.  Considering that there are anywhere from 200-2000 of these mitochondria within each cell which are responsible for providing 80% of the body’s energy needs, their health is crucial to total health.

With an over accumulation of free radicals, the cell’s membrane and the mitochondrial membranes inside become oxidized and damaged beyond repair. 

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This changes the membrane fluidity, structure and function, ultimately allowing toxins and molecules, which are normally kept outside, to transfuse across and into the cell, creating unwanted damage. A chronic state of inflammation ensues, which contributes to the overall cell damage initiated by free radicals.  This is one proposed mechanism behind aging and disease.    

What Is NT Factor?
 Chronic conditions aretypified by membrane damage, disruption of molecule transportation into and out of the cell’s cytosol, loss of energy production through the electron transport chain, free radical generation and, finally, cellular dysfunction.  

The integrity of cell’s membrane is paramount for the cell’s health and the precious mitochondria as well. They modulate a host of cellular activities including life duration of the cell, structural barriers, communication, transport, secretion, etc. Therefore, replenishing the fats from free radical damage that comprise the membrane is of utmost importance. Biochemically speaking, the lipid composition of the cell’s membrane and within the cell is very diverse. Within the core of the membrane lipid bilayer is an abundance of these glycerophospholipids (namely, phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylethanolamine), as these are the most abundant phospholipids in the membranes.

NT Factor is a patented formula and a successful type of lipid replacement therapy that contains glycophospholipids and maintains and restores membrane function of every cell in the body. It has been studied for over 20 years with 11 clinical trials published in scientific literature. The lipids are extracted from non-GMO soy (the soy proteins that would cause an allergy or sensitivity in those susceptible are removed). It is 100% caffeine-free, stimulant-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, GMO-free and contains no artificial sweeteners, dairy, eggs, fish, peanuts, shellfish, nuts, yeast, wheat, rice, beef or pork.

Compared to IV phospholipid delivery, oral supplementation with NT Factor is highly bioavailable, meaning they are protected and delivered to peripheral tissue without degradation. In clinical experiments more than 90% of radiolabeled phospholipids were absorbed within hours. Because the phospholipid micelles and liposomes are bound to oligosaccharide sugars, they are protected from enzymatic and bile salt degradation.  Once the gut mucosal cells absorb the complex, they are transported by lipoproteins to the plasma membranes of endothelial cells in the blood vessels. Then, the phospholipids are delivered to tissues and cells and ultimately, membranes.The lipids replace the damaged ones which are then carried out for excretion.

What The Evidence Says

Phospholipids have been shown in several clinical studies to be safe and incredibly effective age related changes, improvement in mitochondria function, enhanced cognition, reducing fatigue, mitigating the side effects of cancer treatment drugs like chemotherapy, and overall combating the adversities that come with human disease.  

Fatigue – The most common grievance of people when visiting their medical physician is fatigue and in fact, many conditions are associated with it. Chronic fatigue (lasting more than 6 months) is reported in ¼ of all patients seeking medical care. Even though there is the potential for several causes for fatigue, there is a strong correlation between fatigue and mitochondrial function where improvement of the membrane structure and function does show improvements in symptoms.

People who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome show evidence of oxidative damage to DNA, cell membrane lipids, mitochondrial function impairment and damage, oxidized methemoglobin (a biomarker for excess oxidative stress) and an increase in antioxidant enzymes like gluthathione peroxidase which is indicative of an increased antioxidant demand. This can be measured through the biomarker lipid peroxides.  Fatigue in general is rife throughout Americans, and is a multifactorial issue. However, due to dietary choices, lifestyle and environmental exposure, it’s difficult to deny the idea the lipid membrane damage is occurring at a higher than normal rate with the accompanying rise in diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Nonetheless, if fatigue is crippling your health, NT Factor may just very well be the aide for you.  

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In one study assessing fatigue, there was a 33% reduction in people with severe fatigue after eight weeks of supplementation with NT Factor, and in another study examining subjects with moderate fatigue, a 35% reduction was concluded when used for 12 weeks.Also, mitochondrial function was deduced to be greatly restored. In the same study, after a 12 week discontinuation period of NT Factor, fatigue and mitochondrial function were measured again. Surprisingly, the values were intermediate between the initial starting values and those after 12 week supplementation, insinuating that NT Factor is exerting a powerful effect. In a trial that used the product ProVites, a multivitamin with eight weeks. When NT Factor was administered in a liquid form to subjects in one study, there was a 39% reduction in fatigue seen within three hours, with improvements in mental clarity, concentration and stamina.

Disease & Cancer – Unfortunately, since a variety of causative factors like free radicals impair membranes, this predisposes the cell to DNA damage, mutations and the advent and propagation of age-related degenerative chronic disease and neoplasms.    

During chemotherapy, anthracycline antibiotics are arguably the greatest contributor to oxidative stress and membrane damage. Since fatigue is so common among cancer patients, restoration of the membranes demands urgency due to the heightened production of free radicals during treatment and from the cancer itself. For years after treatment is completed, 80-96% of patients receiving chemotherapy and 60-93% receiving radiation experienced fatigue. NT Factor has been shown to effectively reduce cancer therapy induced fatigue by 30% within eight weeks. Furthermore, symptoms of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches and malaise were also reduced with the ProVites multivitamin and NT Factor mixture. In a double-blind, crossover trial looking at advanced cancer patients on chemotherapy, NT Factor improved a host of symptoms including fatigue.

Lipid replacement therapy with NT Factor would benefit people afflicted with other prevalent degenerative diseases like cardiovascular disease, strokes, neurodegenerative diseases like MS, cerebral circulatory disorders, dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and other non-communicable ailments including obesity, diabetes, autoimmune diseases and arthritis. Mitochondrial damage, inflammation and oxidative stress are at the base of these diseases, therefore, it is more than sensible to use lipid replacement therapy like NT Factor.  

Studies even indicate that phospholipid therapy assists with weight loss. In one small trial, 56 participants used NT Factor in conjunction with an amylase inhibitor taken 30 minutes prior to each meal. Approximately 63% of the subjects lost six pounds, while there was also a 44% reduction in hunger and a 23% reduction in fatigue.

Antioxidants VS Lipid Replacement Therapy
 Antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin E, glutathione, lipoic acid, and carotenoids like beta-carotene serve a major role in protecting against free radical damage. However the research behind which antioxidants to use, how much, and in what combination, is very equivocal and overwhelming when trying to conduct controlled clinical trials. Human cell studies parallel with animal studies on their effectiveness, but it is unlikely that any single or combination of a few antioxidants can generate such strong effects on preventing disease.

There is also the challenge of determining what the optimal dose is for dietary use, where individualization of antioxidants is required.  This is not to say antioxidants are not worthy of attention, because they certainly are, but cellular protection is a multifactorial process where something like NT Factor would be a very beneficial auxiliary intervention.  

My Concluding Remarks
 When it comes to dietary supplements, I am highly suspect about much of the products on shelves these days. There are only a few select companies I trust and recommend to my clients and these are the professional grade supplements used in clinical practice and in functional medicine. The criterion for these involve a high bioavailability to the body, absence of vague and artificial ingredients, and those which are clinically effective in their targeted purpose.  

Nutritional Therapeutics is a company with a solid reputation, lengthy history of research, and they offer a range of products that are about as pure and honest as it gets. I have now added their products to my arsenal of supplements which I recommend to clients for the aforementioned reasons, and to take as a preventive measure against cell damage.  

I do not take traditional pre-workout formulas, as is common among people today.

I began taking NT Factor as a “pre-workout” and saw a noticeable change in my energy levels. My mental clarity was more acute and I did not feel “burned out” from the gym afterwards like I sometimes do. Despite this, it will be a product I will likely take everyday for the rest of my life as a preventative against the inevitable daily insults from emotional stress, environmental and unforeseen dietary toxins, radiation, etc.  

It will be the most important 13 calories I ever take. That’s how much of an advocate I am for NT Factor.

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NT Factor Distribution

I am incredibly fortunate to now be a distributor for Nutritional Therapeutics, and will be shipping four of their products that all contain the lipid formula, NT Factor. Below is a quick summary of each product.  

Patented Energy – A delicious, chewable wafer that contains just NT Factor. Straight to the point if you want to improve your fatigue, energy levels, or protect your cell’s from free radical damage and age-related disease.

ProVites – A complete multivitamin (without iron) in tablet form that contains the most important antioxidant in the body, glutathione, CoQ10 resveratrol, probiotics and NT Factor.  

Healthy Aging – Simply a B-complex with NT Factor. B-vitamins are required for the sustainability of energy production in the mitochondria. Often times, insufficient amounts are a contributing cause of fatigue. Available in tablet form.  

Breathe Clear – A complex of bioflavonoids like quercetin, rutin with calcium, amino acids and NT Factor to combat the daily or seasonal allergies many of us encounter. Available in tablet form.  

I want to get this in the hands of as many people as possible, so I want to make it more affordable. Head on over to the “Supplements” section on my website to place an order.  Click HERE to get your NT Factor now.

I hope this intrigues you as much as it does me.  If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me.

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